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The first wholesale and retail firm in Paris for Silks, | cally. Fencing and Gymnastics. Mr. Fleury may Indian and French Shawls, &c., is, unquestionably, be consulted on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from the Villes de France, 51, Rue Vivienne, and 104, 12 till 1 o'clock, at 320, Rue St. Honoré, where a Rue Richelieu. The stock at this house is unri- detailed prospectus may be had. valled; and our fair readers will be highly grati- Fencing Academy.-320, Rue St. Honoré, Mr. fied upon paying it a visit, if only to admire the Lozes, late professor at the Polytechnic School. immense variety and the splendour displayed in Class for the Foil, Sabre, and canne, every day, this magnificent establishment,

from 2 to 4. Machinery, Patents, &c.-Information on all sub

Apartment, House, and Commission Agent.--A. jects connected with English and French Inven

Webb, 220, Rue de Rivoli. Persons intending to tions may be obtained from Messrs. Burnley,

reside in Paris, or wishing to forward goods to Mangles, and Co., Engineers, 320, Rue St. Honoré.

England, will find Mr. Webb's services of great Sales of machines effected, and the setting up and

advantage. working of machinery superintended. [Messrs.

Apartments and Boarding Houses.- Persons visitB. M. and Co., are practical men of considerable

ing Paris are recommended to apply to Mr. John experience, to whom we can confidently recom

Arthur, 10, Rue Castiglione, Agent to the British mend Englishmen and Americans who may have

Embassy, and Wine Merchant, where every inbusiness to transact on the continent.]

formation will be given gratis. French Language.-Those of our readers who may

Dressmaker.—Mme. Camille Levasseur, 224, Rue find it useful or pleasant to give a portion of their

Rivoli, the house of Galignani's Messenger office. time to the study of the French language, and who

Artificial Flowers for head dresses, trimmings attach importance to a pure accent, will do well to

for dresses, &c. We recommend the best establisiavail themselves of the services of Mr. Emile, a

ment in Paris, that of Mr. Tilman, 104, Rue painstaking teacher, who, having himself a highly cultivated voice, and delicate ear, is particularly

Richelieu, purveyor to Her Majesty the ex-Empress,

and Her Majesty the Queen of England. exacting with regard to pronunciation. Married to an English woman, and having lived several

Millinery.-Bonnets, lace caps, head dresses, &c. years in England, he is perfectly conversant with We recommend in full confidence for all these the language of his pupil-a great advantage to articles the establishment of Mlle. Soller, 45, Rue the student who wishes thoroughly to understand Neuve St. Augustin, who has an excellent reas he goes along. We have been in the habit of nommée among the highest classes of society in recommending Mr. Emile for some years past. Paris. His address is 320, Rue St. Honoré.

Stays.-.For this indispensable article the PariSpanish Teacher.-M. Baeza Emeritus, member of sian makers are known to be eminently superior. the Royal Academy of Madrid, 320, Rue St. Honoré. We are advisedly directed to recommend Madame

Italian Teacher.-M. Cepollini, member of the Clemencon, 8, Rue Port Mahon, inventor of the Academia della Crusca, 320, Rue St. Honoré. “corps pompadours," and the “demi-corps chate

Dancing.-Private lessons for Gentlemen of all laine," which impart so much grace and elegancë the fashionable dances, by M. Coulon, of the Grand to the figure. Opera, assisted by Mademoiselle Emmeline, 320, Eau de Cologne.--The name of the firm of Jean Rue St. Honoré.

Marie Farina, 333, Rue St. Honoré, is too well Education.-Private Institution for Gentlemen, known to require commendation, under the direction of Mr. Fleury, Point du Jour, Eau de Cologne.-Agents for Anton Farina's Eau Bois de Boulogne. Preparation for the Sandhurst, de Cologne, B. J. Tillman & Co., 8, Rue Neuve. Woolwich, and Addiscombe examinations. French, Bour L'abbé. German, Classics, Mathematics, and their applica Artist, Designer, and Jeweller in Hair.-M. Letion to Fortification and Gunnery, taught practi- | monnier, who was awarded the Prize Medal at the

London Exhibition, and the Gold Medal at that of | Dentist.--Mr. Paterson will be found conscienParis, is highly recommended.

tious alike in his work and in his charges. He Hatter.-Servas, 36, Rue Caumartin. The hats keeps no assistants, but does everything himself. at this Establishment are equal to the best in | His pieces are beautifully finished, and merit inParis.

spection, 396, Rue St. Honoré. Tailor.-Hulek, 226, Rue de Rivoli, recommended

English Chemist.-Swan, Member of the College for his gentlemanly style of garments. An honest

1 of Pharmacy, 12, Rue Castiglione, an important and obliging tradesman. Speaks English.

and highly respectable house, honoured with a Prize Tailor.-Blay Lafitte, 11, Boulevard des Italiens.

Medal from the Universal Society for encouragement Gentlemen wishing to renew their Apparel will

of arts and industry, for improvements in Pharmafind this establishment one of the best in Paris.

ceutical preparations. First-rate style and capital materials.

