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Burke, P. Haymarket, victualler.

May, 1828.

Bakewell, J. Manchester, glue manufacturer. Bowman, E. Penrith, Cumberland, timber-merchant.

Bedford, J. and T. Croose, Wood Street, warehousemen.

Butts, T. jun. Crayford, Kent, mill-sawyer.
Bevill, J. W. Cheltenham, tobacconist.
Bullivant, C. F. Ripley, Derby, dealer.
Bryant, W. H. Mile-end-road, coal-merchant.
Brown, J. Adam's Court, Broad Street, auctioneer.
Buck, W. Queen Anne Street, Cavendish square,

Brook, J. L. Okehampton, druggist.
Browne, J. Kidderminster, silversmith.
Bramley, H. Throgmorton Street, bill-broker.
Back, R. and J. Bateman, Compton Street, Clerk-
enwell, malt-roasters.

Bevan, J. and J. Rigby, St Helen's, Lancashire, soap-boilers.

Clough, J. Addingham, York, cotton-manufac


Clayton, J. Mottram-in-Longendale, Chester, flour-dealer.

Chittenden, J. Dover, chemist.

Clarke, T. Marlborough, woollen-draper.
Davies, W. Camberwell, coal-merchant.
Darby, J. Rood-lane, perfumer.

Emmerson, R. Aldermanbury, warehouseman.
Ensor, T. Long Malford, tallow-chandler.
Freeman, E. Cheltenham, lodging-house keeper.
Fountain, J. St Neot's, draper.
Fisk, W. Gate Street, dealer.

Frame, W. Jones Street, Berkeley Square, bootmaker.

Fitch, C. A. Allen Street, Goswell Street, bacondrier.

Gallemore, J. sen. J. and J. Gallemore, and T. Liddell, Manchester, calico-printers.

Germain, T. Drury-lane, baker.

Gelder, B. North and South Cliff, East Riding,
York, farmer.

Gamble, C. Shottlegate, Derby, joiner.
Gains, T. Loughborough, corn-factor.

Gibbon, J. sen. Canton Place, Commercial Road, blockmaker.

Hooper, T. St Phillip and Jacob, Gloucester, maltster.

Holt, C. Coventry, baker.

Hunter, R. Aldgate, oilman.

Hockin, P. C. Launceston, money-scrivener.
Hobbins, R. Cheltenham, innkeeper.

Harker, W. Cropton, York, schoolmaster.
Handcock, J. Exeter, victualler.

Holdich, T. Spalding, grocer.

Hodson, G. Sheffield, bone-merchant.

Haigh, J. Milnsbridge, York, scribbling-miller. Hopkins, M. E. St Peter's Alley, merchant.

James, N. Bristol, wine-merchant.

Johnson, S. Margate, coachmaster.

Jenkinson, T. Manchester, calenderer.
Kelley, J. Leeds, bricklayer.

Kingsbury, H. Broad Street, Radcliffe, builder.
Llewellyn, T. Bridgend, Glamorgan, innkeeper.
Longbottom, T. Keighley, York, machine-maker.
Laporte, D. Portland Street, tailor.
Levy, L. Birmingham, slopseller.

Mortimer, J. and W. Rawfolds, Yorkshire, machine-makers.

Mitchell, J. Robert Street, Southwark, victualler. Maybruch, F. Old Cavendish Street, tailor. Masson, W. Queen Street, Cheapside, merchant. Mills, G. St James's Street, bookseller. Moorhouse, J. L. and J. Hebden Bridge, Halifax, cotton-spinners.

Marsden, J. Sowerby Bridge, York, corn-merchant.

Menzies, J. Charles Street, Manchester Square, tailor.

Nicholls, J. Kidderminster, innkeeper,

Pearson, T. and W. Reeves, Savoy Street, winemerchants.

Pratt, S. Crispin Street, Spitalfields, drysalter.

Powell, W. Wetherby, York, ham factor.
Pinder, T. Halifax, porter-merchant.
Parsons, J. Fulham Road, upholsterer.

