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OURSELVES.-In our last number, not anticipating the peculiar turn of the elections, which, while resulting in a majority of 13,000 for the Democratic lieutenant governor, shoulu leave Governor Wright in a minority of 10,000, we confidently predicted his re-election before the appearance of another number. This has given rise to a rumor that the publication of the Review is suspenderl. The appearance of the present number will falsity that rumor, and this notice will explain its origin. We trust the “ wish was not father to the thought,” and assure our readers that the day is yet distant when we shall cease to labor in our vocation.

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The elections show, in their results, those who placed a veto on federal the workings of those local causes and pretensions in 1844, should be considinfluences in relation to state politics, ered as a reversion of that decision, is which remained dormant, so long as rather unreasonable. great national questions required the Such, however, is the deduction atunited and active support of all patri- tempted to be drawn from the state otic voters. It is but natural that those elections by the great federal leaders ; political aspirants who sustained so sig- as if the adversaries of an army should nal and overwhelming a defeat at the determine its probable destination by elections of 1844, when the people, the counter-marching of the companies en masse, declared for the maintenance in the formation of the regiments of of the national honor in the conduct of which it is composed. The attempt to our foreiga relations, against bank cor- identify the multifarious interests of inruptions in the management of the dividual state politics with the line of federal finances, against manufacturing policy marked out by the people of all monopolies, and agricultural and com the states, for the guidance of the federal mercial oppression in the administra- government, betrays a conscious weaktion of the customs, should seek con ness, and a desire to attain indirectly solation for their great overthrow in that which cannot be reached by an the temporary reverses that have over- open approach. In 1844, the three taken their adversaries, and that the great questions, of annexation, the inbuoyancy of hope should raise illusive dependent treasury, and the tariff, expectations on foundations too weak were clearly and directly submitted to to sustain the weight of reason, or to the people of the whole Union. They endure the analysis of truth. It is not returned a response in favor of the two in the nature of things to suppose, but former and against the last, in a manthat greut triumphs, and the conscious- ner too emphatic to be mistaken ; and, ness of the oft-tried efficiency of impo- as a consequence of their decision, an sing strength, should produce apathy empire was added to the Union, the in the many and dissensions among the Treasury emancipated from bank domifew, resulting in reverses on such local nation, and odious anti-commercial taxes questions as failed to rouse a general have been removed from the consuinterest ; but that minor questions mers of goods. These questions were decided, not by an accession of federal settled definitively, and the line of votes, but through the non-voting of policy they marked out is decisive of

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