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Hearn for heard.

Howzen for houfes.

How for that.

Ruff for roof.
Rozom for refin.
Safte for fafe..
Salary for celery.
Sarting for certain.
Says Ifor fay I or faid I.
Saxon for fexton.
Scotch free for foot free.
Scythe for figh.
Seck for fex.
Sha for chaife.
Shear for share.
Shot or fhet for fhut.
Shun for fhone.
Sitch for fuch.
Sile for foil.
Skafe for fcarce.
Sot for fat or fet.
Speck for Spike.
Spunful for fpoonful.
Stiddy for fteady.
Squinch for quench.
Stow for fove.
Stunded for ftunned.
Sut for foot.

'Taint for it is not.
Teach'd for attached.
Tell'd for told.

That are for that.

Palmecitty for fpermaceti. This ere for this.

Theirn for theirs.

Pardner for partner.
Parfon for perfon.
Petition for partition (of a

Raly for really.
Revolutions for evolutions.
Rabbit for rivet.
Riz for rifen.

Howfomever for however.
Huff for hoof.
If fo be for if.
Ile for oil.
Improved for occupied.
Invy for envy.
Is for are (in multiplying
Implied for employed.
Keer for care.
Keerds for cards.
Kivver for cover.
Know'd for knew.
Larnin for learning.
Linguifter for linguift.

d of for esteemed.
Marracle for miracle.
Marvels for marbles.
Mid for mile.
Milyan for melon.
Muficianer for musician.
Narra one for none.
Neeft for neft.
Non plush for non plus.
Over plush for over plus.
Ourn for ours.

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The tother for the other.
To writes for immediately.
Valley for value.

Will or no for will or not.
Winder for window.
You'd as goods for you may
as well.

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