Parsey, I. Brighton, haberdasher.

Powell, J. Bishopsgate Street, grocer.

Phillips, J. Tavistock Street, linen-draper.

Parsons, J. Standon, Herts, horse-dealer.

Pennell, J. D. Exeter, picture-dealer.

Pate, M. Bennett Street, tailor.

Pringle, W. H. London Road, St George's Fields, victualler.

Prior, J. Worksworth, Derby, small-ware-manufacturer.

Pilcher, S. Ramsgate, baker.

Rock, P. Wollastone, Stafford, farmer.

Robinson, J. Clare Street, Clare Market, linendraper.

Rashleigh, W. Falmouth, grocer.
Rumney, T. Gough Square, furrier.

Read, A. Lower Grosvenor Street, hotel-keeper.
Roper, W. T. Houndsditch, carpenter.
Rhodes, J. Gomersal, York, maltster.

Revans, J. junior, and H. S. Chapman, London and Quebec, merchants.

Smith, T. High Street, Lambeth, smith.
Shore, T. B. Kidderminster, victualler.

Stevens, J. Deveral Street, Great Dover Road, builder.

Sunderland, J. Leeds, woolstapler.

Sugden, T. Haworth, York, worsted-manufacturer.

Swann, W. Bungay, linen-draper.

Swalwell, M. Kennington Gravel Pits, school-mistress.

Torry, J. Little Union Street, Hoxton, builder. › Tolson, M. Regent Street, milliner.

Valerio, D. Crown Court, Threadneedle Street, wine-merchant.

Wisedill, W. Friday Street, ironmonger.

Williams, H. St George's Circus, Southwark, wine-merchant.

Warrington, H. W. Johnson Street, Shadwell, brewer.

Wells, T. W. High Street, Shadwell, tobacconist. Woodhead, B. Thongsbridge, York, scribblingmiller.

Williams, R. Cheltenham, builder.

Wilson, J. Wigton, draper.

Ward, G. A. Birmingham, cabinet-maker. Walker, R. Manchester, woollen-shawl-manufac turer.



Ballingall, Robert, residing in Balmacom, a partner in the Fife Banking Company. Barclay, Robert, horse and cattle dealer, sometime at Southsidebank, near Edinburgh, now at Bankrigg, near Edinburgh.

Bartie, Thomas, jeweller, Glasgow.

Bell, Robert and William, manufacturers in Ceres,

Crichton, David, spirit dealer, Watergate, Edin-
burgh, and Robert Moffat, gardener and spirit
dealer, Comely Bank, near Edinburgh.
Davie, James, and Co. music sellers, Aberdeen.
Drummond, George, and Co. clothiers, Glasgow.
Fraser, Charles, vintner and innkeeper, Lanark.
The Company carrying on business as distillers, at
Mains, near Linlithgow, under the firm of James

Hearn, William, spirit merchant, Leith. Hinshelwood, John, china and earthenware dealer in Glasgow.

Jackson, James, cloth merchant, Paisley.
Kirk, John, brewer in Aberdeen.

Lyle, Charles, grocer, Glasgow.

M'Leod, Norman, shipowner and merchant, Greenock.


Moncrieff, Thomas and James, merchants and victual dealers, Glasgow, and millers and grain dealers at Duntiblae, near Kirkintulloch. Robertson, Alexander, maltster, Damhead, near Denny.

Robertson, Peter, coal broker and ship owner, St Andrews.

Robertson, John, and Co. merchants in Perth. Smith, Andrew, maltster, grain dealer, and baker, at Carron, near Falkirk.

Thomson and Hill, storekeepers at Calder ironworks.

Thomson, David, wine and spirit dealer in Castle

Waldie, Pringle, and Co. hosiers in Hawick.
Walker, John, merchant, Glasgow.

Walker, James, and Co. nursery and seedsmen,

Watt, James, tenant and cattle dealer in Orrock. Weddell, John, merchant and retail woollen draper and haberdasher, Kelso.

