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Borthwick, Lord, one of the queen's tions for his divorce, 218-sentence of
party, iv. 377, note.

it pronounced, ib.-commission issued
Borthwick Castle, style of, iii. 434-flight by the queen regarding it, 221–the

of the queen and Bothwell to, iv. 234 alleged ground of consanguinity, ib.-
their escape from it, ib.—the battering the alleged dispensation, 223, and note
of, by Cromwell, vii. 45, note.

his return to Edinburgh, 224-the
Boston, Rev. T., discovery of The “ declaration" of the queen's liberty,
Marrow of Modern Divinity' by, viii. ib.--created Duke of Orkney, ib.-pre-
400—his Fourfold State,' 401.

parations for the marriage, ib.-procla-
Bothgowan, the scene of the slaughter of mation of the banns, and conduct of
King Duncan, i. 343.

Craig regarding this, 225-the marriage-
Bothwell, Earl, joins the English, iii. 150 contract, &c., 226—the marriage, 227-
-arrest of Wishart by, 253.

Sir James Melville's interview with him
Bothwell, Earl, said by Leslie to have that day, ib.-the scene of the mar-

accompanied Queen Mary from France, riage, 228—their early married life, ib.
iv. 18, note -- his alleged plot with -flight to Borthwick Castle, 234-his
Artan for the seizure of the queen, 84 escape from it, is joined by the queen,
et seq.-impeached for it, 85—his trial and flees to Dunbar, ib.—the confede-
for the conspiracy with Arran, 110 racy against him, 235-loses Edinburgh
joins the queen after her marriage, 125– Castle, 230-proclamation of the con-
notice of his influence by Castelnau, 129 federates against him, 238—his march
-his marriage to Lady Jane Gordon, against them, and forces raised, 230
126, 138-increasing favour with the position at Carberry Hill, 240 - Le
queen, 140min Holyrood during the Croc's attempts to mediate, 241 et seq.
murder of Rizzio, 147—his escape from -the conferences there, 245 et seq.
the palace, 150–the queen's first indi. his flight and surrender of the queen,
cation of her love to him, 162, 173—his 246—his treatment of the queen, 247-
position, character, &c., 163-estates her expressed determination to adhere
and offices conferred on him, ib. et seq. to him, 251 et seq.—the casket letters,

his personal appearance, 174-his 252 et seq.-his flight to Orkney, 463
rank and means, ib.-his ancestry, and his escape to Denmark, and ultimate
their connections with royalty, ib. - fate there, 464 et seq.--his confession,
his services to the queen, 175-his pre 470—Professor Schiern's work on his
dominance at Court, ib.--wounded in a residence in Denmark, 472, note-Queen
Border fray, and the queen's visit to Mary agrees to divorce him, 435-ex-
him, 176 et seq.-on the proposed divorce cepted from truce of 1572, V. 73-Crown
of the queen from Darnley, 179-super jewels, &c., given by Mary to him, 155
intends the baptism of the prince, 181 -questionableness of the mummy said
his movements and proceedings on

to be his body, 473.
the night of Darnley's murder, 188 et Bothwell, the second Earl of, his parent-
seg.-informs the queen of her hus age, &c., v. 281-his first attempt to
band's death, 191-his report to Mel. seize the king, 282—again at Falkland,
ville of Darnley's death, ib., note-his ib. — and again, 283 — and again at
first proceedings after the murder, 194 Leith, ib.-his after-life, ib.-his popu-
-the ambassadors of France, &c., re larity, 284-English rumours regarding
fused inspection of the body, ib.-de him," ib. — proceedings of Huntly
nounced in the placards as one of the against him, 289.
murderers, 196—the feudal superiority Bothwell, Adam, Bishop of Orkney, the
of Leith conferred on him, 198-attends marriage ceremony between the queen
Mary to Seton, 199-their amusements, and Bothwell performed by, iv. 227–
&c., there, ib.-denounced, and his trial performs the anointing at the corona-
demanded by Lennox, and agreed to by tion of James VI., 284-deposed for his
the queen, 202-his arrogance and vio part in the marriage of the queen, 327–
lence, 203—his rapid advancement, and one of the commissioners to York, 417
first hints of the marriage, 204-his --at the formal accusation of the queen,
anger against the remonstrants, 206 440, note--a member of the Parliament
the proceedings on his trial, 208 et seq. of 1582, v. 188.

