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New Series.

Art. I.—Pothier's Maritime Contracts.

A Treatise on Maritime Contracts of Letting to Hire, by

Robert Joseph Pothier; translated from the French, with

notes and a life of the author, by Caleb Cushing. 1

Art. II.—England and America.

On the complaints in America against the British Press.

An Essay in the New London Monthly Magazine for

February, 1821. " 20

Art. HI.—Warden on America.

A Statistical, Political, and Historical account of the Unit-

ed States of North America; from the period of their

first colonization to the present day. By D. B. War-

den, late Consul for the United States at Paris, &c. &c. 47

Art. IV—Florida.

1. Sketches, Historical and Topographical, of the Floridas;

more particularly of East Florida. By James Grant


2. Memoir on the geography, and natural and civil history

of Florida, attended by a map of that country, &c. By

William Darby. "62

Art. V.—Botany of the United States.

American Medical Botany; being a collection of the na-

tive Medicinal Plants of the United States, containing

their botanical history and chemical analysis, and pro-

perties and uses in medicine, diet, and the arts, with

colored engravings. By Jacob Bigelow, M. D. Rumford

Professor and Lecturer on Materia Medica and Botany

in Harvard University. 100

Art. VI.—A voyage to the internal world.

Symzonia, a Voyage of Discovery, by Captain Adam Sea-

born. 134

Art. VII.—Internal improvements in South Carolina.

1. Report of the civil and military engineer of the State of

South Carolina, for the year 1319.

2. Plans and progress of mternal improvement in South

Carolina, with observations on the advantages resulting

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