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Infaghey. Eshyn ta cuirr thanney, nee She yn Foillain hene vees eh, myrgeddin buinn thanaey; as nagh bee Troair vie ain dy vuinn. eshyn ta cuirr dy palchey, nee

Lhig dooin nyn Yeirk y chormal

gys nyn Booar, er azgle dy brasnee myrgeddin buinn' dy palchey. mayd Jee dy chorntal e Vannagh Lhig da dy chooilley Ghooin

tyn gys ayn Yeirk." ney coyrt da'n voght, myr ta e Chree coyrt roith, cha nee mooaraghey, ny myr dy beagh eh eginit huggey: son shynney lesh Jee eshyn ta coyrt dy aggindagh. 2 Cor. ix. 6, 7.

Lhig dasyn t'er ny ynsaghey Cha vel Nhee erbee ain, o Yee, ayns y Goo, shirveilh ersyn ta oddys mayd y chur da dt; Hirveih gynlaghey jeh dy chooilley ee, corrym rish ny Bannaghtyn ta thin Nhee mie t'echey. ] Ny bee-jee Saaleyn dy Ghrayje as dy Havaltys,

geddyo vouesyn, ta svirveisis orcin ay mollit; cha vel craid dy ve jeant mysh Jee: fon cre-erbee ta Dooinney dy chuirr, lheid then nee eh y vuinn. Gal. vi. 6, 7.

7 Myr ta caa ain er-y-fa then,

Bannit dy row Jee, dy vel fralt yn lhig dooin mie y yannoo da dy Traa shoh ayın ! ir curc


Cou chooilley Ghooinney, er-lhen y yannoo mie roih my jig yn 'ie, dauelyn' ta jeh lught-thie yn

tra nagh vod Dooinney erbee gubbraghey. Chredjue. Gal. vi. 10.

. Ta Craueeaght lelh aigney Cur dooys, O Yee, Aigney chrance booiagh Cosney mooar : fon as booiagh leih ny t'aym as for y cha dug lhin Thien Nhee erbee chord elley, Dry Aigney's dy rru

stiagh 'sy Theihil shoh, as te
Thickyr nagh vod mayd Nhee
erbee y choyrt Thien magh ass.

L Tim vi. 6, 7.

Cur Currym orroofvn ta Jean-jee Jee y vannaghey, shiuish t'a Berchagh 'sy Theihilfhoh, Berchus eu, my ten er chur Gravse dy bee ad arıyltagh dy choyrt, Laue teolt as Cree genna!, n'egooifa

as Pooar diu dy chur veue as aignagh dy rheynn, coyrtbee ad Oyr shickyr dy Hoyrt-muw. feofe ayns stoyr nyn gour oc hene Úndin mie ry - hoi yn Traa ta ry heet, dy vod ad. O


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Observations. God is not unrighteous, My God, we have nothing but that he will forget your kelt thyself a Debtor to us, for

what is thine ; and yet thou ma. Works, and Labour that

what we give to thy Poor, and to proceedeth of Love; which thy Ministers.--How great is this Love ye have fhewed for his Goodness! Name's fake who have mi- . nistered unto the Saints, and yet do minister. Heb. vi. 10.

To do Good, and to dif- May our Prayers, and our Alms, tribute forget not; for with go up before thee, and graciously acsuch Sacrifices God is well cep them for Jesus Christ's take. pleased. Heb. xiii. 16.

Whoso hath this World's Thou, O God, canst support all thy Good, and feeth his Brother Poor without our Afiftance; but it have Need, and shutteth up and our Love for Thee.

is by them that thou treft our Faith, his Compassion from him, how dwelleth the Love of God in hin? 1 Joh. iii. 17.

