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On goods, wares and merchandise men- the public stores for the space of one year, tioned in schedule B, a daty of thirty per instead of the term of sixty days prescribed centum ad valorem.

in the said section ; and ihat all goods imOn goods, wares and merchandise men- ported from beyond the Cape of Good tioned in schedule C, a duty of twenty-five Hope or Cape Horn may remain in the per centum ad valorem.

public stores one year, instead of the term of On goods, wares and merchandise men- ninety days prescribed in the said section. tioned in schedule D, a duty of twenty per Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That centum ad valorem.

it shall be lawful for the owner, consignes On goods, wares and merchandise men or agent of imports which have been actutioned in schedule E, a duty of fifteen per ally purchased, on entry of the same, to centum ad valorem.

make such addition in the entry to the cost On goods, wares and merchandise men. or value given in the invoice, as in his tioned in schedule F, a duty of ten per opinion may raise the same to the true centum ad valorem.

market value of such imports in the princiOn goods, wares and merchandise men- pal markets of the country whence the tioned in schedule G, a duty of five per importation shall have been made, or in centum ad valorem.

which the goods imported shall have been Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That originally manufactured or produced, as from and after the first day of December the case may be; and to add thereto all next, the goods, wares and merchandise costs and charges which, under existing mentioned in schedule H shall be exempt laws, would form part of the true value at from duty.

the port where the same may be entered, Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That upon which the duties should be assessed. from and after the first day of December And it shall be the duty of the collector next, there shall be levied, collected and within whose district the same may be paid, on all goods, wares and merchandise imported or entered, to cause the dutiable imported from foreign countries, and not value of such imports to be appraised, esspecially provided for in this act, a duty of timated and asceriained in accordance with twenty per centum ad valorem.

the provisions of existing laws; and if the Sec. 4 And be it further enacted, That appraised value thereof shall exceed, by in all cases in which the invoice or entry ten per centum, or more, the value so shall not contain the weight or quantity or declared on the entry, then, in addition to measure of goods, wares or merchandise the duties imposed by law on the same, now weighed or measured, or gauged, the there shall be levied, collected and paid, a same shall be weighed, gauged, or mea. duty of twenty per centum ad valorem on sured at the expense of the owner or con such appraised value: Provided, neverthe. signee.

less, That under no circumstances shall Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the duty be assessed upon an amount less from and after the first day of December than the invoice value; any law of Counext, in lieu of the bounty heretofore au gress to the contrary notwithstanding. thorized by law to be paid on the exporta. Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That tion of pickled fish of the fisheries of the if, upon the examination of any parcel, United States, there shall be allowed, on package, or quantity of goods, of which the exportation thereof, if cured with fo. entry has been made, the appraisers of reign salt, a drawback equal in amount to the United States shall be of the opinion, the duty paid on the salt, and no more, to that the same are undervalued by the be ascertained under such regulations as owner, importer, consignee, or agent, with may be prescribed by the Secretary of the the intention of defrauding the revenue of Treasury.

the United States, it shall be lawful for Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That the collector within whose district the all goods, wares and merchandise imported same may be entered, the sanction of the alter the passage of this act, and which Secretary of the Treasury first being ob. may be in the public stores on the second tained, if in his opinion the same shall day of December next, shall be subject to be advisable, to take such goods for the no other duty upon the entry thereof than use of the United States. And such col. if the same were imported respectively lector shall cause such goods to be sold at after ibat day.

public auction within iwenty days from Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That the time of taking the same, in the manner the twelfth section of the act, entitled “ An prescribed by law for ihe sale of unclaimed act to provide revenue from imports, and goods; and ihe proceeds of such sale shall to change and modify existing laws impo- be placed forth with into the treasury of sing duties on imports, and for other pur- the United States; and such collector is poses," approved August thirty, eighteen hereby anthorized to pay out of the accruhundred and forty-two, shall be, and the ing revenue, to the owner, importer, consame is hereby so far modified, that all signee, or agent of the goods so taken, the goods imported from this side the Cape of value thereof as declared in the entry, and Good Hope or Cape Horn may remain in five per centum upon such amount in ad

