Journals of the House of Commons of the Dominion of Canada, Volume 22,Edição 3

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tion compared 70 Combn has taken away the difference between buying a small
by the combn 85 No notification of removal of name 83 Wholesalers selling to con
William Bell Coal Dealer Toronto 213218
George Childs Grocer Montreal 8809
agree to accept the weekly prioe issued by the Canadian Refinery Mr Paul makes
William Ince President of the Wholesale Grocers Guild Toronto 102109
Successive steps which led to the formation of the guild and its development
H W Sewell Grocer o Hamilton 114117
W B Clay Grocer Galt 122124
class made cheaper in New York than in Torontoprice lists compared 128
Gibson Biscuit Manufacturer Ottawa 137144
Combination agreement signedcost of flourthe combination control the manufac
atives of U S coal companies present in Toronto insist upon dealers forming a com
W Wood Secretary to the Coal Trade Branch of the Toronto
Ottawa and regulates the prices for retail to citizens the methods of operation
W H Easton Coal Dealer Ottawa 184191
between independence and combination prices 185 187 188 Import cost on
George P Thompson Coal Dealer Ottawa 19220S
Reasons assigned by American coal agents at Buffalo as to why they stopped
parpoee in promoting organization and applying for charter 221 A reminder
Alexr It Hargraft Coal and Grain Dealer Corouro 22S23S
against in prices 234241 Minimum of profits fixed by the combinationDiscount
William Bowman Coal Dealer London 41249
don 248
Present stockholders and personal amountsImport and retail prices of coal

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