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men and money, if necessary, to sustain formation of a new State out of Westthem in their contest."

ern Virginia is an original, independent When the vote was taken, five only—act of revolution. I do not deny the Messrs. Bayard, Bright, Polk, Powell power of revolution (I do not call it and Saulsbury-were in favor of refer- rightfor it is never prescribed, it exring the credentials ; so the Senators ists in force only, and has and can bave were admitted to take the oath of office. no law but the will of the revolutionists). The ground taken by Congress and the Any attempt to carry it out involves a Government in this Virginia question in plain breach of both the Constitutionsreference to the position of the Western of Virginia and the nation. And hence, portion of the State, which there was a it is plain you cannot take that course strong disposition at one time to separ- without weakening, if not destroying, ate from the rest as a new and distinct your claims upon the sympathy and commonwealth, was well set forth in a support of the General Government; letter addressed on the 12th of the fol- and without disconcerting the plan allowing month by the Attorney-General ready adopted both by Virginia and the of the United States, Mr. Bates, to Mr. General Government, for the reorganizaA. F. Ritchie, a member of the Virginia tion of the revolted States, and the resConvention, then sitting at Wheeling. toration of the integrity of the Union. “I have thought," wrote this high offi- That plan I understand to be this : cer of the Government, “a great deal When a State, by its perverted functionupon the question of dividing the State aries, has declared itself out of the Union, of Virginia into two States ; and since I we avail ourselves of the sound and loyal came here as a member of the Govern- elements of the State—all who owned ment, I have conversed with a good allegiance to, and claimed protection of, many, and corresponded with some, of the Constitution, to form a State governthe good men of Western Virginia, in ment, as nearly as may be, upon the regard to that matter. In all this inter- former model, and claiming to be the course, my constant and earnest effort very State which has been, in part, overhas been to impress upon the minds of thrown by the successful rebellion. In those gentlemen the vast importance - this way we establish a constitutional not to say necessity-in the terrible cri- nucleus around which all the shattered sis of our national affairs, to abstain from elements of the commonwealth may

meet the introduction of any new elements of and combine, and thus restore the old revolution, to avoid, as far as possible, State in its original integrity. This, I all new and original theories of Govern- verily thought, was the plan adopted at ment; but, on the contrary, in all the Wheeling, and recognized and acted insurgent commonwealths to adhere, as upon by the General Government here. closely as circumstances will allow, to Your convention annulled the revoluthe old constitutional standard of prin- tionary proceedings at Richmond, both ciple, and to the traditional habits and in the Convention and General Assemthoughts of the people. And I still bly, and your new Governor formally think that course is dictated by the demanded of the President the fulfilplainest teachings of prudence. The ment of the constitutional guarantee in favor of Virginia-Virginia, as known incumbent in a time of public calamity to our fathers and to us. The President and rebellion, humbly and devoutly to acadmitted the obligation, and promised knowledge our dependence on Almighty his best efforts to fulfil it; and the God, and to implore his aid and protecSenate admitted your Senators, not as tion : Therefore Resolved, That a joint representing a new and nameless State, committee of both Houses wait upon the now for the first time heard of in our President of the United States and rehistory, but as representing the good quest that he recommend a day of public old commonwealth.' "

humiliation, prayer and fasting to be obA joint resolution of the two Houses served by the people of the United recommending a fast day, and following States with religious solemnity, and the nearly the exact words of a resolution offering of fervent supplications to Alpassed during the war of 1812, was in- mighty God for the safety and welfare troduced into the Senate by Harlan of of these States, His blessings on their Iowa, and was adopted unanimously. It arms, and a speedy restoration of ran thus :-“It being a duty peculiarly peace.”