Whyte, James and William, merchants in Leith,



Nov. 2, 1827. At Madras, the lady of Captain Archibald Inglis, of a daughter.

28. At Simla, the lady of George Govan, Esq. M.D. attached to the Himalaya Survey, of a son.

Dec. 11. At Quillon, East Indies, the lady of Lieut. William Hope Smith, Hon. Company's service, of a daughter.

March 16, 1828. At Naples, Mrs William Scott, of a son.

23. At St Marys, the lady of W. H. Dowbiggin, Esq. of a daughter.

25. At his Lordship's house, Berkeley Square, London, the Countess of Jersey, of a daughter. 26. At Dollar, Mrs Robert Haig, of a son. -At Aberdour Manse, Fife, Mrs Dr Bryce, of a son and daughter.

27. At the Manse of Luss, Mrs Carr, of a daughter.

At Edinburgh, the lady of William Ogilvie, Esq. younger of Chesters, of a son.


At Leckie, Mrs Moir of Leckie, of a daugh

April 1. At Balbedie House, Lady Malcolm, of a son and heir.

At Ingsdon House, Devonshire, the lady of Charles Hale Monro, Esq. of a son and heir.

3. At Menie, the lady of Major Turner, of a daughter.

5. At Farme, the lady of Hugh Mosman, Esq. younger of Auchtyfardle, of a daughter,

5. At Barnton, the lady of Lieut. Archibald Dunbar, younger of Northfield, of a son. 6. At Cairnhill, Mrs Nisbett, of a son.

7. Mrs Scott Moncrieff, 31, Howe Street, of a son. 9. At Castlehill, near Ayr, the lady of the Rev. A. Utterson, rector of Layer-Marney, county of Essex, of a son.

At 2, Roxburgh Street, Mrs William Reid, of a son.

10. At London, the lady of D. Charles Guthrie, Esq. of a daughter.

11. At Blair Adam, the lady of Rear-Admiral Adam, of a daughter.

-At Finlaystone House, Mrs Bontine of Ardoch, of a son.

12. At 8, George Square, Mrs Huie, of a son. At 3, Nicolson Square, Mrs D. Rymer, of a


In Connaught Square, London, (the anniversary of Admiral Rodney's victory over the French fleet,) the Hon. Mrs William Rodney, of a son and heir.

At Cowes, Isle of Wight, the lady of Lieut. George Bisset, R. N. of a daughter.

13. At Ainslie Place, Mrs S. Buchanan of Cunninghamhead, of a son.

At Park House, the lady of Lieut.-Colonel Gordon, of a daughter.

14. At Edinburgh, the lady of Walter Campbell, Esq. of Sunderland, of a daughter.

At Powderhall, Mrs Macdonald, of a daughter,

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The lady of Charles Kinloch, Esq. of Gourdie, of a son.

26. At the Royal Circus, Edinburgh, Mrs Lamont, junior, of Knockdow, of a son and heir.

27. At Drummond Place, Mrs Cook, of a daughter.

-At Berwick, Mrs Brown, wife of the Rev. J. R. Brown, of a son.

The lady of Geoffrey Meynell, of Meynell Langley, Esq. of a son.

28. At Mill Hill, Musselburgh, the lady of Major Dods, of a son.

At Naples, the lady of James Hay, Esq. of Belton, of a son.


At 18, Albany Street, Mrs Begbie, of a daugh

29. At Ely Lodge, the Marchioness of Ely, of a daughter.

At 13, St Andrew Square, Mrs John James Boswell, of a daughter.

Mrs Ivory, of a daughter.

May 1. At 11, Windsor Street, the lady of the Rev. G. Coventry, of a daughter.

2. At Charlotte Square, the lady of George Macneal, Esq. of Ugadale, of a son.

-At James's Place, Links, Leith, Mrs G. Goodlet, of a daughter.

3. Mrs Abercrombie, York Place, of a daughter. 4. At Kilmarnock Manse, Mrs Smith, of a son. 6. At Carberry House, the lady of Colonel Turner, of a son.

