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To the Book Trade of the United States:

Since the issue of the Last Educational Number of the PUBLISHERS' WEEKLY the American Book Company has been organized, and has purchased the school-book publishing rights of several leading houses in the trade. The Company thus becomes sole owner of a large number of the most popular and successful school text-books and enters into business relations, direct or indirect, with nearly every dealer and community in the country.

The officers and directors of the Company have long been known to the trade, and their record and character are a sufficient guaranty that the affairs of the Company will be conducted upon honorable principles.

The school-book trade has undergone many changes within the past twenty-five years, and has been variously affected by legislation. Yet, even under the most adverse system, the regular dealer is in most cases regarded as the best agent for handling the local supply of school-books; and it is clearly apparent that the long established customs and traditions of the book business cannot easily be swept away. Furthermore, a very large majority of our communities see in the maintenance of the local book-store an element of great value to the cause of public intelligence.

It will be the aim of the American Book Company loyally to abide by every law and to comply with every public demand. The Company will conduct its business with economy, and proposes to give the public and the trade the benefit of this economy. In return it expects of the trade and of local dealers generally a reasonable co-operation in its endeavor to supply its publications to the actual consumer at the lowest prices at which similar publications can be bought in any country.


July 15, 1890.


American Book Company


Publishers of School Text-Books


D. APPLETON & CO., New York;

A. S. BARNES & CO., New York;

HARPER & BROS., New York;


The publications of the American Book Company embrace a large proportion of the school text-books used in the schools of the United States. Their popularity is due to the fact that they have been brought out under most careful supervision, and thus represent the best scholarship available for the preparation of text-books, combined with the keenest practical judgment of the needs of American schools. Prepared by leading educators in every grade of school work, and in all sections of the country, they present a varied list, from which the most judicious selection can be made for every grade of public and private schools.

The list of the American Book Company includes the following standard and popular text-books :

DICTIONARIES. Webster's School Dictionary, abridgments of the great Unabridged, including Webster's Primary Dictionary, Common School Dictionary, High School Dictionary, Academic Dictionary, and Condensed Dictionary. Webster is the accepted standard of nineteen-twentieths of all the schoolbooks used in the United States.

READERS. Appletons' School Readers, with word manuals and charts accompanying them; Harper's New Readers, just completed; Barnes's New Readers, with manual for sight reading and word lessons; Harvey's Graded School Readers in five numbers; McGuffey's Revised Readers in six numbers, with an alternate series for supplementary reading; Swinton's Readers in five numbers, with a Classical English or Sixth Reader, and an advanced series in four numbers for supplementary reading; Swinton & Cathcart's Standard Supplementary Readers in six numbers; Johonnot's Historical Readers and Natural History Readers, and McGuffey's Natural History Readers,


SPELLERS: Swinton's Word Book Series in three numbers; Harvey's Graded School Spellers; McGuffey's Revised Spellers; Metcalf's Speller and Language Book; Watson's Spellers; Johonnot's Sentence and Word Book, together with writing spellers of various plans, including Dinsmore's Spelling Blanks, five numbers; Harper's Spelling and Dictation Blanks in four numbers; Manson's Writing Spellers in six numbers; and Swinton's Model Blanks in eight numbers, combining both the text and exercise books.

ARITHMETICS. The list includes the standard authors, all recently revised. White's New Arithmetics; Appletons' Standard Arithmetics, by Rickoff; Barnes's National Arithmetics; Harper's Arithmetics, by French; Harper's New Arithmetics; Robinson's Shorter Course in two books; Fish's Arithmetics in two books; and Ray's Revised Arithmetics in three books; Milne's Inductive Series in three books.

GEOGRAPHY. Barnes's New Series, the Elementary and Complete; Appletons' Standard Geographies; Harper's Geographies; The Eclectic Geographies, the old series in three books and the new series in two books; Guyot's Geographies; Monteith's Geographies and Swinton's Geographies. All these books have special State Editions for some or all the States, and have been edited with great care to present the latest information regarding the geography of the world and the results of the most recent researches and discoveries.

