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DIEPPE. Continged. DURAND HOTEL DES BAINS, fronting the Sea, the Bath Establishment, U and close to the Custom House, is unrivalled for its situation and its excellent accommodation. Por many years this favourite Hotel has been patronised by the majority of English visitors to tu: fashionable watering-place of “ La Belle Normandie." The Proprietor, ME. MORGAN, is most obligin. Prices will be found very moderate, Table d'Hôte at 6 o'clock.

LOTEL DE LA PLAGE. Delightfully situated directly facing the Sea,

and close to the Baths. Madame J. B. Corgne is unremitting in her attention to the comfort of her visitors. Elegantly-furnished lofty apartments for large and small families. Old Wines and first-rate Cuisine, with very moderato charges. French and Englisb spoken. Terms made for the Winter season.


ITOTEL DU JURA.-M. DAVID, Proprietor. This first-rate Hotel is the

nearest to the Railway Station, the Cathedral, and the Public Garden Saloocs. Apartments and Rooms for Families. Table d'Hôte. Private Carriages for Hire by the hour. English Newspapers. Omnibuses to convey Passengers to and from each Train English spoken. The greatest attention is paid to English Visitors. Divine Service celebrated in the Hotel from the 1st of May to the end of November by a Minister supplied by the Evangelical Society.

LIOTEL DE LA OLOCHE, MR. GOISSET, Proprietor. This Hotel continues

to enjoy its old-established reputation, and offers English visitors all the accommodation they can desire. It is situated close to the Railway Station, and the objects of attraction in the town. Buites of Apartments. Good Table d'liote. Carriages for drives. Omnibuses at the Station. English and German spoken. Large assortment of Burgundy Wines for wholesale.

HOTEL DE BOURGOGNE, near the Station; BENOIT, proprietor. This LI Hotel has been lately enlarged, and contains now 70 well-furnished apartments for families. Saloons and rooms. Very well situated near the Cathedral and the Bishop's Palace. It commands A splendid view on the Botanical Gardeng. "Table d'Hote." Carriages: Omnibnses at the Station. Moderate charges.


Kept by Mr. FLUTSCH.
COMFORTABLE and WELL-SITUATED HOTEL, with large Apartments,

and well-furnished Rooms for families and single gentlemen. Strict attendance, good accommodation and moderate terms. Table d'Hôte.


LTOTEL DE SAXE.-This greatly renowned first-class Hotel, situated in the

most central and healthiest part of the town, on the new Square, in the vicinity of all the curiosities, has been recently enlarged and fitted up with every comfort. Table d'Hôte at one and four o'clock. Reading and Smoking Rooms. Carriages for hire. In winter season terms very moderate. Messrs. Max. and CHARLES DORN, Proprietors.


L FERSTRASSE.-Jos. HEURION, Proprietor.-This first-rate Hotel is pleasantly situated in a central and healthy locality, with large rooms well ventilated and fitted up with every convenience and comfort. It is close to the English Chapel. Jos. Heurion is desirous of getting up a connection among the nobility and gentry of England. Terins moderate, particularly in winter. English spoken. Eng. sh Newspapers and Periodicals.


VICTORIA HOTEL.-CARL WEISS, Proprietor.-This first-rate establish

ment, situated near the great Public Promenade, combines comfort with elegance, and has thie advantage of possessing a spacious and beautiful garden. Two superior Table d'Hôtes daily. Private Dinners at any hour. During the winter, Board and Lodging at very moderate prices


LOTEL DE L'EUROPE, opposite the Cologne, Minden, Berlin, Dutch, and

Elberfeld Railway Stations, near the Rhine. This first-rate and highly recommended Hotel. between the two largest Promenades, quite freely situated, with a tower, wherefrom one has a beautiful view over the town and country, has elegant rooms for Families and single Gentlemen. The waiters speak French and English. The prices are moderate, and arrangements made with Families during the winter months. Proprietress, Madame E. GOETZEN; Jos. KUNTGEN, Chargé d'Affaires.

FRANKFORT-ON-THE-MAINE. THE ROMAN EMPEROR, an Hotel of European celebrity, much frequented

I by English travellers; distinguished for its elegance, comfort, and attention. Charges moderate. Proprietors, Messrs. Lohr and Alten.

NRAND HOTEL DU NORD, in close proximity to the Railway Station, U combines every English comfort and elegance, with moderate charges. English, French, and German spoken. English, French, and German papers, Much frequented by English and American travellers. Over One-hundred Bed-rooms.


