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connected with the Fine Arts. Fifth Edition, with an Appendix on the Nervous System by ALEXANDER SHAW. Illustrated with 45 beautiful Engravings. Imp. 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, ros.

"The artist, the writer of fiction, the dramatist, the man of taste, will receive the present work (which is got up with an elegance worthy of its subject) with gratitude, and peruse it with a lively and increasing interest and delight."-Christian Remembrancer. BINGHAM'S ANTIQUITIES of the CHRISTIAN CHURCH.

A New Edition, revised, with copious Index. Two Vols., imperial 8vo, cloth extra, r 4s.

“A writer who does equal honour to the English clergy and to the English nation, and whose learning is to be equalled only by his moderation and impartiality.”Quarterly Review. BIOGRAPHICAL AND CRITICAL DICTIONARY OF RECENT AND LIVING PAINTERS AND ENGRAVERS, both English and Foreign. By Henry OTTLEY. Being a Supplementary Volume to - Bryan's Dictionary." Imperial 8vo, cloth extra, 125. *** This is the only work giving an account of the principal living painters of all countries. BLAKE'S WORKS.-A Series of Reproductions in Facsimile of the

Works of William Blake, including the “ Songs of Innocence and Experience," "The Book of Thel," " America," " The Vision of the Daughters of Albion," The Marriage of Heaven and Hell," "Europe, a Prophecy,” “Jerusalem, “Milton," “Urizen,” “The Song of Los," &c. These Works will be issued both coloured and plain.

(In preparation, “ Blake is a real name, I assure you, and a most extraordinary man he is, if he still be living. He is the Blake whose wild designs accompany a splendid edition of Blair's Grave.' He paints in water-colours marvellous strange picturesvisions of his brain-which he asserts he has seen. They have great merit. I must look upon him as one of the niost extraordinary persons of the age."-CHARLES LAME. BLANCHARD'S (Laman) POEMS. Now first Collected. Edited,

with a Life of the Author(including numerous hitherto unpublished Letters from Lord LYTTON, LAMB, DICKENS, ROBERT BROWNING, and others), by BLANCHARD JERROLD. Crown 8vo, cloth extra.

[In preparation. BOCCACCIO'S DECAMERON; or, Ten Days' Entertainment.

Translated into English, with Introduction by THOMAS WRIGHT, Esq., : F.S.A. With Portrait after RAPHAEL, and STOTHARD's beautiful Copperplates. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, 7s. 6d. BOLTON'S SONG BIRDS OF GREAT BRITAIN. Illustrated

with Figures, the size of Life, of both Male and Female ; of their Nests and Eggs, Food, Favourite Plants, Shrubs, Trees, &c. &c. Two Vols. in One, royal 4to,

containing So beautifully Coloured Plates, half-Roxburghe, 63 135. 6d. BOOK OF HALL MARKS; or, Manual of Reference for the Goldsmith and Silversmith. By ALFRED LUTSCHAUNIG. Crown 8vo, with 46

Plates of the Hall-marks of the different Assay Towns of the Kingdom. 78. 6d. BOOKSELLERS, A HISTORY OF. Including the Story of

the Rise and Progress of the Great Publishing Houses, in London and the Provinces, and of their greatest Works. By HARRY CURWEN. Crown 8vo, with Frontispiece and numerous Portraits and Illustrations, cloth extra, 7s. 60,

“ In these days, ten ordinary Histories of Kings and Courtiers were well ex. changed against the tenth part of one good History of Booksellers.”—THOMAS CARLYLE.

“This stout little book is unquestionably amusing. Ill-starred, indeed, must be the reader who, opening it anywhere, lights upon six consecutive pages within thentire compass of which some good anecdote or smart repartee is net to be found.' -Saturday Review,

BOUDOIR BALLADS : Vers de Société. By J. ASHBY STERRY. Crown 8vo, cloth extra.

[In preparation. BRET HARTE'S CHOICE WORKS in Prose and Poetry. With

Introductory Essay by J. M. BELLEW, Portrait of the Author, and so Illustra

tions. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 75. 6d. BREWSTER'S (Sir David) MARTYRS OF SCIENCE. A

New Edition, in small crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, with full-page Portraits, 45. 6d. BREWSTER'S (Sir David) MORE WORLDS THAN ONE,

the Creed of the Philosopher and the Hope of the Christian. A New Edition, in

small crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, with full-page Astronomical Plates, 45. 6d. BRIC-À-BRAC HUNTER (The) ; or, Chapters on Chinamania. By Major H. Byng Hall. With Photographic Frontispiece. Crown Svo,

cloth extra, 1os. 6d. BRITISH ESSAYISTS (The): viz., “Spectator," " Tatler,"

“Guardian," “Rambler," “Adventurer,” “Idler,” and “Connoisseur." Com.

plete in Three thick Vols., 8vo, with Portrait, cloth extra, 6175. BROADSTONE HALL, and other Poems. By W. E. WINDUS. With 40 Illustrations by ALFRED CONCANEN. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, 55.