-At Edinburgh, the Countess of Morton, of a daughter.

8. At Lyncombe, near Bath, Lady Sarah Murray, of a daughter.

11. At Lochnaw Castle, Wigtonshire, the lady of Sir Andrew Agnew, Bart. of a daughter.

At Kirkwall, Mrs Sheriff, of a daughter.

At 13, Forth Street, Mrs Orr. of a daughter. -At 38, Great King Street, Mrs Spence, of a daughter.

12. At Kersiebank House, Polmont, Mrs Ball, of a daughter.

13. At London, the lady of the Right Hon. Stratford Canning, of a daughter.

- At Dewar Place, the lady of Captain Archibald Fullarton, of a son.

15. At Valleyfield, Mrs Charles Cowan, of a daughter.

At Edinburgh, the lady of David Maitland Makgill, Esq. of Rankeilour and Lindores, of a son and heir.

Mrs Alex. Douglas, Albany Street, of a daughter.

-At the College of Glasgow, Mrs Sandford, of a daughter.

17. In Charlotte Square, the lady of the Right Hon. the Lord Justice Clerk, of a son.

18. At Viewforth, Mrs Crichton, of a son.

Mrs Burnett, Dublin Street, of a daughter. 19. Mrs Patrick Robertson, Great King Street, of a son.

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Sept. 15, 1827. At Hobart's Town, Van Diemen's Land, Major Turton, of the 40th regiment, to Catharine, eldest daughter of Josiah Thomas, Esq. colonial treasurer of Van Diemen's Land.

Nov. 3. At Lucknow, East Indies, Captain Charles George Ross, to MaryAnne, second daughter of Brigadier-General W. G. Maxwell, C. B. commanding in Oude.

Jan. 22, 1828. At Antigua, Captain Rowland Edward Williams, late of the 10th Royal Hussars, of Weston Green, Surrey, and of Antigua, to Clara Susanna, second daughter of his Excellency Major-General Sir Patrick Ross.

Feb. 17. At Rio Janeiro, Commander Thomas Maitland, royal navy, to Amelia, daughter of William Young, Esq.

March 24. At Musselburgh, James Kemp, Esq. to Jane Sommerville, daughter of Thomas Macmillan, Esq. of Shorthope.

-At Arbroath, the Rev. Andrew Cromar, to Miss Philip, only daughter of Geo. Philip, Esq. Arbroath.

27. At Edinburgh, Robert Marsham, Esq. Warden of Merton College, Oxford, to Lady Carmichael Anstruther, widow of Sir John Carmichael Anstruther of Anstruther and Carmichael, Bart.

-At Edinburgh, James Anstruther, Esq. second son of Colonel Robert Anstruther, to Marian, daughter of the late Sir John Anstruther of Anstruther, Bart.

29. At London, R. C. Nisbet, Esq. of Tweed Bank, Roxburghshire, to Mary, youngest daughter of Peter Cameron, Esq. Banff

31. At 73, Great King Street, James Aynsworth, Esq. of Clanmahery, county of Down, to Anne, second daughter of John M'Neill, Esq. of Collonsay.

April 1. At Dysart, the Rev. William Muir, Dysart, to Christian, daughter of Mr James Bain, factor to the Earl of Roslyn.

At James's Place, Leith Links, Mr William Ford, merchant, Leith, to Rebecca, daughter of the late James Thomson, Esq. builder there.

2. At West Richmond Street, Mr Alexander Stewart, of the General Post Office, to Christiana Anderson, daughter of the late Mr Peter M'Laren, clothier, Edinburgh.

-At Hanover Street, Alex. Brodie, Esq. Colstonmains, to Jourdiana C. Gray, youngest daughter of the late Andrew Gray, Esq. of Craigs.

At Edinburgh, Mr James Mullo, to Miss Helen Farmer, eldest daughter of Mr George Duncan, St John Street.