dition thereto; and the said collector shall Sawyer, Scammon, Seddon, Alexander D. reuder to the Secretary of the Treasury, Sims, Lpouard H. Sims, Simpson, Thomas with his accounts of the customs, a state- Smith, Robert Smith, Stanton, Starkweament, showing the amount of moneys so ther, St. John. Strong, Jacob Thompson, paid, the amount of duties chargeable on Thurman, Tibbatts, Towns, Tredway, ibe goods so taken, and the amount of Wick, Williams, Wilmot, Wood, Woodproceeds paid into the treasury; and this ward and Yancey-114. section shall be in force until the first of NAYS–Messrs. Abbott, John Quincy July, eighteen hundred and forty-eight, Adams, Arnold, Ashmun, Barringer, Bell

, unless oiherwise directed by Congress. James Black, Blanchard, Brodhead, Milton

Sec. 10. And be it further enacted, That Brown, Buffington, William W. Campbell, the deputies of any collector, naval officer, John H. Campbell

, Carroll, Cooke, Collaor surveyor, and ibe clerks employed by mer, Cranston, Crozier, Culver, Darragh, any collector, naval officer, surveyor or Garrett Davis. Delano, Dixon, Dockery, appraiser, who are not by existing laws Edsall, Erdman, John H. Ewing, Edwin required to be sworn, shall, before enter. H. Ewing, Foot, Foster, Garvin, Gentry, ing upon their respective duties, or, if al- Giddings, Graham, Grider, Grinnell, ready employed, before continuing in the Hampton, Harper, Elias B. Holmes, John discharge thereof, take and subscribe an W. Houston, Samuel D. Hubbard, Hudson, oath or affirmation faithfully and diligently Hungerford, Washington Hunt, Charles J. to perform such duties, and to lise their Ingersoll, Joseph R. Ingersoll, Jenkins, best endeavors to prevent and detect Daniel P. King, Leib, Lewis, Levin, Long, frauds upon the revenue of the United McClean, McGaughey, McHenry, MellStates; which oath or affirmation shall be vaine, Marsh, Miller, Moseley, Pendleton, administered by the collector of the port Perry, Pollock, Ramsey, Ritter, Julius or district where the said deputies or clerks Rockwell, John A. Rockwell, Root, Runk, may be employed, and shall be of a form Russell, Schenck, Seaman, Severance, to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Truman Smith, Albert Smith, Caleb B. Treasury.

Smith, Stephens, Stewart, Strohm, Sykes, Sec. 11. And be it further enacted, That Thibodeaux, Thomason, Benjamin Thompno officer or other person connected with son, James Thompson, Tilden, Tombs, the navy of the United States, shall, under Trumbo, Vance, Vinton, Wheaton, White, any pretence, import in any ship or vessel Winthrop, Woodruff, Wright, Young and of the United States any goods, wares or Yost-95. merchandise liable to the payment of any

Recapitulation by States. duty.

Nays. Absent. Sec. 12. And be it further enacted, That all acts and parts of acts repugnant to the Maine,.. provisions of this act, be, and the same are New Hampshire,. 3 hereby repealed.



Massachusetts, The Vote in the House, July 3d, was as Rhode Island,

2 follows:

YEAS—Messrs. Stephen Adams, Ander- New-York, 16

4 12 son, Atkinson, Bayly, Bedinger, Benton, New Jersey,.

3 Biggs, James A. Black, Bowlin, Boyd, Pennsylvania,

11 12 Brinkerhoff, Brockenbrough, William G. Delaware,. Brown, Burt, Cathcart, Augustus A. Chap- Maryland, . 1 man, Reuhen Chapman, Chase, Chipman, Virginia, .14

1 Clarke, Cobb, Collin, Callom, Cunning North Carolina... 6 ham, Daniel, Dargan, Jefferson Davis, De South Carolina, 7 Moti, Dobbin, Douglass, Dromgoole, Dan Georgia, lap, Ellsworth, Faran, Ficklin, Fries, Giles. Florida,.. Goodyear, Gordon, Grover, Hamlin, Haral. Alabama, son, Harmanson, Henley, Hilliard, Hoge, Mississippi, Isaac E. Holmes, Hopkins, Hough, George Tennessee, 6 S. Houston, Edmund W. Hubard, James Kentucky,. B. Hant, Hunter, James H. Johnson, Jo- Ohio,..