“This little volume of poems is illustrated with such vigour, and shows such a thoroughly practical knowledge of and love for sea-life, that it is quite tonic and refreshing. Maudlin sentimentality is carefully eschewed, and a robust, manly tone of thought gives muscle to the verse and elasticity of mind to the reader."-Morning Post. BROCKEDON'S PASSES OF THE ALPS. Containing 109

fine Engravings by FINDEN, WILLMORE, and others; with Maps of each Pass, and a General Map of the Alps by ARROWSMITH. Two Vols., 4to, half-bound morocco, gilt edges, £3 135. 6d. BULWER'S (Lytton) PILGRIMS OF THE RHINE. With Portrait and 27 exquisite Line Engravings on Steel, by GOODALL, WILLMORE,

wings by DAVID ROBERTS and MACLISE. Crown Svo, cloth extra, top edges gilt, ros. 6d. BUNYAN'S PILGRIM'S PROGRESS, With 17 beautiful Steel

Engravings by STOTHARD, engraved by GOODALL; and bumerous Woodcuts.

Square 8vo, cloth gilt, ros. 6d. BURNET'S HISTORY OF HIS OWN TIME, from the Restora.

tion of Charles II. to the Treaty of Peace at Utrecht. With Historical and Bio

graphical Notes and copious Index. Imp. 8vo, with Portrait, cloth extra, 135. 6d. BURNETS HISTORY OF THE REFORMATION OF THE

CHURCH OF ENGLAND. A New Edition, with numerous illustrative

Notes and copious Index. Two Vols., imperial 8vo, cloth extra, Luis. BYRON'S (Lord) LETTERS AND JOURNALS. With

Notices of his Life. By THOMAS MOORE. A Reprint of the Original Edition, newly revised, complete in a thick volume of 1060 pp., with Twelve full-page Plates. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, 7s.6it.

'We have read this book with the greatest pleasure. Considered merely as a omposition, it deserves to be classed among the best specimens of English prose which our age has produced. ... The style is agreeable, clear, and manly, and, when it rises into eloquence, rises without effort or ostentation, Nor is the matter inferior to the manner. It would be difficult to name a book which exhibits More kindness, fairness, and modesty."-MACAULAY, in the Edinburgh Revicw.


Taylor. With the Fragments incorporated and arranged in Alphabetical Order. New Edition. Imperial 8vo, with Maps and Wood Engravings, cloth


150 Plates exquisitely engraved in Outline by Moses, and printed on an India tint. With Descriptions by the Countess ALBrizzi, a Biographical Memoir by CicogNARA, and Portrait by WORTHINGTON. A New Edition. Demy 4to, cloth extra, gilt, gilt edges, 315. 6d.

in the Press. CARLYLE (Thomas) ON THE CHOICE OF BOOKS. With

New Life and Anecdotes. Small post 8vo, brown cloth, is. 6d. CAROLS OF COCKAYNE; Vers de Société descriptive of London

Life. By HENRY S. Leigh. Third Edition. With numerous Illustrations by ALFRED CONCANEN. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, 55. CARTER'S ANCIENT ARCHITECTURE OF ENGLAND.

Including the Orders during the British, Roman, Saxon, and Norman Eras ; and also under the Reigns of Henry III. and Edward III. Illustrated by 103 large Copper-plate Engravings, comprising upwards of Two Thousand Specimens. Edited by JOHN BRITTON. Royal to

... This national work on ancient architecture occupied its author, in drawing, etching, arranging, and publishing, more than twenty years, and he himself declared it to be the result of his studies through life. CARTER'S ANCIENT SCULPTURE NOW REMAINING

IN ENGLAND, from the Earliest Period to the Reign of Henry VIII.; consisting of Statues, Basso-relievos, Sculptures, &c., Brasses, Monumental Effigies Paintings on Glass and on Walls ; Missal Ornaments : Carvings on Cups, Croziers, Chests, Seals; Ancient Furniture, &c. &c. With Historical and Critical Illustra. tions by DOUCE, MEYRICK, DAWSON TURNER, and JOHN BRITTON, Royal folio, with 120 large Engravings, many illuminated, half-bound morocco extra, £88s. CATLIN'S ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE MANNERS, CUS

TOMS, AND CONDITION OF THE NORTH AMERICAN INDIANS, written during Eight Years of Travel and Adventure among the Wildest and most Remarkable Tribes now existing. Containing 360 Engravings from the Author's original Paintings. Tenth Edition. Two Vols., imperial 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, Al 10s.; or with the Plates beautifully Coloured, half-morocco, gilt edges, 48 8s.