-At Rankeillor Street, Mr John Anderson, Kirkcaldy, to Grace, only daughter of the late Mr James Scrymgeour, merchant, Glasgow.

3. At Paris, Lord Sussex Lennox, to Mary, daughter of Lord Cloncurry.

7. At Edinburgh, Robert Strachan, Esq. distiller, Leith, to Margaret, only daughter of the late Archibald Burnet, Esq. Calcutta.

8. The Rev. Graham Mitchell, A.M. to Catherine daughter of the late Rev. John Webster, of St Peter's Chapel, Edinburgh.

At Oxgang, John Graham, Esq, yr. of Ballagan, advocate, to Mrs Major Davidson, youngest daughter of the late Sir John Stirling of Glorat and Renton, Bart.

At Edinburgh, Wm. Napier, Esq. to Isabella, daughter of the late Captain Rodgerson of the Stirlingshire local militia.

-At Badminton, Gloucestershire, the seat of the Duke of Beaufort, Thomas Henry Kingscote, Esq. of Kingscote, in that county, to Lady Isabella Somerset, sixth daughter of the Duke of Beaufort.

-At 20, Union Place, Glasgow, Mr Archibald Fullerton, bookseller, to Mrs Ann Bell.

12. At Keith, Mr John Dean, of the Post Office,

Leith, to Eliza, Anne, second daughter of John Gatherer, Esq. Keith.

15. John H. Gow, Esq. Mecklenburgh Street, London, to Catherine, second daughter of John Mackinlay, Esq. Royal Terrace, Edinburgh.

16. At Edinburgh, David Anderson, Esq. of St Germains, to Charlotte, sixth daughter of Sir James Nasmyth of Posso, Bart.

19. At Allesly Church, Warwickshire, William Robertson, Esq. younger of Kinlochmoidart, advocate, to Sarah Adams, eldest daughter of James Beck, Esq.

21. At Edinburgh, M. P. Brown, Esq. advocate, to Maria, second daughter of the late Robert Monteith, Esq. of Rochsoles.

22. At Teignmouth Church, Alexander Watt, Esq. H. E. I. C. S. eldest son of the late Isaac Watt, Esq. of Logie, to Susanna, eldest daughter of Stephen Kelso, Esq. of Preston.

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23. At Riccarton House, John Hay Mackenzie of Newhall and Cromarty, Esq. to Anne, third daughter of James Gibson Craig of Riccarton, Esq.

At Bellevue, Haddington, William Bogue, Esq. of Kirkland, to Katherine, eldest daughter of Major William West, late of the 9th Royal Veteran Battalion.

24. At St Rollock's, near Glasgow, William Couper, Esq. writer, Glasgow, to Mary, daughter of Charles Tennant, Esq. St Rollock's.

-At St Luke's, Chelsea, the Marquis of Caermarthen, to Lady Hervey.

25. At North St James Street, Edinburgh, Mr William Drysdale, writer, General Register House, to Margaret Williamson, eldest daughter of Mr Thomas Beveridge, writer there.

28. At Aberdeen, William Napier, Esq. writer to the signet, to Mary, eldest daughter of Alex. Low, Esq.

-At Ñunton, South Uist, the Rev. Duncan Maclean, to Flora, daughter of Kenneth M'Leod, Esq. Ebost, Isle of Skye.

29. At the Governor's house, Edinburgh Castle, Archibald Douglas, Esq. to Harriet, second daughter of Lieut.-General Hay.

-At Edinburgh, Thomas Knox, Esq. Leith Walk, to Miss Elizabeth Forman, Broughton Place.

30. At Leith, Mr G. Glenny, papermaker, Denny, to Catherine, only daughter of the late William Lang, Esq. of Leys.

-At Edinburgh, William James Fraser, Esq. son of Lieut.-General Sir John Fraser, to May Anne, daughter of the late Robert Cumming of Logie, Esq.

-At Fettes Row, Edinburgh, Richard Francis G. Poore, Esq. late of the King's Dragoon Guards, to Margaret Henrietta Cotnham, youngest daughter of the late Lieut.-Col. Maclean, of the Tower of London.

