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" And wherefore hast thou wandered In the lone, deep hour of midnight, I've so long without seeking thy bride? looked upon the lake, and every murAnd wherefore this minstrel disguise, mur I caught from its waves, I treaas though thou sought'st to play a part, sured as a voice from thee, and thine and deceive me?" answered the prin- unshaken faith." cess, as she fondly hung on him, and • No more-no more,” cried Morni; traced those lineaments, on which "thy words are as fire-I cannot hear memory had so often dwelt.

thee - I dare not listen lunger; a spell—" * Ask me not now," replied Morni, - To the love I bear thee there is a as the hour of midnight rushed to his spell neither in the lightoing nor the mind, and he felt that though years tempest," answered the faithful maiden, were granted to his nature as man, yet as with a force desperate from terror would they waste away, unnoticed and and despair, she held him in her grasp. unfelt, amid the burning emotions which "Let the lightning stream above us,swelled within his heart like lava. “I it but canopies the bright heaven as it cannot tell thee now. The moon pres. opens to receive us. Let the wild thunseth high to her noon. Nay, stay me der peal,-it atters not one tone more not," he exclaimed, disentangling her terrible or fearful than the frenzy which grasp from his mantle ;-—"I would not quivers on thy lip. Let the water rise bring down ruin on us both. There is and roar around us, death cresting every a power-Nay, unhand me, Ethnea, - wave, and speaking his dread summons I dare not disobey--for death

in the deep and awful yell of the ele"Death!" reiterated the princess, in ment-Morni, for thee I defy all; for a tone which spake the endurance of thee the lightning of heaven is dim, the martyrdom, and defied its tortures; thunder hath lost its mysterious voice of while her eye Hashed with the proud doom, and the wave that power which energy to resist and brave all things for dragged thee down to register thee with him she loved, which makes the char- the dead." acter of woman godlike in the hour of “ It's dead !" iterated Morni, stung peril and distress. “ Death! anu fear- to madness with the conflicting thoughts est thou death for my sake, and in these which dashed and ebbed, like the waves arms? Oh! thou know'st not yet the of which she spake ;" It's dead! love of woman ;-deep as the grave; Ethnea, I cannot see thee longer kneel as firm and immortal as the ties of ada- in this agony of prayer to one, who can mant which bind thee to death forever. neither aid por answer thee. My lip

“ Not death! No-no-not death I burns with the secret, and it must burst fear," murmured the distracted prince, its fiery prison, and bury thee and me as he clasped her in agony to his trem- in its fearful and avenging desolation. bling, exhausted frame, and felt that Thou kneel'st and pray'st as a woeach moment of delay might involve man; thou speak’st the strong love the inpocent and the loving in the tre- which glows within thine heart, and mendous doom which menaced him. kindles in thine eye, as a bright gem " It is not death I shuri, Ethnea, but an guarded in the bosom of the earth. everlasting curse, which peals in mine Ethnea! thy love lingers on a flower, ear like the trump of doom, and rises which the tempest threatens momently around me, even now, to my very lips; to rend from its stem. Thine eye rests an ocean, mad, chafed, inexorable--its but on the crested foam, which, while dark bosom blazing with the lightning. thou gazest, the black wave extin'Tis there! look-there,” he muttered, guished forever. Can'st thou then as he heard the yell of the wave around love ?" him, and bore the terrified Ethnea from Thee, and for ever," replied the

devoted maiden, while her arms, like “ Gracious heaven !” exclaimed the ivy circling the ruin, were still clasped princess, bewildered and breathless with around bis heaving form.

“ Rave as fear, as she heard his wild ravings; "if thou wilt, thou canst not tear me from thou lovest me still, speak not so madly. thee;-we have loved—so let us die. I am true to thee-true as the moon to Should not the death of those who love her bright heaven. I have loved thee be, in an hour like this—the last emwith a strength which death could not brace of heart to heart ?" conquer, nor time repd from my heart. Yet hear me, rash girl, who

the spot.


would'st make the dooi of one that of clay, shot through his veins, curdof both”-and as he spake, his loftyling up each drop it touched. form towered with a grandeur which But the deep peal of miduight was a partook the dignity of the nature to whisper, compared with the rear of which he felt himself returning- the elements, which battled without “ Hear me one momeut, ere the word like a resistless and numberless foe, of doom go forth, and it be too late to contending for entrance. The fatal arrest its flight of vengeance-Hear truth darted to his mind, as he heard

