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mon, &c.

Then shall follow the ser- If you hear the Sermon with a rei

ligious Attention, you will be much better disposed to receive the Sa

crament worthily. Rubrick. Then shall the Prielt re

Nou fay fecretly. I will give as turn to the Lord's Table, and of the Lord my God, which he has

I am able, according to the Blessing begin the Offertory, saying given me ---- And when you give one or more of these sentences your Alms, say,--Lord, pardon all following, as he thinketh most my vain Expences, and accept of coxvenient in his Discretion.

this Testimony of my Gratitude,

for what I have received from Thee. ET your Light so shine O Heavenly Father, give us all before Men, that they both in our lives, and by our Alms,

Grace, that we may honour Thee may fee your good Works, I and that thou mayest be glorified by and glorify your

Father those that receive them. which is in Heaven.

St. Mat. v, 16.


Lay not up for yourselves Magnify the Power of thy Grace, Treasures upon Earth, where o God, upon us, in freeing our the Rust and Moth doth Sculs from the Love of Riches,

That we may have the greatest Part corrupt, and where Thieves of our Treasure in Heaven, and that break through and steal :

cur Hearts may be there also. but lay up for yourselves Treafures in Heaven, where neither Rust nor Moth doth corrupt, and where Thieves do not break through and Iteal. St. Mat. vi. 19, 20. Whatsoever ye would that

May this Rule of Eternal JurMen ihould do to you, even neither Self-love nor Interesi, may

tice be ever present with us, that to do unto them ; for this lead us to transgress it! is the Law and the Prophets. St. Mlat. vii. 12. Nct every one that faith

Grant, o God, that we may unto me, Lord, Lord, thall I never build our Hopes of Salvation


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Eisht nee yn Saggyrt chyndaa Nishabbyr rhyt hene-Ver-yms da'a gys Boayrd y Chiarn, as goll Voght rere my Phogar, cordail rich er e Hoshiaght leßo y Chirveifh Bannaght y Chiarn, my Yee, t'eh er

chourt dou. As tra t’ou cur dty Ourallagh as Giastyllagh, gra reisk, abbyr, Hiarn leih dou ooilley unnane ny ny flee jeh ny Scrip- my Vaarail fardalagh, as jean soiaghtyryn fhoh, myr s'cooie les bene. ey jeh'n Cowrey shoh jeh my Vooise ,

son ny ta mee er n'gheddyo yoïd. HIG da'n Soilshey euish Ayr Flaunyssagh, sp dooin ooil.

myr shen soillhean fe- ley Grayse, dy vod mayd Ogashley y nish Deiney, dy vod ad chur dhye chammah ayns nyo Ymmyr.

key-bea, as liorish oyn Yeirk, as dy vod fakin ny Obbraghyn mie eu, uss ve er dty ghloyragħey liorbofya as Gloyr y choyrt da nyn ta dy gheddyn eb. Ayr t'ayns Niau. N. Mian v. 16.

Ny stoyr-jee seose Berchys Jean bilhaghey Pooar dty Ghrayse diu hene er y Thalloo, raad ta'n orrio, O Yee, ayos Cbarbaa nyn AnLhemeen as y Mergev cur meenyn veih Graih er, Berchys -- Dy

vod yn Ayro smoo jeh nyn Stoyr 've mow, as raad ta Maarlee brilh-ain ayns Niau, as dy vod nyn Greeaghyn ey stiagh as geid : agh stoyr-'ve ayns shen myrgeddin. jee seose Berchys diu hene ayns Niau, raad nagh vel y Lhemeen ny'n Mergey cur mow, as raad nagh vel Maarlee brilhey stiagh as geid. N. Mian vi. 19, 20.

Cre-erbee bailliuith Deiney Lhig da'n Leigh fhoh dy Chairys dy yannoo riuilh, jean-jee shiu dy bragh farraghtyn ve dy kinjagh ilh

у Iheid cheddin roolyn: son mârin, nagħ jean chamoo shoh

Graih orrin hene, ny nyn Gosney seihl, yn Leigh as ny Phadeyr

tagh, fain y leeideil dy vrilhey eh! yn. N. Mian vii. 12.

Cha nee dy chooilley unnane Giall, o Yee, nagh jean mayd dy jir rhym's, Hiarn, Hiarn, hed l bragh nyn Dreifhteil dy Haualtys y




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Communion 1

Obfervations enter into the Kingdom of upe a 'an outward - Profeflion only, Heaven ; but he that doth without Life of Holiness and

gand Works.
the Will of my Father,

which is in Heaven. St.
Mat. vii. 21.
Zaccheus stood forth and

If thou, O God, givest me Abisaid, unto the Lord, Behold lity, give me a Heart to be both Lord, the half of my: Goods just and charitable, that thon may

: ;

eft say unto me, as thou-didit unto, I give to the Poor ; and if this Publican : Salvation is come to I have done any. Wrong to thine House... any Man, I restore fourfold.. St. Luke xix. 8.

