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Savannah—20 Tuesday in Feb., May, Aug., and Nov.
ALA. N. DISTRICT. Huntsville-1st Monday in March and October.
ALA. S. DISTRICT. Mobile-1st Monday in May and December.
MississIPPI. Adams Co. Court House-4th Mond. in Jan. & June.
LA. E. DISTRICT. New Orleans-2d Monday in December.
LA. W. DISTRICT. Opelousas Court House-3d Monday in August.

E. DISTRICT. October.

Nashville4th Monday in May and November.
KENTUCKY. Frankfort—1st Monday in May and November.

Columbus—3d Monday in July, and 4th Monday in Ohio.

December. INDIANA.

Indianopolis-1st Monday in May and November. ILLINOIS.

Vandalia-30 Monday in June and November. MISSOURI.

Jefferson-1st Monday in March and September.

{ Knocible: - 30 Monday in April, and 24 Monday in


Circuit Courts.

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Portland 1st May ;-Wiscasset-1st October. N. HAMPSHIRE. Portsmouth-Sth May ;-Exeter-8th October. VERMONT.

Windsor-20th May ;-Rutland-—30 October. MASSACHUSETTS. Boston15th May, and 15th October. RHODE ISLAND. Newport15th June ;-Providence-15th November. CONNECTICUT.

New Haven-last Wednesday in April ;-Hartford,

17th September. New YORK. New York-last Monday in Feb., May, July, and Oct. NEW JERSEY. Trenton-1st April, and 1st October. PENNSYLVANIA. Philadelphia-11th April, and 11th October. DELAWARE. Newcastle & Dover, alternately, 30 June, & 27th Oct. MARYLAND. Baltimore—8th April, and 1st November. COLUMBIA.

Monday in May. VIRGINIA. Richmond—220 May, and 220 November. N. CAROLINA. Raleigh12th May, and 12th November. S. CAROLINA. Charleston--2d Tuesday, April;-Columbia-4th Mon

day, November.

Savannah-Thursday after the 1st Monday in May; GEORGIA.

-MilledgevilleThursday after the 1st Monday in

November. TENNESSEE.

Nashville—1st Monday, Sept. ;-Knoxville—20 Mon

day in October. KENTUCKY. Frankfort-Ist Monday in May and November. Ohio.

Columbus—20 Monday in July, & 3d Monday in Dec.

{ Warongest on Novemberdaya Mayori - Alexandria—1st


MINISTERS Plenipotentiary receive an annual salary of $9,000, besides $9,000 for an outfit. A Chargé d'Affaires receives a salary of $4,500, and a Secretary of Legation one of $2,000. These several officers are appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate.


Envoys ExtraordiForeign States. nary and Ministers State. Date. Salary. Secretaries of Legation. Salary.

Plenipotentiary. Great Britain, Louis McLane, Del. 1829. 9,000. Washington Irving, N.Y. 2,000. France,

Wm. C. Rives, Va. 1829. 9,000. Charles C. Harper, Md. 2,000. Russia, Henry Middleton, S. C. 1820. 9,000. B. T. Watts, s. c. 2,000. Spain, C. P. Van Noss, Vt. 1829. 9,000. Charles S. Walsh, Md. 2,000. Netherlands, Wm. P. Preble, Me. 1829. 9,000. Auguste Davezac, La. 2,000. Colombia, Th.P. Moore, Ken. 1829.9,000. J. Č. Pickett, Ken. 2,000.

Ch'gé d'Affaires.
Portugal, Th. L. L. Brent, Va. 1825. 4,500.
Sweden, Christo. Hughes, Md. 1819. 4,500.
Denmark, Henry Wheaton, N. Y. 1827. 4,500.
Mexico, Anthony Butler,

4,500. John Mason,

2,000. Brazil,

4,500. Cent. Rep. Am.

4,500. Buenos Ayres, J. M. Forbes, Fi. 1825. 4,500. Chili, Samuel Larned, R. I. 1828. 4,500. Peru,

Eman. J. West, lIl. 11829. 4,500.

FOREIGN MINISTERS NOW IN THE UNITED STATES. From Great Britain. Rt. Hon. Ch. R. Vaughan, Envoy Extr. and Min. Plenip. France. Count de Menou, Chargé d'Affaires. Russia. Baron Krudener, Envoy Extr. and Minister Plenipotentiary. Spain. Don Francisco Tacon, Minister Resident. Netherlands. Chevalier Bengeman Huygens, Env. Extr. and Min. Plenip, Portugal. Chevalier Torlade D'Azambuja, Chargé d'Affaires. Prussia. L. Neiderstetter, Chargé d'Affaires. Sweden. Baron Stackleburg, Chargé d'Affaires. Mexico. Don J. M. Tornell, Envoy Extr. and Min. Plenipotentiary. Chili.