At 41, St Andrew Square, William Vertue, Esq. merchant, Leith, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr William Crosbie, Gamerigg, Dumfriesshire.

May 1. David Tytler, Esq. to Maria Catherine, second daughter of Dr Ferguson, Aberdeen.

2. At Edinburgh, Joseph Teale Sigston, Esq. Leeds, to Ann, second daughter of the late Mr William Walker, Edinburgh.

3. At 18, Warriston Crescent, the Rev. James Smith, minister of Ettrick, to Miss Barbara Paterson, Galashiels.

-At Hillhousefield, Thomas Singer, Esq. writer, Moffat, to Christina, daughter of the late Robert Bayne, Esq. merchant, Leith.

6. At Blair Vaddock, Dumbartonshire, William Wootton Abney, Esq. of Measham Hall, in the county of Leicester, to Helen John Sinclair, eldest daughter of Mr and Lady Janet Buchanan, and niece to the Earl of Caithness.

8. At Moulsoe, Bucks, Alex. Blair, Esq. of Edinburgh, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late George Smith, Esq. of Northampton.

13. At London, Colonel Buckley, to the Lady Catherine Pleydell Bouverie, eldest daughter of the Earl of Radnor.

17. At the parish church of St James, Piccadilly, the Hon. William Russell, eldest son of Lord William Russell, and nephew to the Duke of Bedford, to Miss Campbell, daughter of Lady CharJotte Bury, and niece to the Duke of Argyll.

20. At Sandown Place, Esher, the residence of

R. A. Oswald, Esq. Archibald Hamilton, Esq. fifth son of the late John Hamilton, Esq. of Sundrum, to the Right Hon. Lady Jane Montgomery, eldest daughter of the late Earl of Eglinton.

23. At Edinburgh, Mr John Stevenson, bookseller, to Mary, daughter of the late Mr John King, Innerwick.

24. At London, Alexander Sutherland Græme, Esq. of Græme's Hall, in the Orkneys, to Mary Anne, second daughter of the late Robert Grahame, Esq. of the Bengal Civil Service.

26. At 1, Forres Street, Edinburgh, Jonathan Richardson of Lisburn, Esq. to Margaret, only daughter of Alexander Airth, Esq.

At Craigs, Mr Thomas Hodgson Boazman, youngest son of the late John Boazman, Esq. of Great Ayecliffe, in the county of Durham, and Acorn Bank, Westmoreland, to Jessy, youngest daughter of Peter Gibb, Esq. of Earshag.

27. At Edinburgh, Alexander Meldrum, Esq. of Easter Kincaple, to Margaret Louisa, eldest daughter of the late William Roy, Esq. of Nenthorn.

29. At Uphall, Daniel Ross, Esq. of the Solicitor's Office, Excise, scotland, to Miss Isabella March, daughter of the late Mr William March, of the Excise, Glasgow.

Lately, At Linton, Kent, Charles Wykeham Martin, Esq. to the Lady Jemima Isabella Mann, only daughter of the Earl Cornwallis.


May 8, 1827. At sea, on his return to his native country, Mr Daniel Shaw, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, in the 36th year of his age.

Sept. 29. At Keitah, in consequence of a fall from his horse, Lieut. Charles Erskine, of the Bengal army, third son of David Erskine, Esq. of Cardross.

Oct. 24. At New Orleans, Dugald Campbell, Esq. of Skerrington.

Nov. 11. At Cawnpore, East Indies, Alex. Burnett, Esq.

24. At Muttra, Lieut. James Mansfield, 1st regiment Bengal Native Infantry, third son of the late James Mansfield, Esq. of Midmar.

-At Mirzapore, Lieut.-Col. Archibald Macdonald, K.C.H. Adjutant-General of the King's troops in India.

Dec. 2. At Penang, on board his Majesty's ship Hind, Captain Furneaux, Robert Morrice, M.D. assistant-surgeon.