12 seph Johnson, Andrew Johnson, George Michigan, W. Jones, Seaborn Jones, Kaufman, Ken- Indiana,


2 2 nedy, Preston King, Lawrence, Leake, La Illinois,

5 Sere, Lumpkin, Maclay, McClelland, Mc- Missouri,.

1 Clernand, McConnell, McCrate, Joseph J. Arkansas,

1 McDowell, James McDowell, • Mckay, Louisiana,. John P. Martin, Barclay Martin, Morris, Texas, . Morse, Moulton, Niven, Norris, Parish, Payne, Perrill, l'helps, Pillsbury, Rath

Total,......113 1 18 77 10 3 ban, Reid, Relfe, Rhett, Roberts, Sawtelle, 3 vacancies; 1 (the speaker) no vote.

D. W.


D. W.

D. W.


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having been received or redeemed by any

authorized officer of the government, and Be it enacted by the Senate and House subsequently purloined or stolen and put of Representatives of the United States into circulation, without evidence on their of America in Congress assembled, That face of their having been cancelled to the the President of the United States is hereby respective holders, who may have received authorized to cause treasury notes to be the same or any of them for a full consideissued for such sum or sums as the ex ration in the usual course of business, withigencies of the government may require, out notice or knowledge of the same havand in place of such of the same as may ing been stolen or cancelled or altered, be redeemed to cause others to be issued, and without any circumstances to cast susbut not exceeding the sum of $10,000,000 picion on the good faith or due caution of this emission outstanding at any one with which they may have received the time, and to be issued under the limitations and other provisions contained in the

Vote in the House, July 15.-Yeas, 118; act, entitled “ Au act to authorize the issue Nays, 47. Majority 71. of treasury notes," approved the 12th of October, 1837, except that the authority hereby given to issue treasury notes shall expire at the end of one year from the A BILL to amend an act, entitled " An act passage of this act.

to provide revenue from imports, and Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That to change and modify existing laus imthe President, if in his opinion it shall be posing duties on imports, and for other the interest of the United States so to do, purposes." instead of issuing the whole amount of Be it enacted by the Senate and House treasury notes authorized by the first sec. of Representatives of the United States tion of this act, may horrow on the credit of America in Congress assembled, That of the United States such an amount of the twelfth section of the act, entitled " An money as he may deem proper, and issue act to provide revenue from imports, and therefor stock of the United States for the to change and modify existing laws imsum thus borrowed, in the same form and posing duties on imports, and for other under the same restrictions, limitations purposes,” approved the thirtieth day of and provisions as are contained in the act August, one thousand eight hundred and of Congress, approved April 14, 1842, en- forty-two, is hereby amended so as here. titled • An act for the extension of the after to read as follows: loan of 1841, and for an addition of five

[Sec. 12.] And be it further enacted, millions of dollars thereto, and for allow. That on and after the day this act goes ing interest on treasury notes due:" Pro- into operation, the duties on all imported vided, however, That the sums borrowed, goods, wares, or merchandise, shall be paid together with the treasury notes issued by in cash: Provided, That in all cases of failvirtue of this act, shall not, in the whole, ure or neglect to pay the duties within the exceed the sum of ten millions of dollars i period allowed by law to the importer to And provided, further, That no commis- make entry thereof, or whenever the sion shall be allowed or paid for the nego owner, importer, or consignee shall make tiation of the loan authorized by this act; entry for warehousing the same, in wri. and also, that the said stock shall be re- ting, in such form, and supported by such deemable at a period not longer than ten proof, as shall be prescribed by the Secreyears from the issue thereof.

tary of the Treasury, the said goods, wares Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That or merchandise shall be taken possession the treasury notes and the stock issued of by the collector, and deposited in the under the provisions of this act shall not public stores, or in other stores to be bear a higher rate of interest than six per agreed on by the collector or chief revecent. per annum, and no part thereof shall nue-officer of the port and the importer, be disposed of at less than par.