its results, 210 et seq.-challenge by Bothwell Bridge, the battle of, vii. 234.
him after his trial, 211-declaration ob. Bothwell Castle, the ruins of, ii. 99--cap-
tained by him from Parliament regard ture of, by the Scots, 324.
ing the Church, 212-emoluments con- Boundary question, commission to settle
ferred on him, 213-his wealth and it, ii. 9.
power at this time, 214 – the band Bournezel, the Lord of, his embassy to
recommending him as husband to the Scotland, ii. 350.
queen, 215-carries her off on her re- Boutot, M., made governor of Orkney,
turn from Stirling, 216 et seq.-prepara. iii. 286.

Bower, account of the coronation of Brandubh, legend of, i. 253, note.

Alexander III. by, ii. 21, note - ac- Brandy, importations into the Thames
count of the martyrdom of Reseby by, from Scotland, and their seizure, viii.

207-settlement of the question, 208.
Bower, Laird, implicated in the Gowrie Brankstone or Flodden, battle of, iii. 77.
Conspiracy, v. 346, 416 et seq.

Brantôme, accompanies Queen Mary to
Bower or Bowmaker, Walter, one of the Scotland, and his account of the

writers of the Scotichronicon, iii. 414. voyage, iv. 18—his account of Chate-
Bowes, Sir Robert, raid into Scotland lar, 86, 88.

by, and his defeat, iii. 182—during Branxholm, destroyed by the English, v.
Hertford's second raid, 241-account 24.
of the struggle for possession of James Braun on the name Culdee, i. 394, note.
VI., V. 163 et seq. --efforts to prevent Braxfield, Lord, on forest laws, ii. 77,
civil war, 164 — sent on mission to note.
counteract Aubigné, 171 et seq.-his Bread, old regulations regarding, ii. 105.
reception, 173 et seq.-hís recall, 1754 Breadalbane, as one of the heads of the
efforts to save Morton, 178–instruc. Campbells, vi. 37.
tions regarding the king, 182-account Breadalbane, the Earl of, implicated in
of the Doune Castle plot, 185–conver the Montgomery Plot, vii. 348-his
sation with Ruthven, ib.-sent as am proposals regarding the Highlands, 395
bassador after the Ruthven Raid, 189 -his negotiations with the chiefs, 396,
et seq.-gifts to the conspirators, 190 397–his suspected treachery, 398—the
account of the plots, and final dismissal Massacre of Glencoe, 402 et seq. -
of Lennox, 192 et seq.-curious confer charged with high treason for the mas-
ences with the king, 193—the associa sacre, 410-his policy as to the French
tion project, 195 et seq.-negotiations descent in 1708, viii. 199-measures
regarding the casket letters, 198 - against, 1714, 2524his conduct in 1715,
rumours sent by him to England, 199, 267-sketch of him, 314, note.

Breadalbane men, the, in the rising of
Boyds, rise of the, under James III., iii. 1715, viii. 257, 258.

6-honours, estates, &c., appropriated Brechin, the abbot of the Culdees of, i.
by, 7-their fall, 12.

398-bishopric of, founded by David I.,
Boyd, Sir Alexander, tutor to James III., 442-the round tower at, ii. 104-an.

iii. 6-carries off the king to Edinburgh, cient bridge at, 110-Castle of, taken
7-his fall and execution, 12.

by Edward I., 219 - Cathedral, the
Boyd, Thomas, created Earl of Arran, architecture of, iii. 431-success of the
and married to the king's sister, iii. 8 king's party at, v. 35-Bishop of, uses
his fall and flight, 12-his subsequent Laud's Service-book, vi. 157-James
fate, 13, and note.

