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age, 930.

Wickliffe, Mr., from Kentucky, on Bank of United States, Wickliffe, Mr., on arsenal at Watervliet, 1764, 1765.
824, 830, 839, 851, 852, 858, 860.

general appropriation bill, 1921.
on fraudulent land claims, 873.

Wilde, Mr., from Georgia, on reducing the rates of post-
on amendment to the constitution, 893, 894.
asylum for deaf and dumb, 896.

changing the location of certain land offices, 9.
appointment of members of Congress, 901, 902, 907. the nullifying ordinance, 1082, 1084, 1085, 1087.
remission of duties, 944, 953.

the tariff, 1225, 1249, 1356, 1600, 1637, 1664,
changing the location of certain land offices, 976.

1705, 1741.
Massachusetts resolutions relative to the tariff, the Massachusetts resolutions on do., 1478, 1522,
1526, 1527, 1571, 1576.

1524, 1527, 1577.
on the tariff bill, 1638, 1640, 1681, 1699, 1701, revenue collection bill, 1755.
1707, 1731, 1749, 1762, 1772, 1773.

Williams, Mr., from North Carolina, on public lands, 837,
making naval appropriations, 1665, 1667.

838, 874, 876, 879.
East Florida claims, 1686.

asylum for deaf and dumb, 899.
selling the bank stock of the United States, 1707. remission of duties, 954.
resolution proposing a publication of land reports, the nullifying ordinance, 1086, 1088.

the tariff, 1810, 1811.
District of Columbia affairs, 1813.

revenue collection bill, 1766, 1811.
public lands, 1743, 1744, 1904.

Young, Mr., from Connecticut, on the tariff, 1413.
revenue collection bill, 1756, 1757, 1767, 1768,

1772, 1817, 1818, 1823, 1825, 1896, 1897, 1898.

gan, 1.


An act to modify the act of the 14th of July, 1832, and

all other acts imposing duties on imports, 10.
An act making appropriations in part for the support of making appropriations for the Indian Department
Government for the year 1833, and for certain

for the year 1833, 11.
expenditures of 1832, 1.

further to provide for the collection of duties on
making appropriations for the revolutionary and

imports, 12.
other pensioners for the year 1833, 1.

to explain and amend the 18th section of an act to
making appropriations for carrying on the fortifi.

alter and amend the several acts imposing du-
cations of the United States for 1833, 1.

ties on imports; approved the 14th July, 1832, 13.
to establish a land office in the Territory of Michi making appropriations to carry into effect cer-

tain Indian treaties, and for other purposes, for
to explain an act reduce the duties on coffee,

the year 1833, 14.
tea, and cocoa; passed in 1830, 2.

making appropriations for the engineer and ord-
to amend an act to alter and amend an act to set

nance departments, 16.
apart and dispose of certain public lands for the making appropriations for the support of the
encouragement of the cultivation of the vine

army for the year 1833, 17.
and olive; passed in 1831, 2.

to explain and amend the act to alter and amend
to amend an act supplementary to the act for the the several acts imposing duties on imports;
relief of certain surviving officers and soldiers

passed July 14, 1832, so far as relates to hard-
of the revolution, 2.

ware, and certain manufactures of copper and
for the further improvement of Pennsylvania

brass, and other articles, 18.
Avenue, 2.

making appropriations for the erection of certain
for the payment for horses and arms lost in the

fortifications, 18.
military service of the United States against the for improving the navigation of certain rivers in
Indians, 2.

the Territories of Florida and Michigan, and
for the purchase of certain copies of Watterston

for surveys and other purposes, 18.
and Van Zandt's Statistical Tables, and to au in relation to the Potomac bridge, 18.
thorize a subscription for a continuation of the to improve the navigation of the Potomac river,
same, 3.

between Georgetown and Alexandria, and for
making appropriations for the naval service for

other purposes, 18.
the year 1833,

in addition to the act for the gradual improvement
making appropriations for Indian annuities, and

of the navy of the United States, 18.
other similar objects, for 1833, 4.