GRAMMAR AND LANGUAGE. The list includes new and striking works by Conklin, Lyte, Metcalf & Bright, Long, Maxwell, and Stickney, together with the standard books of Swinton, Bain, Harvey, Holbrook, Clark, Kerl, Quackenbos, and Wells. These various works represent the best established usage and the most progressive thought and methods in language instruction.

HISTORY. Barnes's Series, including Brief History of Greece, Rome, England and France, and the popular Brief History of the United States; The Eclectic Histories, by M. E. Thalheimer; Eggleston's History of the United States, two books; Swinton's Histories, including the First Lessons, the Condensed History of the United States, and the Outlines of the World's History; Fisher's Outlines of Universal History; Quackenbos's Popular Elementary and School Histories.

PENMANSHIP. The various authors of the American Book Company's Copy-Books have been the leaders in penmanship instruction and methods for half a century. Each series has been recently revised, and great attention has been paid to grading and the distribution of letters and their peculiar combinations throughout the various numbers. They include Appletons' Standard Copy-Books; Barnes's New Copy-Books; Harper's Copy-Books; Eclectic Copy-Books; Payson, Dunton and Scribner's Copy-Books; Spencerian Penmanship, and Spencer's Copy-Books.

PHYSIOLOGY. Works by Brown, Johonnot and Bouton, Tracy, Dalton, Smith, Steele, and Walker, and four different series prepared under the direction of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, and bearing the indorsement of the Union as approved text-books for temperance instruction.

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DRAWING. The Eclectic Series; Barnes's Popular Series; Krusi's Free-Hand Inventive and Industrial Drawing Books; White's Revised Industrial Drawing, with sets of models for teachers and pupils; and Bartholomew's Drawing Books.

SCIENCE. The Company's list includes the standard works in Geology by Dana, Andrews, Steele, and Le Conte; in Botany, by Gray, Wood, Goodale, Coulter, Youmans; in Chemistry, by Cooley, Eliot & Storer, Gillet & Rolfe, Steele, and Norton; and in Physics by Peck, Cooley, Steele, Norton; in Astronomy, by Kiddle, Steele, and Ray; and in Natural History by Johonnot, Cooper, and Tenney.

HIGHER MATHEMATICS. By Courtenay, Davies, Peck, Loomis, Ray, Robinson, Schuyler, and Sensenig. These authors will be recognized as among the best standard writers, and their works are extensively used in the best schools of the country, including the great colleges and scientific schools, and the military and naval academies.

MODERN LANGUAGES. In German may be named the works of Adler, Ahn, Dreyspring, Gastineau, Heydenreich, Woodbury, Worman, Ollendorff, and Kroeh; the Eclectic P., D. and S. and Worman's German Copy-Books, and the Eclectic German Readers. In French the text-books of Ahn, Bullet, Chouquet, Collot, De Fivas, De Peyrac, Duffet, Hennequin, Fasquelle, Gaillard, Gastineau, Gerard, Magill, Languellier & Monsanto, Ollendorff, Pujol, and Worman. In Italian, the works of Fontana and Foresti. In Spanish, Mantilla's Readers and History, Monsanto and Languellier's Complete Course, and Worman's Spanish Text-Books.

CLASSIC LANGUAGES. In Latin and Greek the list contains the standard and popular text-books of Hadley, Harkness, Harper, Roy, and Winchell. In Latin texts are editions of nearly all the great authors, with notes and comments by Harkness, Frieze, Herbermann, Lord, Lindsay, Johnson, Lincoln, Searing, Tyler, Butler, Thatcher, Spencer, Crosby, and Fisher. In Greek texts are editions with notes by Boise, Crosby, Robbins, Smead, Hackett, and Tyler.

The general price-list of the publications of the American Book Company will be mailed on request to any school officer or teacher. Any book upon this list will be sent by mail or express to any part of the United States or Canada, without extra charge for transportation, on receipt of the published price.

American Book Company,

806 and 808 Broadway, New York.

137 Walnut Street, Cincinnati.

258 and 260 Wabash Ave.. Chicago

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