VIII. proclaimed at, viii. 263.
Boyd, Lord, iii. 6-guardian of the king, Bremeníum, now called High Rochester,
&c., 1-his fall and flight, 12.

i. 20, note, 31.
Boyd, Lord, one of the queen's party, iv. Brereton, Sir William, his sketch of

377, note-one of Mary's commissioners Edinburgh, vii. 105 — and of other
at York, 415—commission from Queen towns in Scotland, 107 et seq.
Mary to sue out her divorce from Both. Bretagne, John de, appointed Lieutenant
well, 435-indemnity to, v. 117.

of Scotland, ii. 231-driven out by the
Boyd, George, indicted for riot at Holy. Scots, 243.
rood, iv. 75.

Bretagne, origin of the province of, L
Boyd, Wm., his motives and views in - 44.

conforming to the Establishment, vii. Brets and Scots, the ancient laws of the,

ii. 62-cancelled by Edward I., 232.
Boyd, Zachary, his metrical version of Brett, Captain, engagement with the
the Psalms, v

Pretender's force, viii. 434.
Boyer d'Egville, the Marquis, in 1745,

Breviaries, various, vi. 4.
viii. 480.

Breviary, the Romish, the source of the
Brabazon, Roger, Chief Justice to Ed. Reformed Liturgies, iv. 329-of Aber-
ward I., ii. 118.

deen, the, i. 264, and note printed by
Bracelet, gold, ancient, i., 122, note. Chepman, iii. 425-commemoration of
Braemar, the gathering at, in 1715, viii.

the medieval saints and their miracles
257 et seq.

in, iii. 329 et seq.
Braemar Castle, viii. 260, uote-destrue. Bribery, the charge of, in connection
tion of, vii. 371.

with the Union, viii. 178 et seq.-the
Brahe, steen, and Boergen, witnesses to parliamentary investigation into it,
Bothwell's confession, iv. 472.

Brand, Rev. John, charged by the Pres. Bridge, a member of the Westminster
byterians with defection, v. 333.

Assembly, vi. 388.

Bridge of Dee, the affair of the, vi. 252.
Bridges, early, ii. IIO.
Brienne, John de, second husband of

Mary de Coucy, ii. 26.
Briggs, Henry, on Napier's discovery,

vii. 97.
Brigham, the meeting of the Scots

Estates at, ii. 48-the composition of
the Estates at, 81-treaty of, renounced
by John Baliol, 159—how represented

by Edward I., 214.
Brissot, the murder of, v. 37.
Britain, first notices of Christianity in

connection with, i. 42-changed char-
acter of the struggle in, 43—the Ro-
manised inhabitants of the south, ib.

-the troops furnished by, 44—its final
abandonnent, 47.
Britannia, first appearance of figure on

coinage, i. 26.
Britannicus, surname of, first bestowed

on Hadrian, i. 26.
British American colonies, proclamation

by them against the Darien colonists,

viii. 49.
British Linen Company's Bank, the, viii.

British constitution, the peculiarities of

its growth, iii. 386.
Britons, the, confined to Cornwall,

Wales, &c., i. 181-displaced from the
former, 182-their custom of painting
themselves in war, 197—their kingdom

of Strathclyde and its history, 279 et seq.
Brodie, the Laird of, one of the commis-

sioners to Charles II., vii. 9.
Brodir, a Norse chief, i. 315.
Broichan, a Magus, contest of St Co-

lumba with, i. 220, 221.
Broken men” in the Highlands, what,

iii. 63.
Bromley, Thomas, V. 107.
Bronze implements found in Scotland, i.

119 et seq.
Brooches, * &c., Roman, i. 58—ancient,

Brosse, the Sieur de la, iii. 226-aid

brought from France by, 220.
Broughty Castle, siege and capture of,

by the Scots, iii. 278.
Broun, John, of Wamphray, vii. 78.
Brown, Sir A., mission to the Borders,

iii. 216.
Brown, John, of Priestfield, his execu-

tion, vii. 251 et seq.
Brown, the founder of the Brownists,

and his sect, vi. 123.
Brownists, their increase, views, &c., vi.

Bruce, Edward, siege of Stirling Castle

by, íi. 261, 271-his invasion of Ireland,

and death, 273, 274 et seq.
Bruce, Marjory, daughter of King Robert,
Bruce, Nigel, capture and execution of,

ii. 245.