The form to which thou clingest the yell of the tempest, and the dash in the mad devotion of thy love, is not of the wave. The castle rocked to its of earth-'tis Spirit; and bound to re foundation, and the ground trembled turn to its subtle and invisible nature beneath him. He tore the senseless by an oath registered in a far and un Ethnea from the ground, and was known world. Midvight must witness about to rush from the bower, when, the fulfilment of that oath, or I am the through the dim and misty light which eternal slave of a mysterious power, filled the passage, he saw the waves which human eloquence cannot turn rushing towards him with a speed and from its purpose, or its prayer of agony strength which impel their flight in change or soften. Why wilt thou the hour of vengeance. Desperate cling thus, bride of misery and perdi- with the thought that the rashness of tion? Even now the lightnings blaze Ethnea left her to share his terrible above us, and around us rise the black doom, he fell on his kneeand suffocating waters to engulph their “ Almighty spirit!” he exclaimed, victims ?

*let not the innocent and the loving fall * Because I love thee,” answered with the guilty and disobedient. Even the maiden, rushing once more to his while I pray, strike me while I kneel. embrace, and burying her face in his I reck not for myself. Death were betbosom. " Look on me-speak to me ter than this agony—this deep and again, spirit though thou art, and I burning shume of dragging her down bless the blow which lays me cold at to share my fate, and feel thy vengence. thy feet?"

-Great spirit, hear me !-Spare, oh! Silent and irresolute he pressed her spare my bride." to his beating heart,--his burning lip The waves still dashed on, deep, rested apon hers, and the warm tears, black and impenetrable.

No spell like dew upon the lily, flowed on her stayed the progress of the element; white, cold cheek. A deep and hollow no answer was given to his agonized sound rolled through the castle. It was prayer.

He looked upon Ethnea; the peal of midnight. The appointed cold, pale and heavy she lay upon his hour for his return had arrived, and he arm, like one rescued from the death yet lingered in the embrace of Eth to which each moment hurried her.

A weight, as that of a mountain, He felt there was no hope of safety for rested on him, pressing him and the him. To rescue her, was the resoluhelpless burthen he bore to the earth. tion which rallied the last energies He was rooted to the spot, as by terror and exhaustion had left him.chains of adamant, which bind together Through the passage, egress was imthe barriers of creation. In a moment possible. The waves were now on the a shock, like that of the thunderbolt, very threshold of the sunimer-hoase. rushed between himself and Ethnea, While he lingered, bent on the preserrending them asunder, and dashing her vation of Ethpea, yet uncertain how prostrate to the ground. The ven to accomplish it, cries of agony, horror geance of the Naiad was upon him,- and prayer, reached him. the hour had passed for the fulfilment "Oh God!” exclaimed the wretched of his oath, the resumption of his spi- Morni, staggering beneath his burthen, ritual nature was forbidden,—the doom pale and helpless as itself—"these hidhad been pronounced which made eous sounds are from the dead and dyhim dust for ever; and a cold sensa- ing. The crime of the mortal and tion, like that of approaching death, vengeance of the spirit have piled an which brought with it the humbling altar upon which thousands must suffer consciousness that he was but a thing and die. Doomed !-doomed!” he con




tinued, “no flight! no rescue !-Be'st filled his path. Blind and headlong he thou spirit of water or hell," he cried, plunged forward; but farther advance furious with despair, and glancing, as was checked by the waters which boilhe looked around, on a small door, ed up from the lake, swelling as with which, partially covered with the foliage the pride of their destructive power, of plants, had remained unnoticed- and making those rich gardens, through * I defy thee-Ha! ha!—I'll baffle which he had that night wandered, a thee!"

mass of hideous ruin. Heaven and As he spoke, pressing Ethnea still earth seemed linked for the punishcloser to his breast, he darted from the ment of the victim, and their strength, spot; and dashing his whole weight as of one mighty host, sent forth to against the door, it burst open.

