Old Norse Stories

American Book Company, 1900 - 240 páginas
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Página 230 - They are gone — the lovely, the mighty, the hope of the ancient Earth : It shall labour and bear the burden as before that day of their birth : It shall groan in its blind abiding for the day that Sigurd hath sped, And the hour that Brynhild hath hastened, and the dawn that waketh the dead : It shall yearn, and be oft-times holpen, and forget their deeds no more, Till the new sun...
Página 192 - O Brynhild, now hearken while I swear, That the sun shall die in the heavens and the day no more be fair, If I seek not love in Lymdale and the house that fostered thee, And the land where thou awakedst 'twixt the woodland and the sea...
Página 215 - And then, when the blood of the Volsungs hath run with the Niblung blood, They kneel with their hands upon it and swear the brotherhood : Each man at his brother's bidding to come with the blade in his hand, Though the fire and the flood should sunder, and the very Gods withstand : Each man to love and cherish his brother's hope and will ; Each man to avenge his brother when the Norns his fate fulfill : And now are they foster-brethren, and in such wise have they sworn As the God-born Goths of aforetime,...
Página 213 - I hallow me to Odin for a leader of his host, To do the deeds of the Highest, and never count the cost: And I swear, that whatso great-one shall show the day and the deed, I shall ask not why nor wherefore, but the sword's desire shall speed: And I swear to seek no quarrel, nor to swerve aside for aught, Though the right and the left be blooming, and the straight way wend to nought...
Página 213 - By the Earth that groweth and giveth, and by all the Earth's increase That is spent for Gods and man-folk ; by the sun that shines on these ; By the Salt-Sea-Flood that beareth the life and death of men ; By the Heavens and Stars that change not, though earth die out again ; By the wild things of the mountain, and the houseless waste and lone ; By the prey of the Goths in the thicket and the holy...
Página 230 - Wail on, O women forsaken, for the mightiest woman born ! Now the hearth is cold and joyless, and the waste bed lieth forlorn. Wail on, but amid your weeping lay hand to the glorious dead, That not alone for an hour may lie Queen Brynhild's head : For here have been heavy tidings, and the Mightiest under shield Is laid on the bale high-builded in the Niblungs' hallowed field. Fare forth I for he abideth, and we do Allfather wrong, If the shining Valhall's pavement await their feet o'erlong.
Página 234 - ... Gold of the Waters he drew; How he wakened Love on the Mountain, and wakened Brynhild the Bright, And dwelt upon Earth for a season, and shone in all men's sight. Ye have heard of the Cloudy People, and the dimming of the day, And the latter world's confusion, and Sigurd gone away; Now ye know of the Need of the Niblungs and the end of broken troth, All the death of kings and of kindreds and the Sorrow of Odin the Goth.
Página 206 - And they sing of the golden Sigurd and the face without a foe, And the lowly man exalted and the mighty brought alow : And they say, when the sun of summer shall come aback to the land, It shall shine on the fields of the tiller that fears no heavy hand ; That the sheaf shall be for the plougher, and the loaf for him that sowed, Through every furrowed acre where the Son of Sigmund rode.
Página 48 - It was fashioned of various things : the noise made by the footfall of a cat, the roots of stones, the breath of fishes, the nerves of bears, and the spittle of birds.

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