Bruce, Robert de, at the battle of the
Standard, i. 437–alleged arrangement
with Alexander II. as to his succession,
ii. 13, and note the race of, 13-his
claim to the crown on the death of
Alexander III., 43-one of the Scots
commissioners at Salisbury, 47- his
first proceedings on the death of the
Maid of Norway, 116-summoned to
the meeting of Barons at Norham, 117
-accepts King Edward's superiority,
122-nature of his claim to the crown,
129—the alleged settlement by Alex-
ander II., 130, and note-arbiters ap-
pointed between him and Baliol, 133
-decision against him, 145 et seq.-his
pleadings, 148 et seq.-lawsuit appealed
to Edward I. by him, 160--his death,

Bruce, Robert, his policy on the rising

of Wallace, ii. 186 et seq.-surrenders
to the English, 187-his flight from
the English Court, 233-his parentage
and previous life, 234 et seq.-compe-
tition with Comyn, 236-league with
Lamberton, 237–his danger from this,
and flight, 238—meeting with the Red
Comyn, and death of the latter, 239 et
seq. his coronation, 24 et seq.-ex-
communicated, 243-defeated at Meth-
ven, 247—and by John of Lorn, 248–
his personal prowess in the last battle,
251 -defeats Percy, 249-victory at
Loudon Hill, ib.-his character and
habits, 250 et seq.-various adventures,
252-escape from a bloodhound, ib.-
joined by Lord James Douglas, 2534
defeats the Earl of Buchan, 255-cap-
ture of various castles, &c., 256—truce
with England, 257-adherence of the
clergy to him, ib. coerced homage
by him, 258, note-disregard by the
Scots of the truce, 261 - battle of
Bannockburn, 263 et seq.-his courtesy
to the prisoners, 270-incursions into
England, and efforts for peace, 272-
adjustment of the succession, 273 et
seq.-proceedings and negotiations with
the Pope, 275 et seq.-capture of Ber-
wick, 278-its defence against the Eng.
lish, 279-invasions and successes in
England, 281-truce with England, 282
-renewed negotiations with the Pope,
and appeal to him, ib, et seq.-renewal
of war, 288-invasion by Edward II.,
and its defeat, 289 et seq.-England
again invaded, 290—secret negotiations
with the northern English barons, 291
et seq.---final truce with England, 294
-mission of Randolph to the Pope,
and its success, 294 et seq.-treaty with
France, 296-renewal of war with Eng-
land, and successful invasion, 298 et
seq.-peace concluded, and his title
acknowledged, 303-treaty of North-
ampton, ib.--conspiracy against him,

Hure of vatand, 257

coercend by the

Paus FOCE 27dele

adjustaceeding seg.calinst the be in

ii. 273.

307–birth of a son, ib.-his death, and note-account of the state of Edin-
veneration with which regarded, 308 burgh after Darnley's murder, 197.
the burghs first represented in Parlia note his interpretation of the abduc-
ment under him, 90-endowment of tion of the queen, 217, note-his ac-
Melrose Abbey by, iii. 430.

count of Bothwell's divorce, 222 and
Bruce, Earl of Carrick, ii. 234-his mar note-his Detection of the Doings of

riage, ib., note-a member of the Scots Queen Mary,' publication of the casket
Council, 230, and note.

letters in, 253-arguments against his
Bruce, Lord Edward, v. 353.

being the forger of the casket letters,
Bruce, Dr, his work on the Roman wall, and general character of his Detection,
i. 20, 27, 28, note.

273 et seq.-its exaggerations, &c., 275
Bruce, John, his edition of 'Borough's -his change of view with regard to
Notes of the Ripon Treaty,' &c., vi. the queen, 277-named as one of the
294 note, 295 note, 311 note.

censors of the press, 322—first “Mo-
Bruce, Rev. Robert, dispute with James derator" of the Assembly, 326–present

VI., v. 280—his conduct regarding the at the York Commission, 424-his ac-
Gowrie Conspiracy, 239—discussions count of Morton's mission to London,
with the king on it, 340 et seq. - his 100, 101, note-lampoon on Lething-
writings, vii. 79.

ton ascribed to him, 130, and note-as
Bruce, Isabella, married to Eric of Nor. tutor to James VI., 135— Melville's
way, ii. 114, note.

character of him, ib.-his treatment of
Bruce, Sir William, viii. 542.

the young king, 136/his character as
Brud, King, notices of, i. 219, 220–St a scholar, 137-his work on the Rights

Columba's mission to, 256, 260, 281.. of the Scots Crown, 138 et seq.-his
Brunenburgh, the battle of, i. 335.