to improve the condition of the non-commissioned
to authorize the laying out and constructing a

officers and privates of the army and marine
road from Line creek to the Chattahoochee, and

corps of the United States, and to prevent de-
for repairing the road on which the mail is now

sertion, 19.
transported, 5.

making appropriations for carrying on certain
to authorize the Legislature of Ohio to sell the

works heretofore commenced for the improve-
land reserved for the support of religion in the

ment of harbors and rivers, and also for contin-
Ohio Company and J. C. Symmes's pur-

uing and repairing the Cumberland road,
chases, 5.

and certain Territorial roads, 19.
further to extend the fine for entering certain do making appropriations for the public buildings,
nation claims to land in the Territory of Arkan-

and for other purposes, 20.
sas, 5.

for the construction of a road from the Mississippi
for making Calais and Pembroke, in Maine, ports

river to William Strong's, on the St. Francis
of delivery, 5.

river, in the Territory of Arkansas, 20.
making appropriations for the civil and diplomatic prolonging the second session of the fifth Legisla-
expenses of Government for the year 1833, 6.

tive Council of the Territory of Michigan, 20.
Vol. IX.-f

An act in addition to, and in alteration of, an act vesting Arkansas to sell the land granted to said Terri-

in the corporation of the city of Washington all tory by an act of Congress approved the 15th
the rights of the Washington Canal Company, of June, 1832, and for other purposes, 29.
and for other purposes, 20.

An act for the relief of the widows and orphans of the
establishing a port of entry and delivery at the

officers and seamen who were lost in the United
village of Fall river, in Massachusetts, and dis States' schooner Sylph, 30.

continuing the office at Dighton, 21.
to authorize the President of the United States to

exchange certain lands belonging to the navy Resolution authorizing the delivery of certain papers in
yard at Brooklyn, for other lands contiguous

the Department of State to the commissioners
thereto, 21.

for settling claims under the treaty with France,
for the more perfect defence of the frontiers, 21.

of the 2d February, 1832, 30.
to create sundry new land offices, and to alter the in relation to the execution of the act supplemen-
boundaries of other land offices of the United

tary to the act for the relief of certain surviving
States, 21.

officers and soldiers of the revolution, 30.
making provision for the publication of the Docu for the relief of sundry owners of vessels sunk for

mentary History of the American Revolution, the defence of Baltimore, 30.

authorizing the Secretary of War to correct cer-
declaring the assent of Congress to an act of the tain mistakes, 30.

General Asseinbly of Virginia, hereafter re providing for the continuation of Gales & Seaton's
cited, 22.

Compilation of State Papers, 30.
to secure to mechanics and others payment for to place thirty copies of the Diplomatic Corre-
labor done, and materials furnished in the erec-

spondence of the American Revolution at the
tion of buildings in the District of Columbia, 25. disposition of the Secretary of State, 30.
to authorize the county commissioners for the Adams, Mr., his report on the tariff, (see tariff.)

county of Peoria, in the State of Illinois, to American commerce, spoliations on, 202.
enter a fractional quarter-section of land for a Army, (see Report of the major general.)
seat of justice, and for other purposes, 25.

(see Report of the quartermaster general.)
authorizing an alteration in the election districts enlistment of minors, General Macomb's Jetler

for members of the Legislative Council of the on, and a bill to improve the condition of the
Territory of Michigan, 25.

rank and file of the army, 91.
supplementary to an act concerning a seminary of Bank of the United States, Mr. Verplanck's report of

learning in the Territory of Arkansas; approved the majority on, 64.
March 7, 1827, 25.

Mr. Polk's report of the minority on the bank, 66.
supplemental to the act for the final adjustment


supplemental, 82.
of land claims in Missouri, 26.

correspondence with, respecting the three per
authorizing the removal of the office of surveyor

cent. stock, 103.
general of public lands south of Tennessee, 26. Consular establishment, a report of the Secretary of
granting certain lots to the President and Directors State in relation to, 129.

of the Georgetown College, in the District of Debt, Mr. R. M. Johnson's report and bill on the abolish-
Columbia, 26.

ment of imprisonment for, 93.
to amend an act to grant a quantity of land in the Engineer, chief, report of, (see reports.)