“ One of the most admirable observers of manners who aborigines of America."-Humboldt's Cosmos. CATLIN'S NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN PORTFOLIO. Con

taining Hunting Scenes. Amusements, Scenery, and Costume of the Indians of the Rocky Mountains and Prairies of America, from Drawings and Notes made by the Author during Eight Years' Travel. A series of 25 magnificent Plates, beautifully coloured in facsimile of the Original Drawings exhibited at the Egyp

tian Hall. With letterpress descriptions, irnp. folio, in handsome portfolio, 67 ios. CELEBRATED CLAIMANTS, Ancient and Modern. The

History of all the most celebrated Pretenders and Claimants, from PERKIN


THE GREAT MASTERS in the Royal Collection. Engraved by BARTOLOZZI and others. 24 fine Plates, mostly tinted ; including, in addition, “Ecce Homo," after Guido, and the scarce Series of 7 Anatomical Drawings. Imperial folio,

half-morocco, gilt edges, £558. CHATTO'S (W. Andrew) HISTORY OF WOOD ENGRAVING,

Historical and Practical. A New Edition, with an Additional Chapter. Illustrates by 445 fine Wood Engravings. Imperial 8vo, half-Roxburghe, 62 55.

“This volume is one of the most interesting and valuable of modern times."-Art Union.


Edited by JOSHUA SYLVESTER. Cloth extra, gilt, gilt edges, 35. 6d. CICERO'S FAMILIAR LETTERS, AND LETTERS TO

ATTICUS. Translated by MELMOTH and HEBERDEN. With Life of Cicero by MIDDLETON. Royal 8vo, with Portrait, cloth extra, 125.

Cicero is the type of a perfect letter-writer, never boring you with moral essays out of season, always evincing his mastery over his art by the most careful consideration for your patience and amusement. We should rifle the volumes of antiquity in vain to find a letter-writer who converses on paper so naturally, so, engagingly, so much from the heart, as Cicero."-Quarterly Review. CLAUDE'S LIBER VERITATIS. A Collection of 303 Prints after the Original Designs of CLAUDE. Engraved by RICHARD EARLOM. With a descriptive Catalogue of each Print, Lists of the Persons for whom, and the Places for which, the original Pictures were first painted, and of the present Possessors

of most of them. Three Vols. folio, half-morocco extra, gilt edges, £10 ros. CLAUDE, BEAUTIES OF, containing 24 of his choicest Landscapes, beautifully Engraved on Steel, by BROMLEY, Lurton, and others. With

Biographical Sketch and Portrait. Royal folio, in a portfolio, £ 1 55. COLLINS' (Wilkie) NOVELS. New Illustrated Library Editions, price 6s. each, with Steel-plate Frontispiece, and several full-page Illustrations in

each Volume:-The Woman in White.

Hide and Seek; or, The MysAntonina; or, The Fall of

tery of Mary Grice.. Rome.

Man and Wife. Basil.

Poor Miss Finch. The Dead Secret.

Miss or Mrs. ? The Queen of Hearts.

The New Magdalen. The Moonstone.

The Frozen Deep. MR. COLLIVS' NEIV NOVEL. THE LAW AND THE LADY, in Three Vols., crown Svo,

315. 6d., is now ready at all Libraries and at the Booksellers,

An exceedingly clever novel, full of admirable writing, abounding in a subtle ingenuity which is a distinct order of genius. . . . . "The Law and the Lady' will be read with avidity by all who delight in the romances of the greatest master the sensational novel has ever known."-World. MY MISCELLANIES: Sketches and Essays by WILKIE COLLINS. Two Vols., crown 8vo, 21%.



gown and Slippers, and other Humorous Works, Prose and Poetical, or GEORGE COLMAN. With Life and Anecdotes by G. B. BUCKSTONE, and Frontispiece by HOGARTH. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, 7s.6d. CONDÉ (THE GREAT), and the Period of the Fronde: An

Historical Sketch. By WALTER FITZPATRICK. Second Edition. Two Vols., 8vo, cloth extra, 155. CONQUEST OF THE SEA (The). A History of Diving

from the Earliest Times. By Henry Siebe. Profusely Illustrated. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, 49. 60.