17. At Graham's Town, Cape of Good Hope, John Mackenzie Cameron. Esq. Captain in his Majesty's 55th regiment of Foot.

20. At Calcutta, Dr George Paxton, of the Hon. East-India Company's service, and son of the Rev. Mr Paxton, Edinburgh.

Feb. 1, 1828. At Jamaica, Captain Colquhoun, R.N. son of the late Sir James Colquhoun of Luss, Bart.

21. At Springfield, Leith Walk, Alexander Muckle, aged 19, and, on the 19th March, J. Y. Muckle, aged 22, sons of the late M. Alex. Muckle, Leith Walk.

29. At Rome, the Right Hon. Charlotte Viscountess Stopford, daughter of the late, and sister of the present Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry.

March 13. At Dumblane, Mr M. Coldstream. At Grangemouth, Mr George Gibson, in the 77th year of his age.

16. At Falkirk, Peter Bell, Esq. tea-merchant. 19. At her father's house, Melville Street, Georgina, eldest daughter of Major-General Sir George Leith, Bart.

-At Alloa Manse, the Rev. James Maxton, minister of Alloa.

22. At Newhall House, Mrs Brown of Newhall. -At Strathmiglo Manse, Ann, daughter of the Rev. George Bennet.

- At Leith, Thomas, son of Thomas Thomson, glassworks there.

At Dalkeith, Elizabeth, second daughter of Mr William Ballantyne, nursery and seedsman there.

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24. At Comely Bank, Miss Eliza Bayne, daughter of the late Rev, K. Bayne, Greenock.

At Serle Street, Lincoln's Inn-Fields, London, Anne Laurence, the wife of Horace Twiss, Esq. M.P.

25. At Elgin, the Rev. Mr Robert Crawford, minister of the Associate Congregation, Elgin.

At Hoddam Manse, Mrs Yorstoun, wife of the Rev. Mr Yorstoun, minister of Hoddam.

At Edinburgh, Robert Walker, Esq. New Street.

- At Dunbar, Mr Robert Purvis, block-maker. 26. At Leopold Place, Mrs Mackenzie, relict of the Rev. Donald Mackenzie of Fodderty.

At Oxford, Mr James Saddler, the celebrated aeronaut, aged 73.

At Leith, Mrs Partis, aged 79. -At Bottesford, Rutlandshire, of apoplexy, Colonel Sir Charles Sutton, K.C.B. and K.T.S." At Annan, Edward Hill, Esq. writer there. 27. At Hastings, Mr David Nicoll, after a long and painful illness.

At Hamilton, Mrs Fullarton of Carstair, widow of William Fullarton, Esq. of Carstair.

28. At Glasgow, Mr James Robertson, engineer, aged 70.

29. At Musselburgh, Mrs Joan Stirling, wife of Captain Home, late 42d Regiment, and daughter of Major-General Stirling.

At the Town's Hospital, Glasgow, the Rev. James Moffat, D.D. Governor and Chaplain of that Institution.

31. At Edinburgh, Mr Ralph Kellock, second son of Dr Kellock, physician in Berwick.

April 1. At Leith, Mrs Elizabeth Nisbet, widow of William Hamilton, Esq. Lanarkshire.

At Edinburgh, Miss Isabel Welsh, Rosemount, Musselburgh.

At Musselburgh, the Rev. Wm. M'Kechney, minister of the Relief Congregation there, in the 68th year of his age, and 42d of his ministry. At Sidmouth, Devon, William Creech, youngest child of the Rev. Charles Watson, minister of Burntisland.

2. At Edinburgh, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Lieut.-Colonel Charles Macquarrie of Ulva.

At North Hanover Street, Mrs Margaret Lawrence, relict of Mr Peter Marshal, artist, aged 59 years.

At Fala, John Little, A.M. in his 27th year. At Alloa, Mr Robert Meiklejohn, brewer, aged 79.

At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Calder, late merchant in Stonehaven, aged 74.

At his house, No. 8, Tobago Street, Mr Ro bert Taylor, late builder in Edinburgh.