Give Alms of thy Goods, Give me, O Lord, a true Compas. and never turn

fion for the Miseries of others, that thy Face


est have Compassion on me, from any poor Man; and

at the great Day.
then the face of the Lord
shall not be turned away from
thee. Tob. iv. 7.
Be merciful after thy

I thank Thee, O God, that thou Power. If thou hast much judgest not by the Greatness of the give plenteously : If thou Gift, but by the Heart, and the Abihaft little, Do thy Diligence hity of the Giver, and wilt reward

gladly to give of that little :
For fo gatherest thou thyself
a good Reward in the Day
of Necesity. Tob. iv. 8, 9.

He that hath pity upon To thy Account, O God, I place the Poor, lendeth unto the my Charity to the Poor thou sendelt Lord : And look, what he unto me, and I know that I shall be

no loser.
layeth out, it shall be paid
him again. Prov. xix. 17.




Ynfaghey. greme y ghoaill er y Vea veayn. 1 Tim. vi. I7, 18, 19.

Cha vel Jee neu-chairagh, My Yee, cha vel veg aimyn agh ny dy jarrood eh ny Obbraghyn ta lhiat's ; as ny-yeih r'ou jannoo ooas y Laboragh euith dy Ghraih, bene fatter dooin, son oy ta fhin dy Ghraih cheddin ta shiu er

chur da ny Boghtyn ayd's, as da dty yn

Hirveishee.---Nagh mooar ta shoh dry hoillhaghey er coontey’n En- | Vięys ! nym echey, ta er hirveilh er ny Nooghyn, as ta foast shirveish (orroo). Heb. vi. 10.

Dy yannoo mie, as dy rheynn Dy jean ny Padjeryn, ain, as y [er ny Boghtyn], ny jarrood- Jeirk ain, goll seote ayns dty Eanish, jee: son lesh Theid ny Oural o Yee, as dy graysoil dy jean oo foilyn ta Jee er ny yannoo booi. agbey jeu er Graih Yeefey Creeft. agh. Heb. xiii. 16. Quoi - erbee ta cooid


Foddee uss, O Yee, ooilley dty Theihll shoh echey, as fakin e Voghtyn y veghey fegooish y CoonVraar ayns Feme, as ta dooney sy anyu; agh the lioroofyn t’ou prowfeose e veeghyn dy Hymmey ort.

al y Credjue ainyo, as nyn Ghraih voith ; kys ta Graih Yee tannaghtyn ayn? 1 N. Ean iii. 17. Cur Jeirk jeh dty Chooid,

Cur dooys, O Hiarn, Chymmey as ny chyndaa dy bragh dty firrinagh fon Treinys ny Moghtyn, Eddin veih Dooinney Boght Laa mooar jerrinagh.

dy vod ufs ve chymmoil dooys ec y erbce; as eisht cha bee Eddin y Chiarn er ny hyndaa ersooyl void's. Tob. iv. 7. Bee myghinagh gys rere dty

Ta mee cur Booise dhyt, o Yee, Phooar.. My ta lane ayd, cur Movads y Ghiost, agh liorim Cree as

nagh vel oo jannoo Soiaghey liorish

у dy palchey ; my she red beg Fort yo Ghiaftyllagh, as t’ayd, gow kiarail dy chur dy cooilleen myrgeddin, gennal jeh'n veggan shen; son myr shen t'ou chaglym dhyt hene Leagh mie cour Laa - ny feme. Tob. iv. 8, 9. Efhyn ta gialtyllagh' da’n

Gys dty Lien, 0 Yee, ta mee soiVoght, t'eh gecafaght da'n aghy my Ghialtyllys da ny Bogh,

e’ou cur my raad, as ta Fys aym Chiarn : as fon then t'eh myr'nagh gaillym veg liorish.







Blessed be the Man that Keep me, o God; from all idle
provideth for the Sick and and vain Expences, that I may always
Needy : The Lord thall de have to give to him that needet

the Hour of Death, and in the Day of liver him in the Time of Judgment, good Lord, deliver me. Trouble. Pjab xli. 1.