Hotel Sommer zum Zahringer Hof, OPPOSITE the Railway Station, surrounded by a nice garden and vineyards

belonging to Mr. SOMMER, the Proprietor of the Hotel. This Establishment, newly built. and patronised by his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, is the best situated, largest, and most comfortable Hotel in Freiburg. It commands beautiful views of the Cathedral, the Mountains of the Vosges, and the Black Forest. It contains 120 Bed-rooms and Saloons, a large Dining-room, etc.. etc. All the rooms are airy, cheerful, and truly comfortable. The Hotel is conducted under the most liberal scale, and under the immediate superintendence of Mr. SOMMER. Excellent Cuisine. Superior Table d'Hôte at 1 and 5 o'clock. Good attendance and moderate prices. Reading-room supplied with English and American papers. Baths in the Hotel. Arrangements can be made for board and lodging during the Winter. Capital Trout Fishing in the nearest neighbourhood.

Mr. SOMMER and Servants speak English.

TTOTEL VICTORIA, formerly HOTEL LANG.–This new and elegantly

1 furnished Hotei Is beautifully situated in the immediate vicinity of the Railway Station. Good and attentive service. Moderate prices. English and French spoken. ZIMMERMAN, proprietor.


TOTEL D'ALLEMAGNE ET DE LA POSTE, -First-class Hotel, well

situated, in the vicinity of the Railway Station, and only five minutes' walk from the Landingaco, in the middle of a beautiful garden, and commanding a magnificent view of tho Lako and tho fountains. Bath Establishment. Foreign papers,


GRAND HOTEL DE LA PAIX, T. KOHLER, Proprietor.-First-clas V Hotel, of an European repute, situated Quai du Mont Blanc. From its 40 Balconies, the most splendid view of the Lake and Mont Blanc is to be had. Large and small well-furnishes (some furnished with luxury) apartments for families and single gentlemen.

MRAND HOTEL DE LA POSTE, kept by Gustave Heller, successor to UT AD. STIERLEN.—This Hotel is situated on the Quay; it offers to Families and single Tourists every confort, great cleanliness, and first-rate accommodation, at the most moderate prices. Breaklast, 1fr. 25c., Dinner, with Wine included, 3frs. and 3frs. 50c. Service, franc. Conversation Room, with Library. Newspapers. Smoking Room and Baths. N.B.-Not to be confounded with t Hotel " de l'Ancienne Poste" in the Rue du Rhone.


Near the Lake, the English Church, and the Railway Station; highly recommended for its situa'ion comfort, and cleanliness. Reading, Smoking, and Bathing Rooms. Omnibuses a the Station Pension.

Close to the Lake.

GENEVE. Facing the English Garden
Accommodation during the whole year. Moderate Charge.

Proprietors-Rathgeb and Moeves.



The inost beautiful situation in Genova. FIRST-CLASS HOTEL. MODERATE PRICES

A. ADRION, Proprietor.


KEPT BY MRS. FROMONT AND MRS. JACKSON. Onnosite the Railway Station, near the English Church, adjoining the principal Branch Post-office clean comfortable and quiet. Tern:s fromt to 5 francs per day. Views of the Lake and Mont Blanc. Rue Pradier, 3. English spoken.


Swiss Sculptures, Pendules Coucoux, Chalets, Music-pieces, of every description.

Photographical Workshop. Swiss Landscapes of any size.

Pictures, Views, Costumes, &c.

F. PIGUET. CIGARS. - Maison des Trois Rois, Place Bel-Air, No. 2, near the Post-office,

U Tobacco and Cigars of all the Regies. Importer direct of Havannah Cigars: Great assortment of Pipes and Cigar Tubes: Rare Cigaro, warranted genuine:


LOTEL MONNET, Mr. TRILLAT, Proprietor (Son-in-law and Successor

I to Mr. Monnet).This Hotel is situated in the PLACE GRENETTE, 14: it offers excellent accommodation, and will be found deserving the patronage of English families and single gentlemen. Post-horses and Coaches for Aix-les-Bains, Allevard, Ariage, la Motte-les-Bains, la Salette, &c. Omnibuses belonging to the Hotel at the Station.


LTOTEL PAULEZ, Korte Voorhout; and the HOTEL DE L'EUROPE, Il lang-Hout Straat. These two first-rate Hotels, situated in the finest quarter of the city, in the vicinity of the Theatre Royal, the Museum, and the Park, cannot be too highly recommended for their accommodation, the excellence of their Table d'Hôte and Wines, added to the attention and civility shown to all Travellers. Proprietor, F. PAULEZ.

HOTEL DU VIEUX DOELEN.-Mr. VAN SANTEN, J.J., Proprietor. This Il old-established and most comfortable Hotel is extensively patronised by Travellers on account of its superior Accommodation, its handsome and well furnished apartments, and splendid Saloons--for its admirable situation and beautiful Garden; as also for the quality of the Wines and Refreshmonts, the Table d'Hôte and Restaurant, and the general civility of the Attendants.


W OTEL BELLE VUE.-C. J. Van Velsen, Proprietor.- This favourite

l and first-class Hotel, pleasantly situated opposite the Royal park, and the Rhine Railway Station, in the most delightful part of the Hague, commanding a beautiful prospect near tho promenade and public buildings, is refitted up in a very superior style, and is conducted by the new proprietor, in a manner to render it deserving the patronage it enjoys among the nobility and gentry. English travellers will find it a most desirable residence for comfort and accommodation, which nothing can surpass, and for civility and attention. Extensive garden. Arrangements made by the month on favourable terms. English and Foreign newspapers. Table d'Hôte.