GENERAL Lyon having, as we have the beginning of July, making his way seen in a previous chapter, summarily through the western counties in the put the disloyal Governor of Missouri direction of Springfield. and his forces to flight at Booneville, He had hardly departed, however, prepared to follow them in their retreat before the enemy whom he sought were to the southern portion of the State, successfully encountered in a remote where, supporting themselves at the ex- part of the State by a young officer of pense of the inhabitants, they were add- foreign birth, whose skill, displayed on ing to their numbers, and gathering fresh more than one occasion, gained him the nutriment in the cause of the rebellion. highest honors of the campaign. This General Price, with other insurgent was Colonel Franz Sigel, who, born at leaders, it was understood was in arms Baden in 1821, had been educated at the in the southwest, and there were rumors military school of Carlsruhe, held high of the presence in the same quarter rank in the Prussian army, and on the of the redoubtable Texas ranger, Ben breaking out of the Revolution in 1848, McCulloch, who had lately left the vicin- joined the liberals and become a leader ity of the Potomac, and been seen in of their revolutionary army. Having Arkansas. To meet these and whatever achieved considerable military distinction other enemies there might be abroad, in this command, on the pacification of General Lyon set out from Booneville at the country he came to America, where

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he diligently applied himself to the study north, to attack Jackson and Rains, and of the language. Marrying the daughter open a line of communication with Genof his preceptor, Mr. Dulon, he made his eral Lyon, who, it was incorrectly rehome in St. Louis, where, at the opening ported, had had an engagement with the of the war, he was engaged as Professor enemy in that direction. Scarcely, howin a College, among other courses, giving ever, had Colonel Sigel left Sarcoxie instruction in tactics. Quickly respond when he received news that the camp of ing to the call of his adopted country, he Price had been broken up, and his troops stood by the side of Colonel Blair and retreated to the extremity of the State. Colonel Bornstein, at the head of one of Colonel Sigel then advanced, welcomed the first regiments of volunteers raised by the inhabitants on the way, who had in Missouri. He was now to have an suffered grievously from the pillaging of opportunity to exhibit his military genius the insurgents, and occupied Neosho, on a new theatre in America. The scene where he was received without opposiof his operations was in the southwestern tion. Declining further pursuit of Price's corner of Missouri, where a communica- troops as impracticable, he then turned tion was kept open by the insurgent state his whole attention to the enemy at the troops with Arkansas, and where the north. Disposing a detachment of his rebel generals often rallied during the little force to watch their movements on war, till the more southerly regions were the road, he summoned to him a battalion cleared of the insurgents, who were ever of Colonel Salomon's Missouri regiment, ready to carry the war beyond their own then approaching Sarcoxie, and with this borders into the territory of Missouri. addition to his troops, leaving a company On the arrival of Colonel Sigel with his of the 3d regiment as a guard to protect command, on the 23d of June, at Spring- the friends of the Union at Neosho, he field, he was informed that the rebels, advanced to meet the enemy. The conunder Governor Jackson, were making flict which ensued, known as the battle their way from the Osage river south- of Carthage, is thus related in the official wardly through the western counties, a report which Colonel Sigel prepared of movement which he at once resolved to the expedition. On the evening of the intercept by putting his force across their 4th of July,” he writes, “our troops, track. He accordingly moved in a south after a march of twenty miles, encamped westerly direction to Sarcoxie, where, on southeast of Carthage, close by Spring his arrival on the 28th, he learned that a river. I was by this time pretty certain body of troops, under General Price, that Jackson, with four thousand men, some eight or nine hundred in number, was about nine miles distant from us, as were encamped below him to the south, his scouts were seen in large numbers a few miles from Neosho, the capital of coming over the great plateau as far as Newton county, while other portions of the country north

the country north of Carthage, and conthe State troops of Jackson's and Rains' ducted their explorations almost under commands were, as he expected, advanc- our very eyes. The troops under my ing from above. As Price was the near- command who participated in the engageest at hand, General Sigel resolved first ment on the 5th of July, were as follows: to march against him, and then turning Nine companies of the 3d regiment--in

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