-At Carlisle, aged 66, Mrs Dorothy Carlyle, youngest daughter of the late George Carlyle, M.D. and sister of the late Rev. J. D. Carlyle. -At Bermuda Hospital, Captain James K. White, of his Majesty's ship Tyne.

3. At Kirktown, Keithhall, Alexander Grant, at the advanced age of 105 years.

At her house, Warriston Crescent, Mrs Jane Anderson, widow of Francis Anderson, Esq. W.S. -At Stafford, John Young, Esq. late of George Street, Edinburgh.

4. At the College of Elgin, Major George Duff of Milton.

At Blairgowrie, Lieutenant Alexander Brodie, on the half-pay of the 24th Light Dragoons, and formerly of the 78th Highlanders.

-At Netherley, Jane, eldest daughter of George Silver, Esq. of Netherley.

At his house, Inveresk, Steuart Boone Inglis, Esq.

At London, Major George Jack, late of the 21st, or Royal Scots Fusileers.

5. At No. 18, Abercromby Place, John Kirkaldy, youngest son of Dr Hunter.

At Edinburgh, Thomas Mason, Esq. one of the assistant clerks of Session.

-At Gordon Castle, Musselburgh, Christina Campbell, wife of the Rev. James Richardson, of the Scots Church, Hexham.

6. At Aberdeen, Lieut.-General John Gordon Cumming Skene of Pitlurg and Dyce.

-In Upper Grosvenor Street, London, the Earl of Carysfort, K.P. in the 78th year of his

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6. On board the Kingston East Indiaman, on his way home in bad health, in the 21st year of his age, Craufurd Tait, Esq. Ensign, 28th Regiment Bengal Native Infantry, fourth son of Craufurd Tait of Harvieston, Esq.

At New Saughton, Mrs Janet Ramsay, wi. dow of James Watson, Esq. of Saughton.

At Philipstoun, Janet Balfour, second daughter of the late William Keir, Esq. of Milnholm. At 9, Greenside Place, Edinburgh, Mr William Rogers, merchant.

8. At Stockbridge, Edinburgh, Euphemia, elder daughter of Mr James Grahame, writer.

-At Hillside, Miss Anne J. H. Stewart, young est daughter of the late William Stewart of Hillhead, Esq.

-At Lerwick, Mr Gilbert Paterson, merchant there.

9. At the Mills of Airthrey, near Stirling, Mrs Macdonald of Invercoe.

At Pleasant Hill, James Miller, Esq. of Milton. -At Leith, Mr John Westwater, flax-merchant. At Woodslee, Harris Richardson, youngest son of George Scott Elliot, Esq.

10. At Edinburgh, Patrick, second son of the late Captain Patrick Hunter, of the Hon. East India Company's service.

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At Torquay, Henriett Balfour Wemyss, eld est daughter of the late Colonel J. Balfour Wemyss of Wemyss-hall, Fifeshire.

-At Stirling, Mrs Small, reliet of the Rev. Dr Small, minister of Kilconquhar, Fife.

11. At Dunbar, Mr William Richardson, flaxdresser.

12. At No. 122, George Street, Edinburgh, Miss Murray of Henderland.

At his house in Berkeley Square, London, William Finch Palmer, Esq.

13. At his seat at Killochan, Sir Andrew Cathcart of Carleton, Bart. in the 90th year of his age. At Portman Square, London, the Countess Nelson, in the 79th year of her age.

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At Montague Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Margaret Waters, wife of Mr Peter Brown, bookseller. In Charlotte Square, Miss Anderson, only daughter of the late David Anderson, Esq. W.S. At Bellfield, Musselburgh, John Veitch, Esq. late of the Hon. East India Company's Naval Ser vice. At Dunfermline, the Rev. Robert Brown, minister of the United Secession Church of that town.

20. At Kirkaldy, William Russell, Esq. merchant, Kirkaldy.

-At Edinburgh, Captain Alex. Grant, late of the 37th Regiment.

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