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66 Inasmuch as we cannot know the things of the 66 Spirit, without a spiritual discernient *, prayer 66 is, in the first place, necessary to obtain a right * judgment of them. Before, therefore, you de66 termine to stop your ears againlt your minister, 66 go and earnestly intreat the Lord, that the eyes

of your understanding being enlightened, you 66 may know of the doctrine, whether it be of « God +.” You may put off these things with a 6 laugh and a sneer, and brand them with what ig66. nominious name you please. This will be no “ argument, I will not say of religion, but even of 6 good sense or good manners. I would warn 66 you also, that you cannot so put off the awful 66 concerns of death, judgment, and eternity! “ However you may now. refuse to listen to your 46 minister, there is a time-coming when God will 66 be heard, and it becomes you to consider, how B6 you will answer to him, for the contempt thus 66 put upon his wordi."

In the mean time, I am thankful, that so many of you have embraced them, and I do not despair of this being the case with many others, even after I shall have ceased to exist. I « cast my bread on 6 the waters ;” and doubt not, that it will be found 66 after many days S.” Should my life be spared, I fhall hope, by divine grace, to add to these fermons a second volume, of such as have likewise been

- preached * 1 Cor. ii. 14. + Eph. i. 18. John vil. 17.

I See". A Parochial Minister's Address to his Paris fhioners," published at Leicester about twenty years ago Edit: 3d, page 8th and gth. ...

$ Eccho xi. Is

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preached to you. Weak and imperfect as thefe discourses are, it is possible that, by the blessing of God, your children's children may be the better for them; and that some may meet me, in the realms of glory, who may have ascribed their first religious impressions to the perufal of them. They will probably be read by some persons with less prejudice than they have been heard; and will, at least, be received, as a well-meant endeavour for their real and lasting advantage. God knows that “ my heart's desire, and frequent prayer to 66 him for you is, that you may be saved *.”. I can safely appeal to him for the fincerity with which I have laboured after the salvation of your fouls. This has been my only object which I have pursued, and will pursue, through 6 evil 66 report, and good report t." I have fought 6 not 6 yours, but you I; and have been, and am, willing to spend and be 6 spent for you, although 66 the more abundantly I love some of you, the 6 less I be loved f." "I have a watched for your 66 fouls, as one that must give account.” “. Know66 ing the terror of the Lord, I have persuaded 6 you to flee from the wrath to come (a).” And, “ I take you to record this day," that, as I have been willing to please you all, as far as I could do it 6 for your good, to edification (6),” so 6 I 6 have not fhunned to declare unto you all the " counsel of God (c),” that if any of you perish a. 3

in * Rom. x. 1. + 2 Cor:ii: 14. See 1 Pet. v. 2, &c. John iv. 35, 36. * 2 Cor. vi. 8. § 2 Cor. 12, 158 # Heb. xiii. 17. (a) 2 Cor. v. 10, 13. (6) Rom, XV. 21 (c) Acts xx, 26, 27,

in your sins, I may be able to say, “ Your blood 66 be upon your own heads : I am clean *."..

I dare not preach or publish any thing, but she “ truth, as it is in: Jesus + :" but still, I would with ever to 6 fpeak the truih in love I." I dare not“ pervert or conceal the gospel of Christ.” Does not the apostle fay, Woe is me; if I preach

not the gospel $!”. “ Though we, or an angels “ from heaven, preach any other gofpel untos “ you, than that which we have preached unto 66 you, let him be accursed. As we said before,. 66 so say I now again, If any man preach any 66 other gospel unto you, than that ye have receiv: o ed, let him be accursed ||?" Does he not say;: 6 Let a man so aocount of us, as of the ministers 66 of Chrift; and stewards of the mysteries of • God: moreover, it is required, in stewards, that 66.a man be found faithful (a) ?" How then should I dare to be otherwise ! How should I dare to 6.keep back any thing that may be profitable for! (6)”. How should I, in that case, deliver “ my own soul !” 6 If I give you not warning," will not your 6. blood be required at my 6. hands (c) ?" Should I not equally degrade ing character as a minister of the Church of Christ, and of the Church of England ? Should I not be your very worst enemy? 6 Whether you will hear, 6. or whether you will forbear (d).I must do my

duty, * A&s xviii. 6. + Eph. iv. 21, Ver. iç. 61. Cor. ix. 6. .Gal. i: 8, & 9. See 6, & 7. See 2 Cor. xi. 4. (a) 1 Cor. iv. i, & 2. (b) Alis Xx..20. (c) See Eżek. iii. 16, &c. - xxxiiii. 1 to 12. Dan, xii. 3. (d). Ezek, ii. 5, & 7. iii, 12.

s the energy. ction they are cal call the mini

duty, in making known the mystery of the gofn. mpel, for which I am an ambassador;!' and hope torfpeak boldly, as I ought to speak *."

Our Bishop, in his first charge +, reminds his, clergy, that 66 the doctrines which we are bound, “ by our duty to God, and to the laws of our 66 country, and the engagements of our holy pro"fession; to inculcate and maintain, have been 56. of late years, too much neglected.”. And; in his last charge I, he tells us, “ It is incumbent on só us to present them frequently to our congrega56 tions; to impress them on their minds with all 64 the energy we can derive from language; with: 66 all the affection they are calculated to inspire,” &c. And, at our ordination, all the ministers of the Church of England are shus folemnly exhorted by their diocesan 66 See that you never 66 cease your labour,your care, and diligence, until 6 you have done all that lieth in you, according 6 to your bounden duty, to bring all such as are 6 or shall be committed to your charge, unto that 66 agreement in the faith and knowledge of God, 6 and to that ripeness and perfectness of age in 66 Christ, that there be no place left among you, 66. either for error in religion, or for viciousness of 66 life.”. And, we are reminded, at the same time, 66 If it shall happen, the fame Church, or any mcmber, thereof, do take any hurt or hindrance, by: 66 reason of our negligence, we know the greatness 66 of the fault, and also ihe horrible punishment 66 that will ensue f.” ...

Oh! * Eph. vi. 19, & 20. + Page 28. # Page 22, &c.

s Office for the ordering of priests. The exhortation immediately following the gospel. See Jer. chap.



Oh! my dear friends, I have been with you, 66 in weakness, and fear, and much trembling. 66 And my speech, and my preaching, have not 66 been with enticing words of man's wisdom.” God grant that they may have been, and may still be, “in demonstration of the Spirit, and of power ; 6 that your faith may not stand in the wisdom of 56 men, but in the power of God *;" that, when we appear together, on the great day, before our common Judge, none of you may have to accuse me of unfaithfulness, or wilful neglect ! that I may not have to testify against the final impenitency and unbelief of any of you! that fuch of you as have partly embraced the gospel of Christ, being firmly persuaded, in your minds, of the truths which you hear delivered, may become obedient to it in all things; and may experience all its divine confolations, and support, both in time and eternity, while such of you as are Christians indeed, may 6 grow in grace," until you become fully 66 meet to be partakers of the inheritance of *6 the saints in light +!" God grant! that we may all finally enjoy this, 6 through fan&tification of 66 the Spirit, and belief of the truth I," for the fake of Jesus Christ, his only begotten Son, our Lord and Saviour! Such is the prayer of

Your affectionate,
Though unwort

N. HOLLINGSWORTH, xxiii. 30, & 31. xij. 10, & id, xiv. 14, 15, & 16. Iía. lvi. 10, 11, 12. Ezek. chapters xiii, & xxxiv. *i Cor, ii. 4. & 5.

+ Col. i. 12. Thef. ii, 13:


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