Clocks and Watches, Musical Boxes, Time-pieces, Daguerreotypes, Photographs, Stereoscopes, in all

&c.-Würtel, 38 and 40, Passage Vivienne, Paris. styles and sizes. 1st Class Medal at the Universal Paris Exhibition. The beautiful specimens pro Zimberg fabrt., de necessaries, 15, Rue de l'Anduced by Mr. Warren Thompson, 22, Rue de cienne Comédie. Choiseul, are greatly admired.

Optician. For all descriptions of optical glasses Kramer, Jeweller to the ex-Empress, 31, Rue Neuve and instruments there is comparatively no choice, St. Augustin, recommended as having an unri as those of M. Chevalièr, 15, Place du Pont Neuf, valled stock of Jewellery, Diamonds, &c.

are reputed all over the world. Dentist.-- Persons requiring a good surgical and | English A

English Ale and Porter Stores.-B. Harris & Co., mechanical dentist, are recommended to Mr. George,

265, Rue St. Honoré. Rue de Rivoli, opposite the Tuileries, author of a

General Provision Warehouse.-Cuvilier, 16, Rue work on his new system of artificial teeth, inventor of the Baume Dentaire for the instantaneous cure

la Paix, Groceries, Wines, &c. of the tooth-ache.

English Bookseller.- Fowler, 6, Rue Montpensier, Surgeon-Dentists.-We confidently recommend as | and 231, Peristyle Montpensier, Palais Royal. operating and mechanical Dentists, Messrs. Chip

English books at London prices. pendale and Barwis, No. 10, Rue d'Alger, near the | Money Changers and Foreign Bankers.--Messrs. gardens of the Tuileries, particularly for a superior Meyer, Spielman, and Co., of 26, Rue Neuve Vividescription of artificial teeth.

enne, are weltranown, and deserving our best reDentist.-Mr. W. Rogers, 270, Rue St. Honoré, commendation. English and all foreign moneys author of several important medical and surgical can be exchanged at this establishment to the best works on Dentistry. Mr. Rogers also enjoys a first advantage. They grant drafts on London and the rate reputation as a practical dentist.

| principal cities of Europe and America.

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A few of the commonest phrases, however ill chosen or arranged they may be, are better than nothing to the inexperienced traveller ; and we, therefore, add a short list for his benefit. 1. Des Repas.

Of Meals.

Des pommes de terre Potatoes
Le déjeuner

Des eufs

Eggs Le goûter, le second de- Luncheon

Un ceuf

An egg jeuner

Des eufs frais

New laid eggs
Le diner

Des ceufs à la coque Soft boiled
Le thé
Une omelette

An omelet
Le souper

Une salade

A salad
Du sel

Salt 2. Du Pain.

Of Bread.
Du poivre

Un pain, du pain A loaf, bread

De la moutarde

Un petit pain
A roll

Des biscuits

Du pain blanc
White bread

Des gateaux

Cakes Du pain de ménage Household bread

Du fruit

Du pain bis
Brown bread

Du fromage

Du pain frais
New bread

Du beurre frais

Fresh butter
Du pain rassis
Stale bread

Du sucre

Du thé

Tea 3. La Carte. The Bill of Fare.

Du café

Du bouillon

Un consommé
Gravy soup
4. De la Boisson.

Of Drink
De la soupe

De l'eau

Soup à la vermicelle Vermicelli soup

De l'eau rougie Wine and water
Soupe au riz
Rice soup

Du vin

Soupe à la purée
Pease soup

Du vin blanc

White wine
De la viande

Du vin rouge

Red wine
Des côtelettes de mouton Mutton chops

Vin ordinaire, ou vin de Claret
Un gigot
A leg of mutton

Des rognons

Du vin de champagne Champagne
De l'agneau

Du vin de Bourgogne Burgundy
Du lard

Du vin d'Oporto Port wine
Du jambon

Du vin de Xéres

Du gibier

De la bièrre

Un pâte
A pie

De l'eau de vie - de Brandy-cognac
De la volaille

cognac Un poulet

A fowl Un dindon Turkey

5. De la Table. of the Table. Du poisson Fish

Un couteau

A knife
Des soles

Une fourchette

A fork
Des huitres

Une cuillère

A spoon
Des légumes

Une assiette

A plate
Un chou
A cabbage

Un plat

Un chout-fleur
A cauliflower

Une saucière



t'ne tasse

Tête de veau à la vinai- Calf's head with oil and Un verre Glass


S vinegar
Un gobelet

Langue à la sauce 1 JCalf's tongue with sa-

voury sauce Une bouteille Bottle

Pieds de veau à la vin- Calf's feet with oil and La nappe Table cloth


vinegar La buffet Sideboard

(Fricaseed veal with Un couvert

Blanquette de veau
Knife and fork

7 white sauce
Ris de veau

Calf's sweet bread

Calf's fry

9. Mouton et Ag-
6. Potages.

Mutton and Lamb.

