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There was a Spanish journal of the siege was published in Paris in Sept., 1741. Cf. the printed at Madrid in August, 1741, of which a memorandum in Calvo's Recueil des Traités, French version, Journal du Siège de Carthagène, iv. 54.

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Note to MAP ON PAGE 293. – Reduced from a map in An Account of the Expedition to Carthagena, 2d ed. (Lond., 1743). Captain Laws, mentioned at the top of this map, also attested, as brought over by him a similar but much larger plan, published in London, May 29, 1741, as The Harbor, town and several forts of Carthagena in which is exhibited a perfect view of the English fleet as they anchored all along the coast in the bay near the town, and also after they moved and laid under the forts of St. Jago and St. Philipe, and at the Boca-Chica, or mouth of the harbour; likewise of the English ships as they moved in different parts in the harbor in order to lay siege to the town.

The maps illustrating the siege are numerous, as issued in anticipation or in consequence : London Magazine, April, 1740. Alcedo y Herrera's Aviso ...con las noticias del Perú, Tierra Firme, Chile y Nuevo Regno

y de Granada, 1730-40 (Madrid, 1740). A Geographical Description of the coasts, harbors and sea ports of the Spanish West Indies (London, 1740); a rude plan in The Newsman's Interpreter (Manchester, Eng., 1741, second ed.). Prévost's Voyages, 1756, vol. xiii., and the Allg. Hist. der Reisen, ix., xv. Ulloa's Voyage, Tomas Lopez's Atlas geographico de la America Sept. (Madrid, 1758). Jefferys' Description of the Spanish islands (London, 1762), and in later collections. Staat van Amerika (Amsterdam, 1766), i. 316. Carte topographique de la baye, Ville et Faubourg de Cartagene, 1741, with side plans of the several forts, by Beaurain (Paris). Another French plan, Cartagene avec ses ports et fortresses.

A German map published at “ Norimbergae ab Hermann heridibus," — Neu und verbesserter Plan des Havens von Carthagena nach dem Entwurf des Pr. Chassereau, Archt., 1740, nach Engelland gebracht.

The British Museum Catalogue of King's Maps (i. 210, 211) shows various MS. plans, dated 1739, 1741, 1743, 1767. There are early views of the town by Van der Aa and by Carolus Allard.


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