HOTEL SCHADENDORFPIRST-RATE Hotel, established 1872. Most beautifully situated in the

T centre of the town, with great squares, gardens, and avenues, as well as near the new walking places and rampart promenades, between the Elbe and Alster Rivers. Splendid views, and very pure air.. Contains 140 rooms and saloons, 8 bath-rooms, dining-room, “Café Restaurant." and reading rooms; smoking and billiard rooms, and concert hall.


UNION HOTEL.—This well-known first-class and favourite Hotel, for

Private Families and Gentlemen, is beautifully and cheerfully situated right opposite the Railway station, Elegance and comfort combined. English and French spoken. The utmost atten. tion and civility. A regular Table d'Hôte, and private dinner to order. Baths in the house. Private carriages always ready. English and French newspapers. Pension, 6 frs. a day, everything included.

U OTEL ROYAL, immediately opposite the General Railway Station for
II Bremen, Berlin, Brunswick, Cologne, Hamburg, &c., admirably situated, in the best part of
the city. The Cuisine and Wines are of first-rate quality, and the accommodation excellent for
Fanilies or Single Travellers. The Reading-room is well supplied with Newspapers and Periodicale
A beautiful garden for the use of visitors.


TTOTEL DE L'EUROPE, Rue de Paris. The situation of this well-known IT and old-established Hotel is central and conyenient for every part of Havre, from its immediate vicinity to the Theatre, the Exchange, the Docks, and the Quays. Visitors will find superior accommodation at reasonable prices. It can be highly recommended for its comfort, cleanliness. and excellent Table d'Hôte, &c. The Railway Booking Office is next door to the Hotel Restaurant à la Carte.

MYRAND HOTEL DE NORMANDIE, Mr. Duclos. Propiretor, 106, RUE

I DE PARIS, and 71, RUE DE L'HOPITAL. - This well-known first-class Hotel has just been enlarged and newly decorated. Situated in the most central points of the town, near the Exchange, Theatre, Telegraph Office, Post, and Town Hall; in proximity with the Steamboats for Caen, Trouville, Houflenr, Southampton, and the dock of the Genera Transatlantic Company; this Hotel offers every advantage and comfort to travellers and tourists. First-class "Restaurant" and "Table d'Hôte." Apartments for families. Music and conyersation saloon. Private rooms for dinners. English, German, and French spoken.

MRAND HOTEL ET BAINS FRASCATI.-First class establishment; U entirely re-built in 1871. The only Hotel in Havre situated on the banks of the sea. Mr. J. Descleves, manager. Moderate charges. Open all the year.


ITOTEL DU PRINCE CHARLES, kept by SOMMER and ELLMER, in IT the Market Place, near to the Castle, with the finest view of it. This Hotel, patronised by their Royal Highnesses the Prince of Wales and Prince Alfred, is without question the best situated and most frequented in the town; it possesses an excellent cuisine, and is favourably known for its clean and airy bed-rooms, good attendance, and very reasonable prices. Reading Room supplied with the London Times, Galignani's Messenger, and American papers, &c. Superior Tables d'Hôte at 1 and 5 o'clock. Baths in the Hotel Doservodly recommended

HOTEL DE RUSSIE. TIRST-CLASS HOTEL, with a beautiful garden, well situated on the

T promenade, and commanding a fine view of the Castle. The nearest to the English Church and the Railway Station, and only 5 minutes from the Swimming Baths. Pension, 6, 7, and 8 francs per day. Reading-room, with piano. English papers. Baths. Omnibuses of the Hotel to and from every train.

THE ADLER (or EAGLE) HOTEL, in the Grand Place, commands a beau

1 tiful view of the celebrated Castle of Heidelberg, and is close to it. English and American Families and single Gentlemen will find this house one of the most comfortable, combining excellent accommodation with cleanliness and moderate charges.-- (See “Murray," page 531.) The Readingroom is supplied with the London Times and American papers. The hotel is superintended by Mr. Lehr himself, who speaks English and French, as do the servants.

There is also a fine pond of Trout in the yard of the Hotel, where they are always to be had fresh.

HOTEL DE HOLLANDE, quiet and delightfully situated on the banks of 11 the Neckar, and commanding a fine view of the opposite romantic mountain scenery, the nearest to the landing-place of the Steamboats, and close to the Castle. Mr. Spitz, the proprietor, well known for his solicitude to promote the comforts of his guests, has lately, at considerable expense, purchased a large building on the banks of the Neckar, contiguous to his Hotel, and has converted the slope into a beautiful garden for their exclusive use. Tables d'Hôte at 1 and 5 o'clock. English and French spoken. Terms moderate.

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