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opposition to it, ib.—the Scots sub- Airlie, the Master of, joins the Pretender,
scription to it, ib. et seq.--the Glasgow viii. 459.
subscription, 29 - total subscription Airlie Castle, the burning of, vi. 323.
and analysis of it, 31 et seq.-absence of Alava, Spanish ambassador in France,
jobbing in it, 32 — sanguine expecta- communications from, regarding mar-
tions through the country, 33--"Com riage between Don Carlos and Queen
mittee of Improvements," ib. -atten- Mary, iv, 97.
tion paid to manufactures, &c., 34– Albania, the Scottish Dalriada so called,
warehouses erected, 35—their system i. 207.
of book-keeping, 36, note-attempt to

the poem called, viii. 547.
increase their capital by extension of Albano, court of the Pretender at, viii.
stock abroad, 36 et seq. - English op- 343.
position to them there, 37-addresses Albany, the Duke of, brother of Robert
to the king, and his reticence, ib.-final III., ii. 372–his inactivity against the
answer of the king, 38 et seq.-history English, 377—the plot against the Duke
of the Darien Expedition, 40 et seq. of Rothesay, and his death, 380-be.
second expedition sent out, 52-and comes governor of the kingdom, 381--
third, 53— feeling caused by the con army collected by him to aid Percy
duct of England and the king, ib.-ex against Henry IV., 382 — supports a
pedition under Campbell of Finab, 54 supposed Richard II., 383-suspected
-capitulation to the Spaniards, 57 of collusion in the capture of James I.,
the failure of the colony the practical 384-regent after the death of Robert
destruction of the Company, 58-bank III., 385-martyrdom of Reseby under
ing business started by, and its failure, him, 386—warfare on the borders, ib.
68—resolutions regarding it in the Es-

the battle of Harlaw, 392_founda-
tates of 1702, 81-discussions between tion of University of St Andrews, and
the Union commissioners regarding it, his death, 394 et seq. -- his character,
83-seizure of one of their vessels by 395 et seq.
the East India Company, 105-retalia- Albany, the Duke of, brother of James
tion on the Worcester, 106—terms of III., 'iii. 20-imprisonment at Edin-
the Union regarding it, 132-its share burgh, and escape, 21-the process of
holders to be repaid out of the Equiva forfeiture against him, ib. — alliance
lent, 133—the debate in the Scots Par with England, &c., ib. --reconciled to
liament on it, 168 et seq.-proportion his brother, his treason, and flight to
of the Equivalent allotted to it, 188. England, 28, 29—the Michael sold to
African Company, the English, viii. 20. France by him, 72— his position in
Agnew, Sir Andrew, in 1745, viii. 486. France, 85 - arrival in Scotland as
Agricola, his invasion of Scotland, i. i et regent, 87-his character, &c., ib.

seq.—the Forth and Clyde chosen as hostilities with Angus, 89-execution
his boundary, 4-his invasion of the of Lord Home, and his return to
territory north of this, 6-the battle of France, 91-measures for government,
the Mons Grampius, 6-his recall, 7 &c., in his absence, ib. - arranges
references of native authors to his treaty with France, 04 - efforts to
campaigns, 11 — the site of his great bring him back to Scotland, 95-his
battle, 13 et seq. camps assigned to return and unpopularity, 96- his ex-
him, 21-no coins connected with his pulsion demanded by Henry VIII., 97
name found, ib.

-answer of the Estates to this, 08
Agriculture, state of, before the great army collected under him, 100-its

war, ii. 107-state of, 1688-1748, viii. 508. movement to the Border, ib.—and fail.
Ahmed Iber Fozlan, account of the in ure, 101-his return to France, 102-

cremation of a Norse chief by, i. 109, again in Scotland with French auxili-

aries, 104-force assembled under him,
Aidan, King of Dalriada, i. 288-freed 105-repulsed before Wark, and dis-
from tribute to Ireland, 289.

persion of his force, 107–his final de-
Aidan, St, his mission to Northumbria, parture, 108 et seq.

and foundation of Lindisfarne, i. 297— Alberoni,' Cardinal, threatened invasion

see St Aidan.
Aikenhead, Thomas, the case of, and his Albin, the old name for Scotland, i. 19.
execution, viii. 76 et seq.

Albinus, his overthrow by Severus, i. 39.
Aikman, W., the painter, viii. 537.

Alcluyd or Dumbarton, see Dumbarton.
Ailred of Rievaulx, the Chronicle of, iii. Alcuin or Dumbarton, the capital of

412-account of the invasion of Eng Strathclyde, ii. 52.
land and battle of the Standard by, i. Ale, proposed' duty on, and resistance to

it, viii. 353.
Airds Moss, the defeat of the Covenanters Alexander I., accession and reign of, i.
at, vii. 236.