State of Illinois, for the purpose of aiding in Finances, state of, (see reports.)
opening a canal to connect the waters of Illinois Foreign Relations, (see President's message on,)
river with those of lake Michigan, and to allow French spoliations, a message from the President, with
further time to the State of Ohio for commencing

sundry documents, 202.
the Miami canal from Dayton to lake Erie, 26. Gold and silver bullion, relative value of, (see mint.)
to incorporate the Georgetown Free School and Gratiot, Brigadier General, letter to the President in rela-
Orphan Asylum, in the District of Columbia, 26.

tion to the harbor bill, 61.
to authorize the President of the United States to Grundy, Mr., his report on reduction of postage, 145.

cause the public surveys to be connected with Half-pay, bounty lands, &c., documents on the subject,
the line of demarcation between the States of

Indiana and Illinois, 27.

Harbor bill, (see veto, and General Gratiot's letter to the
further to extend the powers of the Board of Canal

Commissioners for the improvement of the Ten- Indians, Northwestern, Schoolcraft's report on the, 110.

nessee river, in the State of Alabama, 27. Interest, a bill to settle the claims of States for interest
prescribing the mode by which patents for public during the war, (sec veto.)

lands shall be signed and executed, 27. Johnson, Mr. R. M., (see mineralogy,
to revive the act supplementary to the several laws report on imprisonment for debt, (see debl.)
for the sale of public lands, 28.

Johnson, Judge, of Arkansas, charges against, 63.
to establish a town at St. Mark's, in Florida, 28. Live oak, Secretary of the Navy's report on, 117.
granting an additional quantity of land for the Major general of the army, (see reports.)

location of revolutionary bounty land warrants, Members of the two Houses, a list of, 1.

Mineralogy and geology, (Mr. R. M. Johnson's report
to extend the provisions of the act of the 3d of thereon,) 62.

March, 1807, to prevent settlements being made Minors, enlistment of, (see army.)
on lands ceded to the United States, until au- Mint, a letter from the director of, on the relative value
thorized by law, 28.

of gold and silver bullion, 98.
to carry into effect the convention between the Navy, Secretary of, his report, (see reporls.)
United States and His Majesty the King of the Polk, Mr., reports on the Bank United States, (see benk.)
Two Sicilies, concluded at Naples on the 14th Postmaster General, his report, (see reports.)
October, 1832, 29.

President of the United States' message at the opening of
to authorize the Governor of the Territory of

Congress, 2.

President's veto on the harbor bill, (see veto.)

Report from the Postmaster General, 144.
message on intercourse with foreign nations, 85. Schoolcraft's report on the Northwestern Indians, 110.
message in relation to South Carolina, with sundry Secretary of State's report on foreign relations, 85.
documents, 145.

do. on consular establishments, 129.
message on French spoliations, with documents, South Carolina, the President's message in relation to that

State, with sundry documents, 145.
Quartermaster general, (see reports.)

Spoliations on American commerce, 202.
Report of the Secretary of War at the opening of the stock, 3 per cent., (see Bank United States.)
session, 8.

Tariff, Mr. Verplanck's bill to reduce and alter the duties,
Secretary of Navy, do., 15.

Postmaster General, do., 19.

Mr. Adams's report on the tariff, 41.
major general of the army, do., 21.

Treasury, Secretary of the, report of, (see reports.)
quartermaster general, do., 24.

Verplanck, Mr., his bill on the tariff, (see tarif.)
chief engineer, do., 25.

report on the Bank of the United States, (sce
Secretary of the Treasury, do., 33.

on mineralogy and geology, (by Mr. R. M. John Veto on the bill for improving certain harbors, &c. 61.
son,) 62.

on the bill providing for the final settlement of
on live oak, by Secretary of the Navy, 117,

claims for interest on advances made during the
in relation to the consular establishment of United

last war, 129.
States, 129.

War, Seci etary of, his report, (see reports.)
on the reduction of postage, 143.

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