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Table D following indicates the list of December 31, 1912, of yards, plants, work-shops and storehouses of the service:

Maintenance of works of art, and of yards. This service principally undertakes the maintenance of 45 bridges or foot-bridges, 1 underground passage, 178 retaining walls, 243 staircases and 226 hand-rails.

The expenses incurred in 1912 for the maintenance of structures and works of art amounted to $10,978.53.

Control of cements and limes and laboratory for testing materials.-The service of the control of cements and lime is carried on in a location within the plants for manufacturing by agents of the local service of the departments, who receive for the extra work which is thus imposed upon them a special extra pay. ment. Cements intended for use in the works of Paris are shipped in bags sealed with the arms of the city.

The laboratory for testing materials completes the work of control in the place by analyzing and submitting to service tests samples of cements, limes, various materials, etc., taken at random upon the work,

The total number of samples of limes and of cements amounted to 1391 in 1912, necessitating the manufacture and test of 41,189 briquettes and the analysis of almost 772 samples.

The costs chargeable to the control of cements and to the laboratory of testing materials amounted in 1912 to $18,098.35, of which $14,803.10 has been repaid by the manufactories undergoing control.

The number of manufactories under control by the city and whose products are admitted upon the works of the city is 67, namely: 18 manufactories of Portland cement, 11 of slag cement, 8 of quick-setting cement, 10 of especially hydraulic cement and 20 of cement partially hydraulic.

The laboratory made in 1912, 1384 miscellaneous tests and 494 chemical analyses (not including tests of limes and cements).

The personnel of the laboratory includes: 1 assistant engineer, chief of the laboratory; 1 principal technical assistant, 1 technical assistant in charge of mechanical tests: 3 technical assistants; 1 draughtsman and 5 laborers.

Statistics and leveling.--Expenses for the statistics of the Public way and of Leveling amounted in 1912 to $689.70, of which $490.22 were for extra hours of cantonniers employed as assistants.

Office watchmen and patrolmen, of the service of Public Ways and Lighting.Since January 1, 1905, this personnel has been included in the list of the personnel of the service of the Governor of the Seine. Each one of the cffices of chief engineer or of engineer has need of messengers to carry on the service and do errands. Each office of assistant engineer or division of offices, when several in a district are joined in the same locality, has equal need of a messenger in order to carry out the necessary service of the offices and do errands. The number of these employes has been 87, and the cost chargeable to the year 1912, estimated at about $28,950 for the service of Public Ways, has been divided in equal parts among the two following services:

1. Paving (general expenses).
2. Cleaning of footways (general expenses).


Liberté Egalité-Fraternité

Prefecture of the Department of the Seine


Administration of Works of Paris

Technical Service of Public Roads and Lighting

Repaving with Compressed Asphalt of Roadways at Present Macadamized,
Paved with Stone and with Wood

Maintenance Contract cf Areas in Compressed Asphalt Existing in Paris on the Date of June 15, 1913

[blocks in formation]

1st Société de Pavage et des Asphaltes de Paris, 14, rue de Javel..


[blocks in formation]

Société Nouvelle D'Asphalte, 1, rue de Rocroy..



Société des Mines de Bitume et D'Asphalte du Centre, 33, rue des


Paris, 1913.


Chapter I-Purpose, duration and amount of the undertaking; division by sections; methods of assignment....

Chapter II-Methods of work.....



Chapter III-Supply and quality of material.


Chapter IV-Execution of the work....


Chapter V-Mode and conditions of allowing payments and application of prices. .


Chapter VI-Period of execution, maintenance and acceptance.....

[blocks in formation]






Summary of Works The works which are the subject of the present contract and specifications include, in general:

1. The reconstruction in compressed asphalt of .05 meters thickness of pavements of roadways in macadam or the pavements of roads enumerated in the tables annexed to the present contract and specifications.

2. The maintenance of said roads after their reconstruction.

3. The reconstruction of asphalt pavement above trenches which are opened in the said streets after their repaving.

4. The maintenance of the areas in compressed asphalt (roadways, gutters, transverse footways and carriage entrances) existing in Paris at the date of June 15, 1913, or established after that date by virtue of Art. 2, § 5, etc., and which are under the direction of the Service of Public Ways and Lighting.

5. The reconstruction of asphalt pavements above trenches which are opened in areas in compressed asphalt, described in § 4, existing in Paris at the date of June 15, 1913, or executed after this date, in accordance with Art. 2, § 5, below.

6. The work of original construction, whatever may be its importance, and the maintenance of areas of compressed asphalt that the service of Public Ways and Lighting may be charged with executing, whether by means of proper charges of the municipal budget for the opening of new ways or in the municipal establishments or by means of exceptional charges according to the particular details.

7. The works of adjusting the compressed asphalt which shall be required of the Contractor in private property, where these adjustments are made necessary by modifications in the public way.

The contract shall apply in addition to works executed for the account of the Direction of services of Architecture and of Promenades and Parks for the original construction and the maintenance of asphalted areas in the Bois de Boulogne, the Bois de Vincennes, and other promenades of Paris.

The asphalt work shall comprise the furnishing, transporting and construction required both for the repaving proper, as well as for the preparatory works of this repaving, that is to say, the grading, destruction of existing pavements, concrete foundations, etc.

This contract does not include the preparatory works pertaining to the curbs and bridgestone of granite, passageways for private carriage entrances or gutters, except as far as it concerns their demolition and removal of material in cases where they are abolished.


