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Patriots at Dresden and Leipzig.---Patriotic Conspiracy at

Warsaw.—The Patriots of Warsaw correspond with Ko-

sciusko.-- The Russian Minister orders the Troops to dis-

band.-Madalinski refuses and marches to Cracow.-Ko-

sciusko enters Cracow.-Confederacy of Cracow.-Kosciusko

declared Generalissimo. Kosciusko's Life. Kosciusko

marches against the Russians.- Insurrection at Warsaw

and expulsion of the Russians.—Lithuania.—Barbarities at

Warsaw.-Kosciusko’s Camp at Wola.—The King of Prus-

sia invests Warsaw; retreats; Insurrection in Great Po-

land.--Suwarow marches against the Patriots.—Battle of

Macieiowice, and Kosciusko taken Prisoner.—The Rus-

sians take Praga.-Massacre of Praga.—Warsaw surrenders.

-Russian, Prussian, and Austrian prisoners.-Third Par-

tition.-Stanislas' Abdication ; Death; and Character...... 321


Polish Patriots at Paris and Venice.-- The French Directory

promise Assistance.--Polish Confederacy at Paris. -Oginski

sent to Constantinople. Buonaparte's Letter to Oginski.-

Polish Confederacy in Walachia broken up.—The Emperor

Paul, on his Accession, liberates the Polish Captives. —Ko-

sciusko.-Polish Legions; in Lombardy; at Rome.--Suwa-

row in Italy defeats the Second Legion.- Battle of Novi.-

Legion of the Danube.—Legions perish in St. Domingo.

War declared between France and Prussia.-The French en-

ter Warsaw.— Treaty of Tilsit.-Grand Duchy of Warsaw.-

Frederick Augustus.—New Constitution.--Diet of 1809.

War with Austria.--The Austrians enter Warsaw,- Prince

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