A Treatise on the Management of Fresh-water Fish: With a View to Making Them a Source of Profit to Landed Proprietors

London, 1841 - 38 páginas
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Página 5 - ... twelve or eighteen inches deeper. " It is not, however, desirable to have the ponds so situated that a large quantity of fresh water shall suddenly be able to find its way into them, as it both thickens the whole by moving the mud, and being colder and of other properties, it sickens the store for some time, and checks their thriving. A well-regulated supply and co-equal discharge is to be recommended and must be attended to. " Having thus far described the base and positions which the ponds...
Página 1 - Serve with anchovy sauce and a squeeze of lemon. Fresh-water Fish are equally nutritious with those of the sea ; they are much lighter as food, and therefore easier of digestion ; they are, however, more watery, and it is requisite to use salt, in order to extract the watery particles. Every sort of fresh-water fish ought, therefore, as soon as killed and cleaned, to have salt well rubbed inside and outside, and should be allowed so to remain for some time before it is cooked...
Página 14 - The keeper has his favourites ; and it is said that there are some among them more than a century old. Where carp are well fed they may be seen basking in the sun on the surface of the water during the hot months of August and September, and sometimes rolling about like so many porpoise. They will scarcely retreat at the approach of any one; and become so extremely fat in stews, that a 10-lb. fish will frequently have fat an eighth of an inch thick on his sides, especially those of the Spiegel carp...
Página 6 - ... jack ; thus making ten per cent. each of tench and jack to the carp : the brood must be all of one season's spawn. Therefore to three acres there will...
Página 20 - ... milter of good size, then sink it in the deep stream where there is plenty of water, so that it may be well covered during the period of spawning, and when the fish have cast, take them out and turn them adrift into the river ; then move the box into shallow water, which, being influenced by the early rays of the sun, will bring forth the fry ; keep them in the box until they are about half an inch long, then turn them out on the shallows.
Página 11 - ... being about twentyseven acres in extent ; and the stock above recommended was calculated by this comfortable Saxon, after forty years' experience of practical results. Out of this large pond, Gottlieb — we can fancy how he devoured them with his eyes — saw, in 1822, the two largest breeding-carp placed in the scale, and their united weight amounted to nearly 100 Ibs., the male drawing 43 Ibs., and the...
Página 3 - ... an accumulation of water may immediately take place, sufficient for the protection of the brood or succeeding store. In the rainy season it is always advisable to let the ponds fill to the full extent of their prescribed boundaries, as this not only brings a large proportion of food from the adjacent grounds, but when the water is again let off or recedes, the borders produce luxuriant and tender herbage, peculiarly adapted for the food of carp, and upon which that fish feeds greedily in rainy...

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