Eventual Modifications in the Purpose of the Contract . The Administration reserves to itself the right, without any payment of indemnity to the Contractor:

1. To apply to the schedules annexed to the present contract and specifications all modifications which it judges wise to effect, in accordance with the method in Arts. 30, 31 and 32 of the Specifications and General Conditions imposed on the contractors of bridges and roads by the regulation of the Minister of Public Works, Posts and Telegraphs on the 29th of December, 1910. Nevertheless, the application of Arts. 31 and 32 of the said Clauses and General Conditions can not apply until after the complete execution of the works of original construction and can not be applied except upon the total of these works. It is, however, expressly stipulated that the Contractor can not claim any compensation by reason of the substitution for streets to be repaved of others of the same nature whatever may be their situation in respect to each other.

2. After the execution, partial or total, of the works of repaving and by express provision of the same Articles 30, 31 and 32 of said Clauses and General Conditions of the 29th of December, 1910, to cancel at any moment such portion as it may suit of streets to be repaved by substituting a pavement of another nature, In this case, the Contractor will take back the asphalt removed, but it will be required that it be cleared off each evening under a penalty of a fine of five (5) francs for each case and each day of delay.

3. By virtue of the same Articles 30, 31 and 32 of said Clauses and General Conditions to supersede, at whatever time, all or part of the asphalted areas existing in Paris on the date of June 15, 1913, or constructed afterward in accordance with Art. 1, § 6, above, for their replacing with a pavement of another class.

4. In case of the construction of composite roadways, if it is necessary to carry on the work by a joint contract, to include in this arrangement the works of removal, grading and foundation under the asphalted zones; and if there is no such arrangement, to confine the works enumerated above to another Contractor: the contract which is the subject of the present description and specifications remaining then charged only with the furnishing and application of the asphalt.

5. To terminate on the part of the Contractors those works which, having been commenced in the course of their contract, have not been completed before the date of expiration of their agreement: the undertaking to which the present contract and specifications apply being charged with the maintenance after the expiration of the period of guarantee.

6. Of proceeding, either by its own forces or by contract, with all trials of new asphalts and of all other experiments pertaining to the system of construction or of maintenance of asphalted roads and of placing under contract or of awarding directly works requiring the use of other material or of other modes of application than those listed in the present contract and specifications. Nevertheless, the substitution for an asphalted pavement of a new pavement of these types will not be carried out upon the areas existing in Paris at the date of June 15, 1913, except in a proportion at the most equal to one-sixth (1/6) of the total surface of such asphalted areas.


Division into Three Sections The contract is divided into three sections in accordance with the following description:

The First Section comprises the 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 11th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th Districts.

The Second Section comprises the 1st, 4th, 8th, 12th, 15th and 16th District; Bois de Boulogne and the Bois de Vincennes.

The Third Section comprises the 5th, 6th, 7th, 13th and 14th Districts.

Each section comprises, moreover, works to be executed for the account of the Service of Architecture and of Promenades and Parks for the promenades of Paris, situated within the limits of said section.

The distribution of the streets forming the boundaries of the various sections will be the same as for the section engineers or in accordance with the boundaries established by the engineers.

There shall not be awarded to a contractor more sections than he has been permitted to bid on and in any case more than two sections. When a contractor

shall obtain the award of a number of sections equal to those on which he had the right to bid, the bids presented by him for other sections shall be considered as null and of no account.


Duration and Extent of the Contract The duration of the contract is fixed at twenty (20) years to commence on the 15th of June, 1913, and finish the 14th of June, 1933. Works of original construction of areas in compressed asphalt shall be executed during a period of seven years from the date of June 15, 1913, in quantities approximately equal in the course of each year. The Administration will determine the streets which are to be reconstructed in the course of each of the seven years and will furnish the list to the contractor before the first of April of each year after 1913.

The annual amount of payment is variable. For one part, it wiil comprise, reduced by the amount of percentage of reduction bid, the sums earned listed in the schedule of prices (No. 13 to 32) for the repaving; but these sums can be increased or reduced in accordance with the terms of Article 53 of the present description and specifications and according to Nos. 33 and 34 to 40 of the schedule of prices; and, on the other hand, they may be increased by the addition of the works of repaving over trenches opened in the surface of the streets repaved. On the other hand, it will include the charges for maintenance of areas in compressed asphalt existing June 15, 1913, within the limits of the section or constructed after that date by virtue of Art. 1, $ 6, above, the payments for the construction of these new areas, the amounts of the work of repairing over the trenches opened over said areas, etc. For purposes of estimate and without conceding to the contractor any advantage whatever from this statement, it is estimated that the total of expenses for this second part will amount annually to the following sums, diminished by the percentage bid, that is: First section..

170,000 francs Second section.

250,000 francs Third section..

170,000 francs It is expressly stipulated that the Contractor can not claim any payment on account of any variations, whatever may be their importance, that may be encoun. tered in the works of restoring trenches, the works of maintenance, or the works of first paving other than repaving construction.


Method of Award Awards will be restricted. Every person desirous of taking part shall deposit one month in advance, without fail:

(a) With the first bureau of the General Secretary of the Prefecture of the Seine:

1. Statement upon official paper of his name, official title and residence.

2. Legal statement as to his financial standing within a year of the present date.

3. An extract from the tax rolls, stating the amount of assessment to which he is subjected.

4. A note indicating the place, the date, the nature and the importance of works which he has executed or has under execution since they were started: the part which he has taken in each of the enterprises with which he has been connected, as well as the names, titles and residences of those under whose direction the works have been executed; the certificates delivered by these persons shall be attached to the note.

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