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St. Barnabas.
The Nativity of St. John the Baptist.
St. Peter the Apostle.
St. James the Apostle.
St. Bartholomew the Apostle.
St. Matthew the Apostle.
St. Michael and all Angels.
St. Luke the Evangelist.
St. Simon and St. Jude, the Apostles.
All Saints.

St. Andrew the Apostle.
St. Thomas the Apostle.
The Nativity of our Lord JESUS CHRIST.
St. Stephen the Martyr.
St. John the Evangelist.
The Holy Innocents.
Monday and Tuesday in Easter-Week.
Monday and Tuesday in Whitsun-Week.


Ash-WE Dr. Espay. Goo D-FR1 pay. Other Days of Fast 1 No. 5 on which the Church requires such a Measure of Abstinence, as is more especially suited to extraordinary Acts and Exercises of Devotion. 1st. The Season of Lent. 2d. The Ember-Days at the Four Seasons, being the Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday after the first Sunday in Lent, the Feast of Pentecost, September 14, and December 13. 3d. The three Rogation Days, being the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before Holy Thursday, or the Ascen|sion of our Lord. 4th. All the Fridays in the year, except Christmas-Day.

In addition to the above, the first Thursday in November, (or, if any other Day be appointed by the Civil Authority, then such Day) shall be observed as a Day of Thanksgiving to Almighty God, for the Fruits of the Earth, and all other Blessings of his Merciful Providence.


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" I HIS Table contains so il of the Calendar as is necessary for the determining of Easter; to find which, look for the Golden Number of the year in the first column of the Table, against which stands the day of the Paschal Full-Moon; then look in the third column for the Sunday Letter, next after the day of the Full-Moon; and the day of the month standing against that Sunday Letter is Easter-Day. It the Full-Moon happen upon a Sunday, then (according to the first rule) the next Sunday after is Easter-Day. To find the Golden Number or Prime, add 1 to the year of our Lord, and then divide by 19: the remainder, if any, is the Gold. en Number; but if nothing re. main, then 19 is the Golden Number. To find the Dominical or Sunday Letter, according to the Calendar, from the year 1700 to

ble, is the Sunday Letter.

is, from the year 1800 till the year 1899, inclusive, add to the

1799 inclusive, add to the JTA year of our Lord its fourth old, part, omitting fractions, and 3'F also the number 1: Divides, E the sum by 7, and if there; 1) be no remainder, then A is 3 the Sunday Letter; but |jo any number remain, then! -

the Letter standing against that number in the small annexed Ta

For the present Century, that

current year only its fourth part, orrit fractions, divide the sum by 7, and against the remainder in the small annexed Table is th Sunday Letter. Note, That in all Bissextile or Leap-Years, the Letter found as above will be the Sunday Letter from the intercalated day exclusive, to the end of the year.

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Another TABLE to find Easter till the rear 1899, inclusive.

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THTO make use of the preceding Table, find the Sunday Letter for the Year in the uppermost Line, and the Golden Number, or Prime, in the Column of Golden Numbers, and, against the Prime, in the same Line, under the Sunday Lette, you have the Day of the Month on which Easter falleth that year. But, Note, That the Name of the Month is set on the left Hand, riust with the Figure, and followeth not as in other Tables, by descent, but collaterally.

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Years of o The Epact. Sunday | Easter-Day.

our Lord. l Number Letter.

1808 4 3 C B April 17

9 5 14 A 2

10 6 25 G 22

11 7 6 F 14

12 8 17 E D March 2

13 9 28 C April 18

14 10 9 B 10

15 11 20 A March 26

16 12 1 G F April 14

17 13 12 E. 6

18 14 23 D March 22

19 15 4. C April 11

20 16 15 B A 2

21 17 26 G 22

22 18 7 F 7

23 19 18 E. March 3

24 1 0 D C April 18

25 2 11 B 3

26 3 22 A March 26

27 4. 3 G April 15

28 5 14 F E 6

29 6 25 D 19

30 7 6 C 11

31 8 17 B 3

32 9 28 A G. 22

33 10 9 F 7

34 11 20 E March 30

35 12 1 D April 19

36 13 12 C B 3

37 14 23 A March 26

38 15 4. G April 15

39 16 15 F March 31

40 17 26 E D April 19

41 18 7 C 11

42 19 18 B March 27

43 1 O A April 16

44 2 11 G F 7

45 3 22 E. March 23

46 4. 3 ID April 12

47 5 14 C 4.

48 6 25 B A 23

49 7 6 G 8

50 8 17 F March 31

A TABLE of the Moveable Feasts, according to the several Days that East ER can possibly fall upon.

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Note, That in a Bissextile or Leap-Year, the Number of Sundays after Epiphany will be the same as if Easter-day had Hallen one Day later than it really does. And for the same Reason one Day must in every Leap-Year be added to the Day of the Month given by the Table for *:::::::: Sun. day, and for the first Day of Lent, unless it be in the month of March.

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