chain the perjurer to his bed of torA dark and precipitous path led from the door downward to the lake. The The waves were at his feet-still wind blew with the rage of a hurricane, higher and higher they advanced. which threatened each moment to dash Those before and behind him were himself and Ethnea to the earth. The now joined. He stirred not. With the moon was dark, and almost invisible; last struggle of exhausted strength he how changed from that orb, whose ra ruised Ethnea-it was vain--her gardiance seemed to welcome his return to were dripping, and her long earth! The clouds swept in black, hair streamed upon the waters. disordered masses through the hea * One word-one word,” he cried, as vens, while their thick shadows floated he felt a faint shudder thrill through along the earth like spectres. A tower- his frame, and bending over her, he ing and massive tree, whose strength heard a sigh from her lip; one word, had been nursed by the tempest, and Ethnea-our time is brief. The doom which stood at a short distance from rings in our ear-one word ; that thou the door, bent to the strong blast, and forgivest me." with a mighty crash, rent from its roots, “I love thee," murmured Ethnea, as fell to the earth. He tried to advance her head sank back upon the wave, and -his garments were torn to atoms, she dropped dear from his arms. and, save for the desperate might with Ethpea, I follow thee!" exclaimed which he drew Ethpea to his breast, the frantic Morni, twining his fingers the tempest threatened momently to in his matted hair, while the waves rose tear her from him. Like boughs of fearfully around him, choaking his utcypress upon the shroud of the dead, terance; "the grave unites us forever.” her hair lay scattered upon her marble He grasped the body, and folding it features, as she lay, like a drooping to his breast, they sank together. flower, bending to the breath of the The vengeance of the Naiad was storm.

not sated with the life of her victim Still from behind rolled on the waves alone. The island was one scene of with a rapidity which now filled half suffering and death. Every tenant of the summer-house. Desperate, though the castle was destroyed, and the castle faint the hope which urged him down itself buried that fatal night in the elethe bank, amid the fury which burst ment, which made their tomb for Moraround him, and the desolation which ni and Ethnea.

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The existing war with Mexico, al- United States, which had been somethough it is one of many now being pro- what relaxed pending the progress of secuted by the nations of the earth, events that deposed Paredes and rehas this distinctive feature, viz., that stored Santa Anna, were suddenly, on it requires for its prosecution an in- the consummation of the latter event, crease in the expenditure of a nation reinvigorated. The seaboard, from its peculiarly commercial. It is true, that remotest north, was stript of its most efRussia wages war with the Circas- ficient companies to reinforce the army sians, France with the Algerines, Eng- of invasion, indicating that the healthy land in India, and France and England season on the gulf coast is to be availed jointly in the Rio Plata. These are of to prosecute the war with the utfour wars carried on by the leading most vigor, and perhaps with a change nations of Europe, each against smaller of policy in relation to the treatment of states, and for purposes of aggrandize- the conquered people. The events ment; but a feature common to them which have transpired thus far show all is, that each nation is engaged with pretty conclusively that the people of one so much less in strength, that the or Mexico take little or no interest in the dinary military peace establishments of change of individuals at the head of afthe greater powers are sufficient to cope fairs. The mutations are mostly conwith the utmost exertions of those they ceived and effected by a few officers, in engage. Hence the people of the respec- whose intrigues the people have no tive countries are not called upon to pay sympathy. As far as the armies of the much, if any, additional for the prose- United States have yet come in concution of hostilities, nor are their mer- tact with the people, the utmost lenicantile pursuits disturbed. The thea- ency has been shown them, and the tres of action are so remote from the effect seems to be different from what ordinary circles of trade, as scarcely to might reasonably be expected. The alarm even the sensitiveness of com- persons of wealth and influence finding mercial men. Wars thus conducted, themselves rather relieved from burwithout enhancing the national expen- thens and benefited by the war, by no diture or interrupting trade—no matter means exert themselves to effect a how atrocious soever they may be in peace. They are to be negotiated with, their nature, derive little sympathy it appears, only under the prick of the from the people at large. When the bayonet. The occupation of the large United States were attacked by the towns and cities, followed by severe Mexican troops, and the vigorous move. requisitions upon all the property in the ment of the army of occupation served country, is apparently the only means in two days to hurl baek upon Mexican by which that popular sentiment, to soil the utterly broken remnant of the which Santa Anna pretends implicitly invading army, a speedy termination of to submit, can receive a peaceful bias. hostilities was looked for. Without If Mexico cannot furnish provision for wishing to prosecute a ceaseless and a large army she can supply the means wasteful war, like that of France in Al- of purchasing it, and the steam marine giers, or England in India, the United of the United States can keep all her States seized the moment of victory to seaports stocked with an abundance of proffer the olive branch. One of those food and munitions of war. Under political paroxysms which periodi- these circumstances, the hopes that cally overtake a state like Mexico, ap- were indulged of a speedy restoration proaching its dissolution, suddenly of peace have subsided, and the contest, shook the feeble despot from his seat, will probably be prolonged for some and brought Santa Anna again to the months at least. head of affairs. The exertions of the The war in Mexico is of a character



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