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Monday, January 3, 1848, This being the day designated by the constitution of the state of Michigan for the assembling of the legislature, and the members of the House of Representatives having assembled in the hall of the House in the capitol at Michigan, they were called to order by Hon. John D. Pierce of Calhoun ; On whose motion, Hon. Hiram Stone, of Monroe, was unanimously chosen Speaker pro tempore. On motion of Hon. Almon Mack, of Oakland, Augustine W. Hovey was unanimously appointed Clerk, pro tem. pore. On motion of Hon. N. Buel Eldredge, of Lapeer, John P. Hubbard was unanimously appointed Sergeant-at-Arms, pro tempore. On motion of Hon. John D. Pierce, A committee of two was ordered to be appointed to wait on the Chief Justice, and request him to attend in the House to administer the oaths of office to the members elect. The Speaker pro tempore appointed as such committee, Messrs. Pierce of Calhoun, and Young of Wayne, who, after a short absence, returned and reported that they had performed the duty assigned them; and thereupon Hon. Epaphroditus Ransom appeared, when the following members elect were sworn in and took their seats, viz: Barry—Nathan Barlow.

Berrien—Jehiel Enos.
Branch—Alvarado Brown, Benjamin F. Ferris.
Calhoun—John D. Pierce, Hiram Smith, Abner E. Campbell.
Cass—George B. Turner, Milo Powell.
Clinton—Samuel M. Scott.

Eaton—Welles R. Martin.
Genesee—William Blades, Samuel N. Warren.
Hillsdale—Luke Hazen, Zebulon Williams.
Ingham—George Mathews.

Ionia—Ananias Worden. -
Jackson—Henry H. Bingham, Samuel H. Palmer.
Kalamazoo-Stephen Wickery.
Kent and Ottawa—Charles H. Taylor, Silas G. Harris.
Lapeer—N. Buel Eldredge.
Lenawee—David B. Dennis, Joseph H. Patterson, Davis D. Bennett,

Daniel G. Quackenboss, Elihu L. Clark.

Livingston—Chester Hazard, Robert Crouse.
Macomb—Henry D. Terry, John B. St. John, Minot T. Lane.
Michilimackinac—Jonathan P. King.
Monroe—Hiram Stone, James Mulhollen.
Oakland—Almon Mack, Solomon W. Denton, Zebina M. Mowry,

lsaac I. Voorheis, Francis Baker, Ezra P. Baldwin.

Saginaw—Murdoch Frazer.
Shiawassee—Mortimer B. Martin.
St. Clair—Elihu Granger, Reuben B. Dimond.
St. Joseph—William Morris.
Van Buren—John McKinney.
Washtenaw–Edwin Lawrence, James Kingsley, Grove Spencer,

William Burnett, Lyman Carver.

Wayne—Alexander W. Buel, Jed P. C. Emmons, Cyrus Howard,

Hiram H. Stone, Ambrose P. Young, Bethuel Noyes.

Mr. Emmons offered the following resolution, which was adopted by

a two thirds vote :

Resolved, That this House adopt the rules of the last House of Rep

resentatives for its government until otherwise ordered.

On motion of Mr. Eldredge,
A committee of two was ordered to be appointed to inform the Sen-

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