387 — formation of bishopric of 'st

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by, 1719, viii. 340for Scotland, i. 19:


Andrews by, 418 — measures regard. Amboglanna, supposed modern name of,
ing it, 420 et seq.-his efforts for the i. 20, note.
Catholic revival of the Church, 424 Ambrosius, a traditional British prince,
--founds the Monastery of Inchcolin, i. 169.

America, the French colonies in, vi. 64.
Alexander II., his accession, and war American plantations, the “apprentice-

with John of England, ii. 7-treaty ship" system in the, viii. 7.
with Henry III., and lands assigned Ammianus Marcellinus, notices of the

him in England, 8-troubles in the Scots and Picts by, i. 45 et seq.
· north, 104-alleged arrangement by him Amphibalus, traditional Bishop of the

as to the succession of Bruce, 12-in- Isles, i. 391.
vasion of England, 17-treaty of New Amundesham, Walter de, ii. 135.
castle, 18-his death, ib.-law regard- Amville, the Marshal d', .accompanies
ing theft under, 66 - statute of, as Queen Mary to Scotland, iv. 18-an

showing the germ of Parliament, 81. admirer of the queen, 83
Alexander III., accession of, ii. 20—his Analysis, true province of, i. ini, and

coronation at Scone, 21-his marriage note.
to Margaret of England, 24-govern. Ancrum, battle of, iii. 236-effect of it on
ment during his minority, 25-the in. Henry VIII., 240
vasion of King Haco, and its defeat, 32 Anderson, Adam, the “Origin of Com.
et seq.-cession of the Hebrides, &c., merce" by, viii. 15, note.
to him, 36—marriage of his daughter Anderson, James, the Archæologist, viii.
to the Prince of Norway, 37-adjust 553 — refutation of the superiority
inent of Church matters, ib, birth of claim by, 109-reward voted to him,
a son, 40-forged entry of alleged hom Ira
age to England, 41-death of his chil. Anderson, Joseph, instance of increma-
dren, and dangers thence arising, 42 tion furnished by, i. 109.

his second marriage and death, ib. 43. Anderson, Patrick, censorship of poems
Alexander, son of Alexander III., his by, iv. 321.
birth, ii. 40-his death, 42.

Andreas, Captain, a so-called Indian
Alexander, Prince, brother of James V., chief, viii. 46, note.
his death, iii. 97.

Aneurin, the Welsh bard, i. 180.
Alexander, 'brother of King Robert, the Angles, name of, to whom applied, ii. 51.

“Wolf of Badenoch," ii. 390 et seq.- Anglo-Saxons, the, their establishment
destroys Elgin Cathedral, &c., ib.

in Britain, i. 181-their barbarism as
Alexander of Ísla, co-operates with the compared with the Irish Celts, 296
Irish rebels, iii. 155.

their migrations into Scotland on the
Alexander, John, the painter, viii. 536. Conquest, 373.
Alexander, Sir William, sée Stirling, Angus, rise of the house of, and their
Earl of.

hostility to the elder branch, ii. 429.
Alexander III., Pope, interferes on be- Angus, the Earl of (“Bell-the-Cat"),

half of the Scots Church, ii. 4- his defeat of the elder Douglases by, ii.
death, 6.

429-and again, 432_wounded before
Alford, battle of, vi. 372.

Roxburgh Castle, 435-heads the affair
Alfred, laws, &c., attributed to, ii. 58. at Lauder bridge, iii. 27 et seq.-secret
Alfrid, Prince, i. 271.

treaty with Henry VII., 39.
Allan of Galloway, becomes High Con. Angus, the Earl of, married to Queen

stable, ii. 11-descent of Baliol from, Margaret, iii. 85-feud with Albany,

and his escape to England, 89-efforts
Allan ni Fitz Allan, the family name of of for supremacy, 04 - defeat of the
the Stewards, ii. 344.

Hamiltons, 95-seizes Edinburgh, ib.
Allectus, usurpation of the empire in -takes refuge in France, 103-hatred
Britain by, i. 41.

of the queen, and policy of Wolsey re-
Allexius, Papal legate, ii. 5.

garding him, 118-divorced from Queen
Alnwick, capture of William the Lion at, Margaret, 136 - returns to Scotland,
i. 446.

137-gets possession of the king, 138-
Alston the botanist, viii. 553.

escape of the latter, and his struggle
Altachoylachan, or Glenlivet, the battle with Arran, &c., 139–his defence of
of, v. 294.

