Narrative and Critical History of America: The later history of British, Spanish, and Portuguese America. 1889

Justin Winsor
Houghton, Mifflin, 1889

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Página 3 - London; have, at their own great cost and charges, undertaken an expedition for Hudson's Bay, in the north-west part of America, for the discovery of a new passage into the South Sea, and for the finding some trade for furs, minerals and other considerable commodities, and by such, their undertaking, have already made such discoveries as do encourage them to proceed further in pursuance of their said design, by means whereof there may probably arise very great advantage to us and our kingdom...
Página 74 - Report of trials in the Courts of Canada relative to the Destruction of the Earl of Selkirk's Settlement on the Red River, with observations.
Página 231 - LIVES AND VOYAGES OF DRAKE, CAVENDISH, AND DAMPIER; Including "an Introductory View of the Earlier Discoveries in the South Sea, and the History of the Bucaniers.
Página 139 - Canadas, and which will terminate in independence, and freedom from the baneful domination of the mother country, and the tyrannical conduct of a small and despicable faction in the colony.
Página 90 - Reasons to shew, that there is a great Probability of a Navigable Passage to the Western American Ocean, through Hudson's Streights, and Chesterfield Inlet...
Página 87 - Voyages of Discovery and Research within the Arctic Regions, from 1818 to the present time. Under the Command of the several Naval Officers, employed by Sea and Land, in search of a North-west Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific : with Two Attempts to reach the North Pole. Abridged and arranged from the Official Narratives, with Occasional Remarks.
Página 231 - The edition of 1684 was abridged the same year, and a " second ed.," " corrected and enlarged," bears also the same date ; but with a new title, though still called a "second edition," it was reissued in 1695. Bancroft, by some misconception, calls an edition entitled History of the Bucaniers of America, From their first original down to this time. Written in several languages and now collected into one volume, containing: 1.
Página 98 - NARRATIVE OF A VOYAGE TO THE PACIFIC AND BEHRING'S STRAIT, to co-operate with the Polar Expeditions : performed in His Majesty's ship Blossom, under the command of Capt. FW BEECHEY, RN in the years 1825, 26, 27, 28. 8vo. "The most interesting of the whole series of expeditions to the North Pole.
Página 124 - Soldiers! You are amply provided for war. You are superior in number to the enemy. Your personal strength and activity are greater. Your weapons are longer. The? regular soldiers of the enemy are generally old men, whose best years have been spent in the sickly climate of the West Indies. They will not be able to stand before you. when you charge with the bayonet.

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