History, 139 - the dedication of his
Brunstone, the Laird of, a leader in the tragedy of Baptistes, ib., note-dis-
plot against Beaton, iii. 258, 260.

like of the king to his constitutional
Brutus, the fabulous conqueror of Britain, views, 140_his last days and death,
ii. 212.

and character of his works, 210 et seq.
Buccaneers, the parallel between them -his History, its completion and char-

and the Darien colonists, viii. 46 et acter, 211–his ‘De Jure Regni' con-

demned after the Restoration, vii. 156.
Buccleuch, the Laird of, at the battle of Buchanan of Arnprior, executed, viii.
Ancrum, iii. 236-curious interview be-

tween him and Wharton, 237—saves Buckinghain, the Duke of, allowed by
Morton during the attack on Stirling, the Covenanters to attend Charles II.,
V. 41.

vii. 14.
Buchan, the Earl of, one of the guardians Buddhism, attempt to connect the sculp-

on the death of Alexander III., his tured stones with, i. 146– and the
death, ii. 43.

Norse mythology, 231.
Buchan, the Earl of, a supporter of Ed. Bull, Stephen, defeated by Sir Andrew

ward I., ii. 236, noté-defeated by Bruce, Wood, iii. 69 et seq.

Bulmer, Sir William, letter to Wolsey
Buchan, the Earl of, his victory at regarding the “erection" of James V.,
Beaugé, ii. 398.

iii. 100.
Buchan, the Earl of, in the secret em. Burgess, Dr, in the Westminster Assem-

ployment of Henry VII., iii. 30, 31, bly, vi. 386.
note-his life spared, 37-& party Burgesses, laws regulating wager of battlo
plot for seizure of James IV., 39

among, ii. 68–in the Parliament of
Buchan, the Countess of, coronation of 1640, vi. 283.

Bruce by, ii. 241-revenge taken by Burgh'or borough, origin of name, ii. 86.
Edward on her, 242..

Burgh franchise, the early, ii. 92.
Buchan, General, sent to command the Burgh-on-the-Sands, death of Edward I.

insurgent Highlanders in 1690, vii. at, ii. 246.

390-his defeat at Cromdale, 391. . Burghead, attempts to identify the
Buchanan, George, his History of Scot. “Winged Camp" with, i. 62, note ---

land, i. 17, note, iii. 101, noto account ancient well at, ib.
of Albany's expedition from, 104, note Burgher corporations, the ancient code
-his account of the siege of Werk, of, ii. 65.
107, note-his Epithalamium for Queen Burgh-moor, encampment of infected on
Mary, 292-characteristics of his His it during the plague, v. 9, note.
tory, 415—its political influence and Burghs, or so-called Danish towers, the,
importance, 416 et seq.-his account of i. 91 et seq.
Rizzio, iv. iii-his account of the pro Burghs, royal, ii. 84—those of regality
posed divorce of Darnley, 170—his pic and of barony, 85-earliest charters,
iure of the house at Kirk-of-Field, 186, &c., of, 88—their first representation

269-revelation of supposed plot to,
vií. 343-exempted from Jacobite in-
demnity, 347 — during the debate on
the Union Act, viii. 193, 194—his an-

nals, 555.
“Burning of Frendraught," the, vi. 209.
Burning the dead, traces of, in Scotland,

i. 105 et seq.-denounced by the Church,
108 et seq. - ceremonial attending it,

109, note.
Burning Bush, the symbol of, adopted

from the Huguenots, iv. 340.
Burns, improvement of Scots songs by,

vii. 92.
Burntísland, riot headed by women at,

1615, vi. 153, note.
Burt, Captain, engineer officer under

Wade, viii. 370, 371.
Bushell, Captain, the case of, viii. 355 et

seq.-condemned but pardoned, 356.
Butchers, old regulations regarding, ii.