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Who goeth, a Warfare

Shall the Soldier, the Husband, at any time of his owri their Wages, and thy Ministers puna

man, and the Shepherd, all have Coft ?' Who planteth a Vir.ely, o. Jelus, be grudged theirs ?. yard, and eateth not of the God, forbid ! Vouchsafe unto me, Fruit thereof? or who feed and to all Christiaas, a better Mind, eth a Flock, and eateih not

I befeech Thee.
of the Milk of the Flock ?
1 Cor. ix. 7.
If we have fown unto


May the good Spirit of God bless fpiritual Things, is it a great nisters, that. betb tbey and we may

the-heavenly Seed fowa by - his. Mi.. Matter if we should reap reap the Fruit of their. Labour ! your worldly Things ? 1 Cor.

Do ye not
know, that

Since thou, O Jefus, haft ordain, they who minister about hoed this, far be it from me to enoy,

or to deprive thy, Servants. of the ly Things, live of the Sacri- Right which thou hast given them. fice ? and they who wait at the Altar, are Partakers with the Altar? Even fo hath the Lord also ordained, that they who preach the Gospel, should live of the Gospel. 1. Cor. ix, 13, 14.


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- Shirveifh.

-Estiagh eri Reeriaght Niau : agh brodgal et Credjue fotklagh ay. !om-
eshyn 'ta jannoo "Aigney miy arcan, fegooish Bea.dy Chrquęcaght

Ayrey ta ayns Niau. N. Mian as dy Obbraghyn mie.
vii. 21.
2 Hals Zaccheus magh, as

My t'ou uss, cur Berchys doeys, dooyrt eh rish y Chiarn, Cur Yee; car Cree dou dyi ve cairah as

-my-ner, Hiarn, yn derrey lieh giafyllagh, dy vodoo gra rhym, myr jeh my Chooid ta mee dy Saualtys er jeet gys dły Hie.

dooyrt oorish y Publican loh : Ta choyrt da ny Boghtyn: as my

ta mee er ghoaill red erbee dy
molteyragh veih Dooinney er-
bee, ta mee jannoo Lhiassagh-
ey kiare-filley da. "N. Luke
xix. 8.

Quoi ta goll dy Chaggey Now yn Sidoors-yn Labree; as y Botraa erbee er e Chost hene? chill, dagh unuane oc nyo Vaill, as bee Quoi ta soiaghey Garey-feeyn-sty Hirourishee ynrycan, o Yeesey, as

Vail, mooasit daue ? Ny Thig eh ey, as någh vel gee jeh'n Vels Tee! Dy gooidfave lhiat cur dooys, echey ? Ny quoi ta bochillagh as da dy chooilley Chreestee, Aigney Shíoltane, as nagh vel giu jeh fare, ta meeguee ort. Bainney yn Chioltane ? 1 Cor.

My ta: shinyn er chuirr diu- Dy jean Spyrryd mie Yee e Vans ish Reddyn -fpyrrydoil, nee naght y choyrt er y Raf faanyffagh Madyr mooar eh my mee mayd chanımah adfyn as shinyn buinn Mess

ta cuint liorish e Hirveishee, dy vod buinn ny Nheeghyn feihltagh nyn Laboraght!

I Cor. ix. 11. Nagh vel fys eu dy vel ad- Fakio dy vel: uss, O Teefey, · er syn ta shirveilh myíh Nhee- pardaghey fh h, foddey dy row eh

voym's dy vooaraghey da dty Har: ghyn casherick, beaghey er yn vaantyn, ny dy volley ad jeh'n Chair: Qural ? as dy vel adfyn ta ten-ys t'ou uss er.chur daue, ...deil ec yn Altar, goaill ayon

jeh ny t'er yn Altar? Dy jar-
roo myr shen ta'n Chiarn myr-

geddin er n'oardaghey, dy lhi.
sagh adfyn ta preacheil y Sush-
tal, beaghey er y Sushtal.
i Cor. ix. 13, 14.



ix, 7.

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eu ?

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reap little ;

He that foweth little, shall It will be our own Fault, if we

and he that reap not a plentiful Crop. foweth plenteously shall reap to our Ability, left we provoke

“ Let us proportion our Alms plenteously. Let

Let every Man • God to proportion his Blessings do according as he is dif- to our Alms :” Bishop Beveridge. posed in his

Heart, not grudgingły, or of Necessity, for God loveth a chearful Giver. 2 Cor.ix. 6, 7. Let him that is taught in we can give to thy Ministers, e

There is nothing, O God, which the Word, minister unto him qual to the Blessings which we rethat teacheth, in all good ceive from them, who minifter unto Things. Be not deceived, us the Means of Grace and SalGod is not mocked

vation. ;

for whatsoever a Man soweth, that shall he reap. Gal. vi. 6, 7. While we have Time, let

Bleffed be God, that I have yet us do Good unto, all Men ; do good, before the Night cometi,

Time ! Lord, give me an Heart to and especially unto them that when no Man can work. are of the Houshold of Faith. Gal. vi. 10.

Godliness is great Riches, Give me, o God, a pious and a if a Man be content with contented Mind; and for the rest, thy

Will be done. that he hath: for we brought nothing into the World, neither may we carry any thing out. Tim. vi. 6, 7.

Bless God, that have Riches, Charge them who are

if he has given you Grace and Power rich in this World, that they to give them with a liberal Hand, be ready to give, and glad and cheartul' Heart, without which to distribute, laying up in they will be the Occasion of certaja

Ruia, store for themselves a good Foundation against the Time to come, that they may attain eternal Life. I Tim. vi. 17, 18, 19.


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