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" Here to the houseless child of want

My door is



« And though my portion is but scant,

“ I give it with good will.

“ Then turn to-night, and freely share

“ Whate'er my cell bestows; My rushy couch and frugal fare,

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“ My blessing, and repose.

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“ No flocks that range the valley free,

“ To slaughter I condemn; 6 Taught by that Power that pities me,

" I learn to pity them:

« But from the mountain's grassy side

“ A guiltless feast I bring; “ A scrip, with herbs and fruits supply'd,

« And water from the spring.

“ Then, pilgrim, turn, thy cares forego;

[blocks in formation]

And now, when busy crowds retire,

To take their evening rest,

The Hermit trimm'd his little fire,

And cheer'd his pensive guest:

And spread his vegetable store,

And gaily prest, and smil'd; And, skill'd in legendary lore,

The ling'ring hours beguil'd

Around, in sympathetic mirth,

Its tricks the kitten tries;

The cricket chirrups in the heart ;

The crackling faggot flies.

But nothing could a charm impart

To soothe the stranger's woe;

For grief was heavy at his heart,

And tears began to flow.

His rising cares the Hermit spy'd,

With answering care opprest: " And whence, unhappy youth,” he cry'd,

“ The sorrows of thy breast?

“ From better habitations spurn'd,

« Reluctant dost thou rove;

“ Or grieve for friendship unreturn'd,

“ Or unregarded love?

6 Alas! the joys that fortune brings,

“ Are trifling, and decay; " And those who prize the paltry things,

6 More trifling still than they.

And what is friendship but a name,

“A charm that lulls to sleep;

16 A shade that follows wealth or fame,

6 But leaves the wretch to weep?

« And love is still an emptier sound,

« The modern fair-one's jest;

“ On earth unseen, or only found

“ To warm the turtle's nest.

“ For shame, fond youth, thy sorrows hush,

“ And spurn the sex,” he said:

But while he spoke, a rising blush

His love-lorn guest betray'd.

Surpris'd he sees new beauties rise,

Swift mantling to the view;
Like colours o'er the morning skies,

As bright, as transient too.

The bashful look, the rising breast,


Alternate spread alarms:
The lovely stranger stands confest

A maid in all her charms.

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