Byng, Sir George, force under, for inter-

cepting the French descent in 1707,

viii. 203-defeats it, 204.
Byrthensack, ancient law of, ii. 69.
Byssets, the feud of, with the Lord of

Athole, ii. 16-their head appeals to
the English king, 17.

in Parliament, 89—their aspect, archi.
tecture, &c., before the great war, 96—
repeated burnings of, 97-represented
in the treaty of Baliol with France,
165—their early representation in Par.

liament, iii. 386.
Burgundy, the Duchess of, and Perkin

Warbeck, iii. 45, 49, note.
Burial, dues exacted by the Church on.

iii. 323 — directions of the Book of
Common Order regarding, iv. 345 et

Burial cairns in Scotland, i. 104-urns,

105—their probable era, 108.
Burleigh, Lord, efforts to detach Scot-

land from the treaty of France, iii. 298
-plans of, for aiding the Scots Reform
ers, 359-communications with Kirk.
caldy of Grange, 360_efforts to secure
the co-operation of Knox, ib.-his diffi-
culties, and communications between
them, 361 et seq. — urges assistance
being given to the Scots Reformers,
364-on the creation of Darnley King
of the Scots, iv. 121-instructions to
Throckmorton from, after the queen's
abdication, 301-urges the danger to
Queen Mary of intervention, 304-views
as to the restoration of Queen Mary,
370 et seq.-his perplexities after Mary's
flight to England, and paper on the
subiect. 385his account of Lord Her-
ries's negotiations on behalf of Queen
Mary, 397-answer to Murray and the
Scots Council, 404-on Mary's with-
holding all resignation of the crown of
England, 410-a member of the com-
mission on Queen Mary, 431-letter
from him condemning Kirkcaldy's pro-
ceedings in Edinburgh, v. 46-motives
of his policy towards the king's and
queen's parties during the civil war,
72-orders the surrender of Kirkcaldy
and Lethington to Morton, 125-in-

structions sent regarding Aubigné, 172.
Burleigh, Lord, President of the Parlia-

ment of 1640. vi. 282–in the Parlia.

ment of 1641, 326.
Burley, see Balfour.
Burne, Nicol, his controversial works, vi.

8, and note.
Barnet. Bishop, his account of Lord

Nithsdale's mission, vi. 77 on the
trial, &c., of Balmerinoch, 98-on the
lukewarmness of the Scots lawyers for
the king, 198_account of alleged agree-
ment between the Parliamentarians
and the Scots, 298 - his account of
Montrose's defection, 332–his account
of the Whigamores' Raid, 413, note
-his account of the battle of Dunbar,
vii. 24, note - character of Robert
Douglas by, 135, note-and of Sharp,
140 — his account of Lauderdale's
policy, 179–interview with Sharp, 200
--a refugee with William of Orange,

Cadogan, General, joins Argyle in 1715,

viii. 324.
Cadomo, Johannes de, notary public at

the meeting at Norham, ii. 118 and

note, 121, note.
Caerlaverock Castle, the ruins of, ii. 99

- its siege and capture by Edward
I., 214 et seq. - death of James V.
at, iii. 183— surrendered to Hertford,

Cæsar, his invasion of England, i. 2-
notices by him of the Britons painting
themselves for war, 197—his references
to the Druids and Druidism, 211-his
account of the ships of the Veneti, 308,

Cairnbeth, the supposed site of Mac-

beth's death, i. 347, note.
Cairns, burial, in Scotland, i. 104-cham-

bered, 101-attempts to classify them,

I10, 126, note.
Caithness, prehistoric remains in, i. 113

-Norse settlements in, 319-bishopric
of, founded by David I., 442-recep-
tion of King Haco in, ii. 32 - the
Bishop of, appointed by Edward I.
Lord Chancellor, 135—the Bishop of,
under James VI., his difficulties, v.
455 et seq.-the Earl of, a member of
the Romanist party, iv. 11-one of the
councillors who direct Bothwell's trial,
208-chancellor of the jury at it, 210
his arbitrary proceedings toward the

bishop, v. 455.
Cakemuir, flight of Mary from Borthwick

to, iv. 235.

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