neau. Au macaroni Macaroni soup

Côtelettes panées

SChops fried in bread Au riz Rice soup

crumbs Au vermicelle Vemicelli soup

(Chops broiled in paper Côtelettes en Papillottes 3

en rapoes with fine herbs
Soup, with chopped car-
A la Julienne

Côtelettes au naturel
Trots and herbs

Chops fried or broiled
À la purée
Pease soup

Leg with gravy and
Gigot au jus aux haricots

French beans
Gravy soup

Rognons au vin de SKidneys done in Cham-

7. Boeuf.


Pieds de mouton à lal STrotters with oil and Beuf au naturel Boiled beef


vinegar Boeuf à la sauce tomate Beef with tomato sauce Rognons à la brochette Kidneys broiled Bæuf à la sauce piquante Beef with savoury sauce Rognons aux truffes Kidneys with truffles Bauf aux choux Beef with cabbage Entrecôte Ribs of beef

10. Volaille.

Poultry. Filet sauté

Fillet of beef with gravy Chapon au gros sel Capon (boiled) Rosbif aux pommes de

Chapon au riz, &c. Capon with rice Roast beef with potatoes terre

Poulet sauté

Chicken in gravy
Aloyau de beuf Sirloin of beef

Poulet à la Tartare Chicken devilled
Langue de beuf
Neats' tongue
Cuisse de poulet en pa a) Sleg of a chi

(Leg of a chicken in Palais de beuf Palate of beef


s paper, with sweet herbs (Beefsteak in the Eng Dinde truffée Bifteck à l'Anglaise

Turkey with truffles 7 lish manner Dindonneau

Young turkey Bifteck aux pommes de Beefsteak with potatoes

Poulet aux champig-) (Chicken with mushterre


S room sauce
Beuf à la mode
À la mode beef
Capilotade de poulet Chicken hashed

(Cold chicken in slices

Salade de volaille
8. Veau.

2 and vinegar Fricandeau au jus Larded veal in gravy Galantine de volaille Brawned fowl Fricandeau aux épinards Larded veal with spinage Poulet aux truffes Chicken with truffles Fricandeau à l'oseille Larded veal with sorrel Filets de poulet

Slices of chicken (breast)

Canard aux navets Duck and turnips Fricandeau à la chicoreé ! 2 endive

Canard aux pois Duck and green peas Côtelette de veau au} Veal chops fried or boiled


Duckling naturel

Pigeon à la crapaudine Broiled pigeon (Veal chops broiled in

Fricaseed chicken Côtelette en papillote 3 paper, with

Fricassée de poulet sweet

? herbs

Côtelette au jambon
Cervelle apprêtée

Veal chops with ham
Calf's brains

11. Gibier. Côtelette de chevreuil

Venison chops

Filet de chevreuil Fillet of venison

Perdreaux en salmis Young partridges jugged

Larks Gibelotte de lapin Rabbit smothered Laperau sauté aux į SYoung rabbit with champignons

S? mushroom sauce Bécasse

Woodcock Bécassines

Snipes Canard sauvage

Wild duck Cailles

Quails Faisan

Pheasant Ortolans


Canard sauvage en sal-} {wild duck jugged

Sarcelle en salmis Teal jugged

1 14. Hors d'Oeuvre.

Extras. Omelette aux fines herbes Omelet with sweet herbs Omelette au sucre Omelet with sugar Omelette au jambon Omelet fried with ham Eufs pochés

Poached eggs Eufs sur le plat Fried eggs Beignets de pommes, &c. Apple fritters Gâteau de riz

Rice pudding or cake Charlotte russe

Syllabub in light paste Tourte aux fruits Tarts of various fruits Plum pouding

Plum pudding

Beurre, fraise-sale Butter, fresh-salt
Petits pâtés

Savoury patties Truffes au vin de Cham- STruffles done in Champagne

pagne Gelée de groseilles oul SJellies (currant or rasp

de framboises S ? berry)

[blocks in formation]

15. Dessert.

Dessert. Melon

Melon Raisin de Fontainebleau SWhite grapes of Fon

1tainbleau Pêches

Peaches Fraises au sucre Strawberries with sugar Ananas

Pine apples Figues

Figs Pruneaux cuits au sucre Prunes cooked with sugar Quatre mendicants (Raisins, almonds, nuts.

? and figs (four beggars) Cérises à l'eau de vie

(Cherries preserved in

Prunes de Monsieur Orléans plums
Prunes de reine Claude Green gages
Pommes et poires Apples and pears
Amandes vertes Green almonds

Stewed fruits
Gelée des groseilles Currant jelly

Abricots à l'eau de vie Apricots with brandy
Biscuits de Reims Sponge cakes


13. Legumes.


Pointes d'asperges Heads of asparagus
Choux de Bruxelles Brussels sprouts

Haricots blancs French beans (shelled)
Haricots verts

French beans (green) Chicorée

Endive Pommes de terre à la) (Potatoes sliced, with

mâltre de hôtel Š T parsley and butter Petis pois

Green peas Épinard

Spinage Artichauts

Artichokes Céleri


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