owner, or consignee; the said stores to be Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That secured in the manner provided for by the no compensation shall be made to any of- first section of the act of the twentieth day ficer, whose salary is fixed by law, for pre- of April, one thousand eight hundred and paring, signing, or issuing treasury, notes; eighteen, entitled “ An act providing for nor shall any clerk be employed beyond the deposit of wines and distilled spirits the number authorized by the act herein in public warehouses, and for other purreferred to.

poses," there to be kept with due and reaSec. 5. And be it further enacted, That sonable care, at the charge and risk of the the sum of fifty thousand dollars be, and owner, importer, consignee, or agent, and the same is hereby, appropriated out of subject at all times to their order upon the any money in the treasury not otherwise payment of the proper duties and exappropriated, for the purpose of paying the penses, to be ascertained on due entry amount of certain treasury notes which thereof for warehousing, and to be secured

by a bond of the owner, importer, or con- inventury, appraisement, and account of signee, with surety or sureties to the satis- sales, specifying the marks, numbers, and faction of the collector, in double the descriptions of the packages sold, their amount of the said duties, and in such form contents and appraised value, the name of as the Secretary of the Treasury shall pre- the vessel and master in which, and of the scribe: Provided, That no merchandise port or place whence they were imported, shall be withdrawn from any warehouse and the time when, and the name of the in which it may be deposited, in a less person or persons to whom said goods quantity than in an entire package, bale, were consigned in the manifest, and the cask, or box, unless in bulk ; nor shall mer duties and charges to which the several chandise so imported in bulk be delivered consignments were respectively subject; except in the whole quantity of each par. and the receipt or certificate of the colleccel, or in a quantity not less than one ton tor shall exonerate the master or person weight, unless by special authority of the having charge or command of any ship or Secretary of the Treasury: And in case vessel in which said goods, wares, or the owner, importer, consignee, or agent merchandise were imported, from all claim of any goods on which the duties have not of the owner or owners thereof, who shall been paid, shall give to the collector satis- nevertheless, on due proof of their interest, factory security that the said goods shall be entitled to receive from the treasury the be landed out of the jurisdiction of the amount of any overplus paid into the same United States, in the manner now required under the provisions of this act: Provided, by existing laws relating to exportations, That so much of the fifty-sixth section of for the benefit of drawback, the collector the general collection-law of the second and naval officer, if any, on an entry to re- March, seventeen hundred and ninetyexport the same, shall, upon payment of nine, and the thirteenth section of the act the appropriate expenses, permit the said of the thirtieth of August, eighteen hundred goods, under the inspection of the proper and forty-two, to provide revenue from officers, to be shipped without the pay. imports, and to change and modify existment of any duties thereon. And in case ing laws imposing duties on imports, and any goods, wares, or merchandise, de- for other purposes, as conflicts with the posited as aforesaid, shall remain in public provisions of this act, shall be and is herestore beyond one year, without payment by repealed, excepting that nothing conof the duties and charges thereon, then said tained in this act shall be construed to ex. goods, wares, or merchandise shall be ap; tend the time now prescribed by law for praised by the appraisers of the United selling unclaimed goods : Provided, also, States, if there be any at such port, and if That all goods of a perishable nature, and none, then by two merchants to be desig. all gunpowder, fire-crackers, and explonated and sworn by the collector for that sive substances, deposited as' aforesaid, purpose, and sold by the collector at pub- shall be sold forthwith. lic auction, on due public nctice thereof Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That being first given, in the manner and for any goods, when deposited in the pubthe time to be prescribed by a general lic stores in the manner provided for in regulation of the Treasury Department: the foregoing section, may be withdrawn and at said public sale distinct printed ca- therefrom, and transported to any other talogues descriptive of said goods, with the port of entry, under the restrictions proappraised value affixed thereto, shall be vided for in the act of the second March, distributed among the persons present at seventeen hundred and ninety-nine, in resaid sale; and a reasonable opportunity spect to the transportation of goods, wares shall be given before such sale, to persons and merchandise, from one collection disdesirous of purchasing, to inspect the qual-trict to another, to be exported with the ity of sach goods; and the proceeds of said benefit of drawback; and the owner of sales, after deductivg the usual rate of such goods so to be withdrawn for transstorage at the port in question, with all portation shall give his bond with sufficient other charges and expenses, including du- sureties, in double the amonnt of the duties, shall be paid over to the owner, im- ties chargeable on them, for the deposite porter, consignee, or agent, and proper re- of such goods in store in the port of entry ceipts taken for the same: Provided, That to which they shall be destined, such bond the overplus, if any there be, of the pro- to be cancelled when the goods shall be ceeds of such sales, after the payment of re-deposited in store in the collection disstorage, charges, expenses, and duties as trict to which they shall be transported: aforesaid, remaining unclaimed for the Provided, That nothing contained in this space of ten days after such sales, shall be section shall be construed to extend the paid by the collector into the treasury of time during which goods may be kept in ihe United States; and the said colleu or store after their original importation and shall transmit to the Treasury Depart- entry beyond the term of one year. ment, with the said overplus, a copy of the Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That

