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Joseph H. Bryan,
James W. Clarke,
John Culpepper,

Nathaniel Macon,
From North-CAROLINA, William H. Murfree

Richard Stanford, Lewis Williams, Bartlett Yancey. John C. Calhoun, John J. Chappell, William Lowndes,

William Mayrant,
From South-CAROLINA,

Henry Middleton,
Thomas Moore,
John Taylor,
William Woodward

John Forsyth,

Bolling Hall,
Wilson Lumpkin,
Richard Henry Wil
James Clark,
Henry Clay,
Joseph Desha,

Richard M. Johnson
From KENTUCKY, Ainey M Lean,

Stephen Ormsby,
Solomon P. Sharpe
Micah Taul.

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quorum, consisting of a majority of the whole number of members, being present,

The House proceeded by ballot to the choice of a Speaker, and upon examining the ballots, it appeared that Henry Clay, one of the Representatives for the state of Kentucky, was duly elected :

Whereupon, Mr. Clay was conducted to the Speaker's chair, and the oath to support the Constitution of the United States, as prescribed by the act entitled “ An act to regulate the time and manner of administering certain oaths,” was administered to him by Mr. Wright, one of the members for the state of Maryland; after which he made his acknowledgements to the House, in the following words :


“ It is not merely in compliance with a respectful usage, but from the most profound gratitude that I thank


for the honour which you have just conferred on me. I shall find, in the discharge of the arduous duties of the Chair, considerable alleviation, from the natural progress of the system of order, and from the improvement which it has received under the able presidency of my predecessor. But, gentlemen, it is chiefly upon your liberal cooperation and support that I place my reliance. Under the expectation of receiving this, I shall proceed, with all the impartiality of which I am

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capable, to the execution of the duties which have assigned me, soliciting your indulgence unintentional error,

and soliciting it particula during my present indisposition.”

The oath or affirmation to support the const tion of the United States as prescribed by the above mentioned, was then administered, by Speaker, to all the other members present.

William Lattimore, from the Mississippi te tory; Jonathan Jennings, from the Indiana te tory; and Benjamin Stephenson, from the Illi territory, having also appeared and produced t} credentials as delegates to represent the said ritories in the fourteenth Congress, the said o was administered to them by the Speaker, w they took their seats.

The House proceeded, by ballot, to the elect of a Clerk, and upon examining the ballots it peared that Thomas Dougherty was duly elect

The same oath, together with the oath of of prescribed by the said act, were also administe by the Speaker to the Clerk.

The Speaker laid before the House a letter fr Joseph Wheaton, soliciting the appointment Sergeant at arms, which was read.

The following resolution was submitted by Wright :

Resolved, that Thomas Dunn be appointed S geant at arms; Thomas Claxton, door keeper, Benjamin Burch, assistant door keeper" to House ; and that they do severally give their tendance accordingly. A division of the question

was called for And on the question, that Thomas Dunn be pointed Sergeant at arms,

It passed in the affirmative.

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The question was then taken that Thomas Claxton be appointed door keeper, and Benjamin Burch, assistant doorkeeper,

And passed in the affirmative.

message from the Senate by Mr. Cutts their Secretary

Mr. Speaker: I am directed to inform this House that a quorum of the Senate is assembled, and ready to proceed to business: they have appointed a committee on their part to wait on the President of the United States, and inform him that a quorum of the two houses is assembled and ready to receive any communications he may be pleased to make to them: they have also passed a resolution for the appointment of a joint committee for enrolled bills; and have appointed Mr. Roberts of the said committee on their part: they have also passed a resolution for the appointment of a joint committee who shall have the direction of the

money appropriated to the purchase of books, maps, and charts for the library of congress, and have appointed Mr. Fromentin, Mr. Hunter, and Mr. Goldsborough of the said committee on their part; and they have also passed a resolution for the appointment of a joint committee to inquire and report upon the state of the new building on Capitol Hill, offered to


and terms the same can be procured; and have appointed Mr. Horsey, Mr. Lacock, and Mr. Fromentin, of the said committee on their part.

The said resolutions were severally read and concurred in by the House :

And, Mr. Wright and Mr. Hopkinson, were appointed of the committee to wait upon the President of the United States.

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for the purc

Mr. Crawford and Mr. Taul, were appointe the committee for Enrolled Bills.

Mr. Taylor, (N. York,) Mr. Hopkinson, Mr. Tucker were appointed of the committe have the direction of the money

. of books.

Mr. Lowndes, Mr. Forsyth, and Mr. Cham were appointed of the committee to inquire report upon the state of the new building.

The Speaker laid before the House a l from Daniel Carroll of Duddington, and othe committee, on behalf of the gentlemen conce in erecting the new building on the Capitol designed for the accommodation of congress fering the said building for the use of the Houses until the Capitol may be ready for reception, which was read.

On motion of Mr. Wright,
Ordered, That the rules

and orders estal ed by the late House of Representatives, be d ed and taken to be the rules and orders of

proc ing to be observed in this House, until a re or alteration of the same shall take place.

On motion of Mr. Wright, Ordered, That the daily hour to which House shall stand adjourned, until otherwis dered, be eleven o'clock in the forenoon.

On motion of Mr. Taylor of N. York, Resolved, That the clerk procure such papers for the members of this House as they elect: Provided, that the expense thereof for member do not exceed the price of three dail pers.

And then the House adjourned until to-mo morning, 11 o'clock.

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