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Obfervations. Whilst the Sentences are in You will gow have the Comfort of reading, the Deacons, Church- seeing your alms presented untu God warcons, or other fit Persons by bis Alinitter, in order to bring

down his Blessing upon yourtelf and appointed for that Purpoje. upon the rest of your Substance and mall receive the Alms for Labours, according as you have been

, the Poor, and other Devotions of a niggardly or a chearful Giver. the People, in a decent Bajon, to be provided by the Parish for that Purpose ; and reverently bring it to the Prielt, who Jhali humbly Present and place it upon the holy Table.

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And * when there is a Com- The Priest now, and not till this munion, the Prielt shall then Time, placeth the Bread and Wine place upin the Table so much upon the Lord's Table, in the Sight

of the Communicants, as a publick Bread and Wine, as he fall Acknowledgment that our Lives, and think sufficient; after which whatever is necessary for their Predone, the Prielt shall say,

fervation, is owing to the Gift of

Let us pray for the whole We are now going to exercise a-
State of Christ's Church militant nother and most exterfige Branch of

Christian Charivy towards the whole here on Earth.

Church of Christ, which you should feriously attend to, that you may

add (fecretly) men to every Petition.

* If this. Rubrick is not strictly observed, as in many places it is not, the Intent of the Church is defeated, and a very instructive Circumstance is omitted.


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Infaghey. fhoh dy vaarail, bee eh er ny eeck da reesht. Prov. xix.

17. Bannit ta’n Dooinney ta til. Freill mee, O Yee, veih dy chooil. gey ro-laue cour y vooinjer ey Vaarail ommijagh as fardalagh,

jy vod dy kinjagh Kufe 've aym dy Hingey as ny Ymmyrchee : chur dan Ynnyrchagh. Eć oors nee'n Chiarn y livrey eh ayns Vaaish as ayns Laany Briwnys, y Laa dy Heaghyn. Psal. xli. 1. Hiara vie, livrey mee.

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Ynfaghey. Choud as ta ny Scriptyryn Bee yn Gerjagh ayd nish dy akia Shoh dy lhaih, lhig da ny Shir- dty leirk er ny hebbal gys Jee liorifh veishee, ny Wardoonee, er-non

e Hirveilhagh, dy hayron heese e Vanney Persoonyn feeudagh erbee el. naght ort hene, as er y Chooid elley

jeh dty Chooid as dty Laboraght,rere ley troggal Feirk cour Bogh- myr t'ou er chur void dy gortagh ny tyn, as Chebballyn giastyllagh dy feoiltagh. elley veih'n Pobble, ayns Basin jesh, ec Cost ny Skeerey, fon yn ymmyd fraen'; as dy arrymagh y chur lhieu eh gys y Taggyrt, nee dy imlee y, hebbal ás y boiaghey eb er y Voayrd casherick.


As * tra ta Creestiaght ayn,

Ta’o Saggyrt bish, as cha nee dernee yn Saggyrt eisht soiaghey er reyn Traa shoh, soiaghey yn Arran v Voayrd wheesh dy Arran asly Chilley ocfyn ta cheet gys y

as y Feeyn er Boayrd y Chiarn ayns Feeyn, as t'eh fakin ymmyrch- 'Chreestiaght, myr dy foshlit g:aill-rish agh; lurg fhoh ve jeant, nee'n dy vel nyn, Mioys, as cre-erbce ta Saggyrt gra,

ymmyrchagh dy reayll fhin bio, cheer

veih Gioor Yee. Lhig dooin Padjer y ghoaill Ta sin nifh goll dy chooilleeney fon flane Stayd Agglish Chreeft Banglane elley dy Ghiastyllys Chreercaggey ayns Thoh wass er y Thal- tee rolhtyn er fáne Agglish Chreeít ;

' loo.

gys shen Jhilagh oo dy aggindagh cuir Gei!l, dy vod oo Amen y ghra (rhyć Thene) gys dy chooilley. Aghin.

Mannagh vel Geill vie er ny choyrt da’n Rubrick shoh, myr nagh vel ayns yamodee Yooydyn, ta Kiarail ny Hagglish currit haart, as Ynlaghey voadeilagh lbiggit sheese.


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