Don Joaquin Campino, Minister Extr. and Plenipotentiary. Brazil.

De Araujo Ribeiro, Chargé d'Affaires.
Colombia. Don Xavier de Medina, Consul General, New York.

X. THE ARMY. THE military peace establishment of the United States was reduced by an act of Congress, of the 2d of March, 1821, from ten to six thousand men. The law went into operation the same year, on the first of June, and it remains unaltered. The army, as organized according to this law, is under the command of one major general and two brigadier generals ; and it consists of four regiments of artillery and seven regiments of infantry, comprising of the general staff, 119, of artillery 2,240, and of infantry 3,829—total 6,188 men,



Chief in command. Edmund P. Gaines, Brigadier General,

Major Gen. Brevet. Windfield Scott,

do. Roger Jones, Colonel,

Adjutant General. Thomas S. Jesup,

Brig. Gen., Maj. Gen. Bvt. Quarter Mast. Gen. John E. Wool, Colonel, Brig. Gen. Byt. Inspector General. George Croghan, Colonel,

do. George Gibson, Col., Br. Gen. Bvt.

Com. Gen. of Subsist Charles Gratiot, Colonel, Brig. Gen. Bvt.

Chief Engineer.

Compensation to Officers of the Army, including Pay, Subsistence,
Forage, Fuel, Quarters, and Expense for Servants.
Per month. Per ann.

Per month. Per. ann. Major General, 544,584, 6,535,00. Maj. of Staff, 176,49}, 2,117,92. \Brigadier General, 370,121, 4,441,50. Major, 182,831, 2,194,00. Adjutant General, 269,54, 3,234,48. Surgeon, 125,83}, 1,510,00. Inspector General, 233,04, 2,796,48. As't Surgeon, 102,373, 1,228,50. Com'y Gen. of Sub. 261,54, 3,138,48. Capt. of Ord. 142,873, 1,714,50. Col. of Ordnance, 261,54, 3,138,48. Captain, 132,87), 1,594,50. Lieut. Col. of Ord. 220,00, 2,640,00. Lieut. of Ord. 115,891, 1,390,74. Colonel,

246,54, 2,958,48. IstLieutenant, 112,564, 1,350,75. Lieut. Colonel, 205,00, 2,460,00./2d Lieutenant, 107,564, 11,290,75.

XI. MILITARY ACADEMY. THE Military Academy consists of the Corps of Engineers ; of one professor and an assistant professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy ; one professor and an assistant professor of Mathematics ; one professor and an assistant professor of the Art of Engineering in all its branches ; a chaplain and professor of ethics; a teacher of drawing; a surgeon; and a swordmaster. The number of cadets is limited to two hundred and fifty. They may be attached, at the discretion of the President of the United States, as students to the military academy, and become subject to its regulations. They are arranged in companies of non-commissioned officers and privates, for the purposes of military instruction. There are four musicians to each company; and the corps is trained and taught all the duties of a private, a non-commissioned officer, and an officer ; is encamped at least three months of each year, and instructed in all the duties incident to a regular camp. Candidates for cadets must not be under fourteen, nor above twentyone years of age ; and each cadet, previously to his appointment by the President, must be versed in reading, writing, and arithmetic, and must sign articles, with the consent of his parent and guardian, thereby engaging to serve five years, unless sooner discharged. The pay of a cadet is sixteen dollars per month, and two rations per day. When any cadet has received a regular degree from the academic staff, after going through all

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the classes, he is considered as among the candidates for a commission in
any corps, according to the duties he may be judged competent to perform;
and if there is not, at the time, a vacancy in such corps, he may be attached
to ït at the discretion of the President, by brevet of the lowest rank until a
vacancy shall happen. The military academy is seated at West Point, in
the State of New York, on the river Hudson. The chief engineer is, ex
officio, inspector of the military academy.

Sylvanus Thayer, Brevet Lieutenant Colonel, of the Corps of Engineers

Superintendent and Commandant.
David B. Douglass, A. M. Professor of Engineering.
Charles Mason, Brevet 2d Lieut. Corps of Engineers, Assistant do.
Charles Davies, A. M. Professor of Mathematics.
E. C. Ross, 1st Lieut. 4th Artillery, Assist. Professor of Mathematics.
L. B. Webster, 2d Lieut. 1st Artillery,


do. A. E. Church, 2d Lieut. 3d Artillery,


do. J. B. Smith, Brevet 2d Lieut. 4th Artillery, do.

do. C. W. Hackley, Brevet 2d Lieut. 2d Artillery, do.

do. 0. McK. Mitchell, Brevet 2d Lieut. 3d Artillery, do.