“We have perused this volume, full of quaint information, with delight. Mr. Siebe has bestowed much pains on his work; he writes with enthusiasm and fulness of knowledge."-Echo.

'Really interesting alike to youths and to grown-up people."-Scotsman,


Hôtels de Ville, Town Halls, &c., including some of the finest Examples of Gothic Architecture in France, Holland, Germany, and Italy. 32 large Plates, imperial folio, half-morocco extra, £3 135. 6d. CONSTABLE'S GRAPHIC WORKS. Comprising 40 highly finished Mezzotinto Engravings on Steel, by DAVID LUCAS; with descriptive

Letterpress by C. R. LESLIE, R.A. Folio, half-morocco, gilt edges, £2 25. CORNWALL (PAROCHIAL HISTORY of the COUNTY of). Compiled from the Best Authorities, and corrected and improved from Actual Survey. Four Vols., 4to, cloth extra, 63 35. the Set; or, separately, the first Three Vols., 16s. each; the Fourth Vol., 18s. *.* With the Parochial History are embodied the writings of Hals and Tonkin. The work also comprises the Itineraries of Leland and William of Worcesterthe Valor of Bishop Veysey-an Historical Account of the personal Campaign of Charles I. in Cornwall during the Great Rebellion," illustrated with letters. diaries, and other interesting documents never before collected together a com. plete Heraldry of the county-a larger list of Sheriff's than has hitherto been published-Tales of the population, Domesday Manors, &c. COTMAN'S ENGRAVINGS OF THE SEPULCHRAL

BRASSES IN NORFOLK AND SUFFOLK. With Letterpress Descrip. tions, an Essay on Sepulchral Memorials by DAWSON Turner, Notes by Sir SAMUEL MEYRICK, ALBERT WAY, and Sir HARRIS NICOLAS, and copious Index. New Edition, containing 173 Plates, two of them splendidly Illuminated. Two Volumes, small folio, half-morocco extra, 66 6s.; Large Paper copies, imperial

folio, half-morocco extra, 68 8s. COTMAN'S ETCHINGS OF ARCHITECTURAL REMAINS.

chiefly Norman and Gothic, in various Counties in England, but principally iís Norfolk, with Descriptive Notices by DAWSON TURNER, and Architectural Observations by THOMAS RICKMAN. Two Vols., imperial folio, containing 240 spirited Etchings, half-morocco, top edges gilt, 68 8s. COTMAN'S LIBER STUDIORUM. A Series of Landscape

Studies and Original Compositions for the Use of Art Students, consisting of 48 Etchings, the greater part executed in “soft ground.” Imperial folio, halfmorocco, Li 11s. 6d. COWPER'S POETICAL WORKS. Including his Translation of

HOMER. Edited by the Rev. H. F. CARY. With Portrait and 18 Steel Engrayings after HARVEY. Royal 8vo, cloth extra, gilt edges, 1os. 6d.

"I long to know your opinion of Cowper's Translation. The Odyssey is surely very Homeric. What nobler than the appcarance of Phoebus at the be. winning of the Iliad-lines ending with Dread sounding-bounding in the silver bow'"?-CHARLES LAMB, in a Letter to Coleridge. CRUIKSHANK AT HOME. Tales and Sketches by the

most Popular Authors. With numerous Illustrations by ROBERT CRUIKSHANK and ROBERT SEYMOUR. Also, CRUIKSHANK'S ODD VOLUME, or Book of Variety, Illustrated by Two Odd Fellows-SEYMOUR and CRUIKSHANK.

Four Vols, bound in Two, fcap. 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, 1os. Od. CRUIKSHANK'S COMIC ALMANACK. Complete in Two

SERIES: The First from 1835 to 1843; the Second from 1844 to 1853. A Gathering of the Best HUMOUR of THACKERAY, Hood, MAYHEW, ALBERT SMITH, A BECKETT, ROBERT BROUGH, &c. With 2000 Woodcuts and Steel Engravings by CRUIKSHANK, HINE, LANDELLS, &c. Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, two very thick

volumes, 155.; or, separately, 74. 6d. per volume. CRUIKSHANK'S UNIVERSAL SONGSTER. The largest

Collection extant of the best Old English Songs (upwards of 5000). With 8; Engravings on Steel and Wood by George and R. CRUIKSHANK, and 8 Portraits Three Vols., 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, 215.

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