if any warehoused goods shall be frandu

LAND GRADUATION BILL. lently concealed m, or removed from any

Be it enacted by the Senate and House public or private warehouse, the same shall of Representatives of the United States be forfeited to the United States; and all of America in Congress assembled, That persons convicted of fraudulently conceal all public lands which shall have been ofing or removiug such goods, or of aiding fered for sale twenty years or more on the or abetting such concealment or removal, first day of December, 1846, shall thereshall be liable to the same penalties which after be subject to entry at one dollar per are now imposed for the fraudulent intro

acre for the term of five years; all the be. duction of goods into the United States; fore described lands then remaining unsold and if any importer or proprietor of any shall be subject to entry at seventy-five warehoused goods, or any person in his cents per acre for another term of five employ, shall by any contrivance fraudu- years; and all such unsold at the end of lently open the warehouse, or shall gain ihe last-mentioned term may be entered at access to the goods, except in the presence fifty cents per acre. of the proper officer of the customs, acting

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That in the execution of his duty, such impor- the quantity of land which the President ter or proprietor shall forfeit and pay for of the United States shall hereafter proevery such offence, one thousand dollars. claim and offer for sale in any one year And any person convicted of altering, de- shall not exceed three millions of acres. facing, or obliterating any mark or marks

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That which have been placed by any officer of upon every reduction in the prices of said the service on any package or packages of lands which shall take place by the graduwarehoused goods, shall forfeit, for every ating process of this act, the occupants or such offence, five hundred dollars.

settlers upon any of the said lands shall Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That have the right of pre-emption at such the collectors of the several ports of the graduated or reduced prices; which right United States shall make quarterly reports shall extend to a period of six months from to the Secretary of the Treasury, according and after the dates at which the respecto such general instructions as the said tive graduations shall take place; and secretary may give, of all goods which re

any land not entered by the respective ocmain in the warehouses of iheir respective cupants or settlers within that period, shall ports

, specifying the quantity and descrip. be liable to be entered or purchased by tion of the same; which returns, or tables any other person until the next graduation formed thereon, the Secretary of the Trea or reduction in price shall take place, when sury shall forth with cause to be published it shall, if not previonsly purchased, be in the principal papers of the city of Wash- again subject to the righi of pre-emption ington.

for six months, as before, and so on from Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That time to time as said reduction shall take the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he place: Provided, That nothing in this act is hereby authorized to make, from time contained shall be construed to interfere to time, such regulations, not inconsistent with any right which has accrued, or may with the laws of the United States, as may accrue by virtue of any act granting prebe necessary to give full effect to the pro- emptions to actual settlers upon the public visions of this act, and secure a just ac- lands. countability under the same; and it shall

Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That be the duty of the secretary to report such all acts and parts of acts as provide for an regulations each succeeding session of exemption from the imposition of taxes Congress.

upon land sold by the United States for

five years from and after the day of sale, Vote in the Senate, July 15.-Yeas, 31; be, and the same are hereby repealed. Nays, 20. Majority 11.

Vote in the House, July 14.—Yeas 92 ; Nays 89. Majority 3,

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