do. Roswell Park, Cadet, 2d Class,


Rev. Thomas Warner, Chaplain and Professor of Ethics.
Joseph A. Smith, Brevet 2d Lieut. 3d Artillery, Assistant Professor.
Edward H. Courtenay, Professor of Natural Philosophy.
Thomas J. Cram, 2d Lieut. 4th Artillery, Assistant Professor.
Claudius Berard, 1st Teacher of the French Language.
Joseph Du Commun, 2d Teacher of the French Language.
James Barnes, Brevet 2d Lieut. 4th Artillery, Assistant Teacher.
Thomas Gimbrede, Teacher of Drawing.
Theophilus B. Brown, 2d Lieut. 3d Artillery, Assistant Teacher.
Ethan A. Hitchcock, Capt. 1st Infantry, Instructer in Tactics and Com.

mandant of the Corps of Cadets.
Charles F. Smith, 2d Lieut. 2d Artillery, Assistant Instructer.
Lucian J. Bibb, 2d Lieut. 1st Artillery,

Joseph L. Locke, Brevet 2d Lieut. 2d Artillery, do.
Z. J. D. Kinsley, 1st Lieut. 3d Artillery, Instructer in Artillery.
William F. Hopkins, 20 Lieut. 4th Artillery, Acting Professor of Chem-

istry and Mineralogy.
William W. Mather, 2d Lieut. 7th Infantry, Assistant Professor.
Louis S. Simon, Sword-master.

John L. Gardner, Captain, 4th Artillery, Quarter Master.
Thomas J. Leslie, 1st Lieut. Corps of Engineers, Paymaster and Treas.
F. L. Griffith, Ist Lieut. 2d Artillery, Adjutant.
Doctor Walter V. Wheaton, Surgeon.


Name and Rate. Where and when built.

Where employed.
Ships of the Line. Gruns.
Independence, 74 Charlestown, 1814 In ordinary, at Boston.
Franklin, 74 Philadelphia, 1815 do. at New York.
Washington, 74 Portsmouth, 1816 do. at New York,
Columbus, 74 | Washington, 1819 do. at Boston.

74 New York, 1820 do. at New York. North Carolina, 74 Philadelphia, 1820 do. at Gosport. Delaware, 74 Gosport, Va. 1820 do. at Norfolk.

Frigates, 1st Class.
United Siates, 44 Philadelphia, 1797 In ordinary, at New York.
Constitution, 44 Charlestown, 1797 do. at New York.
Guerriere, 44 Philadelphia, 1814 In the Pacific.

44 Baltimore, 1814 In the Mediterranean. Potomac,

44 Washington, 1821 | In ordinary, at Washington. Brandywine, 44 | Washington, 1825 In the West Indies. Hudson,

44 Purchased, 1826 On the coast of Brazil. Frigates, 20 Class. Congress,

36 Portsmouth, 1799 Receiving Ship at Norfolk. Constellation, 36 Baltimore, 1797 | In the Mediterranean. Macedonian, 36 Captured, 1812 In ordinary, at Norfolk.

Sloops of War.
John Adams, 24 Charleston, S.C.1799 In ordinary, at Norfolk.

24 Captured, 1815 do. at Philadelphia. Erie,

18 Baltimore, 1813 In the West Indies. Ontario,

18 Baltimore, 1813 In the Mediterranean. Peacock,

18 New York, 1813 In the West Indies. Boston,

18 Charlestown, 1825 In ordinary, at New York. Lexington,

18 New York, 1825 In the Mediterranean. Vincennes,

19 New York, 1826 In the Pacific. Warren, 18 Boston,

1826 In the Mediterranean. Natchez,

18 Norfolk, 1827 In the West Indies. Falmouth, 18 Charlestown, 1827 In the West Indies. Fairfield,

18 New York, 1828 In the Mediterranean.
Vandalia, 18 Philadelphia, 1828 On the coast of Brazil.
St. Louis, 18 Washington, 1828 In the Pacific.

18 Portsmouth, 1828 Fitting out at Portsmouth.
Schooners, &c.

12 Philadelphia, 1821 In the Pacific.
Grampus, 12 Washington, 1821 | In the West Indies.
Porpoise, 12 Portsmouth, 1820 In ordinary, at Norfolk.

12 Washington, 1821 In the West Indies. Fox,

3 Purchased, 1823 Used as a receiv'g ship at Balt. Alert, (store ship) Captured, 1812


Norfolk. Sea Gull, (galliot) Purchased, 1823



The number of Captains in the Navy List is 37; Masters Commandant 33 ; Lieutenants 253.

The United States have 7 Navy Yards, viz. at Portsmouth, N. H., Charlestown, Mass., on Long Island near the city of New York, at Philadelphia, at Washington, at Gosport, Va., and at Pensacola.

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