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'these topics, but to indicate and illustrate the various steps in it, so that the Bible student will be enabled to have a clear comprehension of its nature and force; and, at his leisure, to turn to the abundant authorities crowding our Christian literature for an exhaustive examination of these questions.

The author has sought constantly to keep in view the great class of teachers just now awakened to earnest inquiry as to the means of meeting the serious requisitions made upon them as interpreters of the word of God to the children of our land, and to prepare his volume in such a way as best to aid them in their work.

He has availed himself of such sources of information as he could secure in the various branches of biblical criticism involved in his work, and has rendered credit to them in the body of the volume. Special aid has been derived from the Hermeneutical Manual of Dr. Fairbairn, and from the admirable works of the same author upon Prophecy and Typology. Valuable suggestions have been gleaned from Alford's Prolegomena to his Greek Testament, and bis interesting work under the title of How to Study the New Testament; from Nast's General Introduction to the Gospels; from Prof. Murphy's Introduction to his Commentary upon Genesis; from Schaff's History of the Christian Church; from Westcott's invaluable Introduction to the Study of the New Testament, and his History of the Canon ; from Horne; from Davidson; from Cowper's Apocryphal Gospels; and from the Boyle Lectures for 1866 on Christ and Christendom by Plumptre. Rev. David Dobie has written a strong, original, and sprightly work upon interpretation, entitled “A Key to the Bible;" but its rules of interpretation are unnecessarily multiplied, and nearly all of them singularly tend to elaborate from Scripture one modern system of theology. Its illustrations have been of great service to the writer. Prof. M'Lelland's work upon the Canon and Interpretation of the Scriptures has been laid under contribution for the same purpose; as also Gaussen upon the Canon. A scientific and comprehensive work upon the Hermeneutics of the New Testament by a Dutch clergyman, Dr. Doedes, has been consulted with profit; and a late English work by J. Radford Thomson upon Symbols. We owe, and are happy to express, special obligation to Dr. Goulburn for his rich little treatise upon the Devotional Study of the Bible. Much assistance has been rendered by the Hand-Book of the Bible of Angus. The works of Stanley and Milman, and the varivus Biblical Encyclopædias and Dictionaries, have been examined, as their valuable contents have offered aid in the work.

We trust that our labor, which has from first to last been a labor of love, will not be in vain, but that our little volume may become a guide to many young explorers among the hidden mines and treasures of Holy Scripture.


RANDALL'S ISLAND, March, 1868.


Is our English Bible the word of God Revealed? - Original Lan-
guage of the Old Testament — Apocrypha - Care taken by the Jews
to preserve the Purity of the Scriptures — Philo and Josephus —
Samaritan Pentateuch - Spread of the Greek Language over Bible
Lands — Jews in Egypt - The Septuagint - This Version was used
by Christ -- The Syriac or Peshito Version - Italic - Origen and his
Version - Jerome — The Vulgate — Its gradual introduction into
the Roman Church — The first book printed - Declared infallible
by the Council of Trent - Different Editions of it - Various Versions
of the Scriptures — New Testament Canon — First Oral Communica-
tions from Inspired Men - Many Records were made, all but the
Four Gospels have disappeared — Matthew - Characteristics of his
Gospel — Mark — His Epistle written under the Sanction of Peter-
Evidently the Gospel of an Eye-witness — Luke writes under the
direction of Paul - Resident of Antioch — Sources of his Gospel -
Whence account of the Nativity derived - John wrote last - Call
for his Gospel in the false views of Christ prevalent in the Churches

Hermeneutics – Office of Biblical Interpretation - Peculiarities
of the Bible rendering its interpretation difficult — Why was it
given in this Form ? — Analogy with Human Life -- Dr. Schaff on
the Character of the Bible - Locke on things difficult to be under-
stood — Wonderful things in Nature hidden from our sight - Diffi-
culty and Mystery add to the interest of Scripture - Exertion
required to obtain the Treasures of Nature - Hidden Truths of
Scripture — Bible presents Facts and Principles, but does not make

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