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on elocution, and the public and private utterances of the most approved speakers.

The Introductory part of this work comprises practical suggestions and rules on Style, Qualities of Voice, Articulation, Force and Gestures; in fact, all that pertains to the Culture of the Voice and Delivery. Twenty-three engravings illustrate position, gesture and expression of the Passions in Elocution and Oratory. It is believed that [he learner will obtain much that is interesting and profitable, while all who desire to give an easy and forcible expression to their thoughts or their selections will find this subject treated with sufficient fullness for all ordinary purposes, and in accordance with the most approved authors and teachers.

The notes that, accompany many of the selections contain brief sketches of the circumstances under which the authors wrote, and are intended chiefly to explain the manner in which the several pieces should be read or recited. Before reading a piece it will no doubt be found profitable to the learner to look at the note that accompanies it. To avoid monotony the prose and poetry are intermixed.

The indexes will be found copious, carefully prepared, and thoroughly reliable. They will embrace an index of subjects, an index of authors, with titles of subjects selected, thus enabling the reader to turn readily to any subject or author, and rendering every part of the volume available for ready reference.



Abou Ben Adhem Leigh Hunt 179

A Darkey's Counsel to a Newly Mar-
ried Pair Edmund Kirke 283

American Corn 5.5. Cox 211

American Independence D. Webster 293

American Laborers Naylor 138

American Liberty Joseph Story 1S0

An Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog, Oliver Goldsmith 177

An Idyl of the Period George A. Baker, Jr 294

Annabel Lee Edgar A. Poe 166

Apostrophe to the Ocean Lord Byron 239

A Rabinical Tale Benjamin Franklin 302

Aristocracy Robert R. Livingston 64

At the Church Gate W. M. Thackeray 164

Battle Hymn of the Republic Julia W. Howe 264

"Bay Billy" Frank H. Cassaway 214

Beauty Ralph Waldo Emerson.. 267

Better Things Geo. McDonald 278

Brother Watkins John B. Gough 156

Burial of Lincoln R. H.Stoddard 73

Caldwell of Springfield Bret Harte 237

Carving a Name Horatio Alger 314

Centennial Hymn John G. Whitlier 201

Cleon and I , Charles Mackay 173

Curfew Must Not Ring To-night Rose H. Thorpe 95

Death of Paul Dombey Charles Dickens 144

Dedication of Gettysburg Cemetery... -.Abraham Lincoln 54

Deitsche Advertisement C. T. Wolfe 93

Dickens in Camp Bret Harte 140

Drafted Mrs. H. L. Bostviick 48

Drifting Thos. Buchanan Read.. . 130



Driving Home the Cows Anonymous 86

Duluth y. Proctor Knott 194

Evening on the Farm .y. T. Trowbridge 114

Fare Thee Well Lord Byron 205

French and English Thomas Hood 112

Go Feel What I Have Felt Anonymous 65

Golden Hair Anonymous 67

Grant, General U. S Col. W. F. Vilas 248

Guneopathy y.G.Saxe 182

Half Way Doin's Irwin Russell 238

Handy Andy at the Post Office Samuel Itover 305

Hannah Jane D. R. Locke 174

Her Letter Bret //arte 297

Home yantes Montgomery 46

In School Days y.G. Whittier 219

>v Irish Aristocracy Charles G. Halfine 103

John Anderson My Jo.. Robert Burns 179

Justice Thomas Carlyle 85

"Kentucky Belle" Constance F. Woolson... 287

Language Oliver W.Holmes 125

Laughing in Meeting I/arriet Beecher Stowe.. 230

Leedle Yacob Strauss Charles F. Adams 98

Little Breeches John Hay 250

Little Jim Anonymous 69

Look Aloft Anonymous 172

Mahsrjohn /rwin Russell 143

Marco Bozzaris Fitz Greene Halleck 61

Measuring the Baby. Emma Alice Brown..... 213

Mein Vamily Charles F. Adams 117

Miss Edith Helps Things Along Bret //arte 290

Morning « Edward Everett 60

Mother's Fool Anonymous 133

National Character A'. B. Maxey 116

National Morality Henry Ward Beecher 142

No Mortgage on the Farm y,hn H. Yates 252

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