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beauty be itself transformed and incarnate in shapes
diverse without end, must be simple and absolute;
hence only must the believer expect profit or reward
Over every building made sacred to art of any sort,
upon the hearts of all who strive after it to serve it, there
should be written these words of the greatest master now
living among us :-
“ La beauté est parfaite,

La beauté peut toute chose,
La beauté est la seule chose au monde qui n'existe pas à demi."



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ADVERTISING, A HISTORY OF, from the Earliest Times.

Illustrated by Anecdotes, Curious Specimens, and Biographical Notes of Successful Advertisers. By HENRY SAMPSON. Crown 8vo, with Coloured Frontispiece and Illustrations, cloth gilt, 7s. 6d.

"Nowhere is humanity so frank and real as in the advertising columns of the journals. Mr. Sampson has contrived to give us much of the essence of these columns, and therefore of humanity as it really is. The chapters devoted to hoaxing advertisements and their results are exceedingly entertaining; the author has also found a good deal that is pertinent to say of lotteries. On the whole, he has proved himself fairly equal to a comprehensive and difficult subject, and has produced a book that will be read with untlagging interest.”-Pall Mall Gazette.

“We have here a book to be thankful for. Mr. Sampson carries us pretty well over the world to show us how wit, audacity, craft, and cunning have been employed in advertising. Among the many interesting illustrations to this book is a photographed copy of the Times for January ist, 1788, which may be easily read by means of a magnifying glass. We recommend the present volume, which takes us through antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the present time, illustrating all in turn by advertisements-serious, comic, roguish, or downright rascally. The chapter on 'swindles and hoaxes' is full of entertainment; but of that the volume itself is full from the first page to the last."-Athenaum. ÆSOP'S FABLES TRANSLATED INTO HUMAN NATURE.

By C. H. BENNETT. Crown 4to, 24 Plates beautifully printed in Colours, with descriptive Text, cloth extra, gilt, 6s.

“For fun and frolic the new version of Æsop's Fables must bear away the palm. There are twenty-two fables and twenty-two wonderful coloured illustrations; the moral is pointed, the tale adorned. This is not a juvenile book, but there are plenty of grown-up children who like to be amused at Christmas, and indeed at any time of the year; and if this new version of old stories does not amuse them they must be very dull indeed, and their situation one much to be commiserated.”—Morning Post. AINSWORTH'S LATIN DICTIONARY. The only Modern

Edition which comprises the Complete Work. With numerous Additions, Emendations, and Improvements, by the Rev. B. W. BEATSON and W. ELLIS. Imperial 8vo, cloth extra, 155.-Also, A SCHOOL EDITION, Revised and Corrected by Dr. JAMIESON. Containing all the Words of the Quarto Dictionary, but with a reduction in the number of Examples. Demy 8vo, roan, gs.

AMUSING POETRY. A Selection of Humorous Verse from the

Best Writers. Edited, with Preface, by SHIRLEY BROOKS. Fcap. 8vo, cloth,

gilt edges, 3s. 6d. ANACREON. Translated by THOMAS MOORE, and Illustrated by

the exquisite Designs of Gironet. Oblong 8vo, Etruscan gold and blue, 125. 6.. ARMY LISTS OF THE ROUNDHEADS AND CAVALIERS

IN THE CIVIL WAR, 1642. SECOND Edition, Corrected and considerably Enlarged. Edited, with Notes and full Index, by EDWARD PEACOCK, F.S.A. 4to, half-Roxburghe, 75. 60. ARTEMUS WARD, COMPLETE.- The Works of CHARLES

FARRER BROWNE, better known as ARTEMUS WARD. With fine Portrait, fac

simile of Handwriting, &c. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 7s. 6d. ARTEMUS WARD'S LECTURE AT THE EGYPTIAN HALL,

with the Panorama. Edited by T. W. ROBERTSON and E. P. HINGSTON. With

numerous Illustrations. Small 4to, green and gold, 6s. AS PRETTY AS SEVEN, and other Popular German Stories.

Collected by LUDWIG BECHSTEIN. With Additional Tales by the Brothers Grimm, and 100 Illustrations by RICHTER. Small 410, green and gold, 6s. 6d.; gilt edges, 75. 6d.

RACON'S (Francis, Lord) WORKS, both English and Latin, with

an Introductory Essay, Biographical and Critical, and copious Indexes. Two Vols., imperial 8vo, with Portrait, cloth extra, £ 1 45. BARDSLEY'S ENGLISH SURNAMES: Their Sources and

Significations. By CHARLES WAREING BARDSLEY, M.A. SECOND EDITION, revised throughout, considerably Enlarged, and partially rewritten. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gs.

“Mr. Bardsley has faithfully consulted the original medieval documents and works from which the origin and development of surnames can alone be satisfactorily traced. He has furnished a valuable contribution to the literature of surnames, and we hope to hear more of him in this field.”—Times. BARLOW'S (George) UNDER THE DAWN. Crown Svo,

cloth extra, 75. 6d. BAUER AND HOOKER'S GENERA OF FERNS; in which

the Characters of each Genus are displayed in a series of magnified dissections and figures, highly finished in colours, after the drawings of FRANCIS BATER, with letterpress by Sir William HOOKER. Imperial 8vo, with 120 beautifully Coloured

Plates, half-morocco, gilt, £5 58. BAXTER'S (Richard) WORKS. With a Sketch of the Life and an Essay on the Genius of the Author. Four Vols., imperial 8vo, with Portrait,


ng of Favourites from our Picture Galleries. In Two Series. The BIRST SERIES including Examples by WILKIE, CONSTABLE, TURNER, MULREADY LANDSE ER, MACLise, E. M. WARD, FRITH, Sir JOHN GILBERT, LESLIE, ANSDELL, MARCUS STONE, Sir NOEL PATON, FAED, EYRE CROWE, GAVIN, O'NEIL, and MADOX BROWN. The SECOND containing Pictures by ARMYTAGE, FAED, GOODALL, HEMSLEY, Horsley, MARKS, NICHOLLS, Sir Noel PATON, PICKERSGill, G. SMITH, MARCUS Store, SOLOMON, STRAIGHT, E. M. WARD, and WARREN. All engraved on Steel in the highest style of Art, Edited, with Notices of the Artists, by SYDNEY ARMYTAGE, M.A. Price of each Series, imperial 4to cloth extra, gilt and gilt edges, 215. Each Volume is Complete in itself.

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