Tantallon, ib, and note-animosity of
Alva, the Duke of, his conference with the king to him, and his flight to Eng-

Catherine at Bayonne, iv. 132 et seq. land, 140, 141-takes part in Northum-
on the policy of Scotland as a member berland's raid, 154-execution of his
of the league, 136.

sister, Lady Glammis, 169-restored to
Alves, negotiates between the Pretender Scotland, and his forfeiture reversed,
and' Edinburgh, viii. 449.

190-obligations under which he came
Amber, ancient ornaments of, i. 123. to Henry VIII., ib.-difficulty in deal-


ing with his vassals in support of Anointing as a part of coronation, on, ii.
King Henry, 191-relations of Henry 25—the absence of it alleged against
VIII. with him, and efforts to bring the Scots kings, ib.
him to terms, 216—shelters Sadler in Anselm, Archbishop, i. 387.
Tantallon, 224 — joins the national Anstruther, Captain, during the mas
party, 226, 227—views of King Henry sacre of St Bartholomew, v. 91.
regarding him, 231-his lands ravaged Anstruther, one of the Armada at, v.
by Hertford, 235-repulsed by Evers 267.
and Latour, 236-defeats them, ib. Ansus, the, a burgh privilege, ii. 89
attempt of the queen - regent to get Antoninus Pius, reconquest of Britain
possession of Tantallon from him, 287 under, i. 32—the northern wall built

-Darnley's descent from him, iv. 106. by him, 33 et seq.-the Itinerary of, 59.
Angus, the Earl of, at the Raid of Ruth. Aodh or Hugh, King, i. 331.

ven, V. 186-banished from Court, 214 Apocrypha, the, in Scotland, vi. 142-use
-retires to England, 216-Melville's of it in Laud's Service-book, 143.
character of him, 217 et seq.-one of the Apostles' Creed, the, in the Book of Com.

signers of the Spanish blanks, 291. mon Order, iv. 334.
Angus, Earl of, raising of a Cameronian Appeals, decisions of, by the Lords Audi.

regiment under him authorised, vii. tors, iii. 393.
297—its embodiment, 325.

Applecross, settlement, &c., of St Mael
Angus, Kenneth, seized by James I., ii. rubha at, i. 263.

Arbroath, Lord, at the battle of Langside,
Angus, Lord of the Isles, rebellion of, iii. iv. 373.

Arbroath, the Abbey of, founded by Wil-
Angus Oig, seizure of Dunivaig Castle liam the Lion, ii. 6-its domains be-
by, v. 457, 458.

stowed on the Marquis of Hamilton,
Angus, Episcopalian clergymen in, after v. 445.-
1688, vii. 464.

Arbuckle, W., a subscriber to the Darien
Anjou, the Duke of, proposed as husband scheme, viii. 32, note.

to Queen Mary, iv. 96, 97, V. 243—the Archæologists, failure of their attempts
negotiations for Elizabeth's marriage to classify the stone, bronze, and iron
to him, v. 97-his accession as Henry ages, i. 125 et seq.
III., ib.-alleged project of marriage to Archbishop, earliest traces of one in Scot-
Queen Mary, 102.

land, i. 396.
Anna Trandson, claims Bothwell as her Archbishopric of Glasgow, creation of, iii.
husband in Denmark, iv. 469.

41-of St Andrews, its creation, 16.
Annandale, Lord, implicated in the Mont. Archery, the English, their defeat at Ban-

gomery Plot, vii. 344-his examination nockburn, ii. 267—at Homildon Hill,
in connection with it, 347-after fate, 379.
351-becomes President of the Coun: Archibald, Earl of Angus (“ Bell-the-
cil, viii. 80-Secretary of State in 1705, Cat"), see Angus.
110-in 1715, 294.

Archibald, Earl of Douglas, afterwards
Annandale, the, its seizure by the East Duke of Touraine, ii. 417.
India Company, viii. 105.

Architecture, early domestic, ii. 96-
Anne of Denmark, marriage of James VI. its state in Scotland from the great

to, v. 272 et seq.-birth of a son, 296 war to the Reformation, iii. 428 et
proceedings of the Presbyterian clergy seq.-its progress from the Reforma-
toward her, 304, 305-birth of a daugh tion, vii. 102 — state of, 1688-1748,
ter, 304-sketch of her character, ex. viii. 540.

tracts from her letters, &c., 380 et seq. Ardoch, the Roman camp at, i. 74-its
Anne, the Princess, afterwards Queen, supposed connection with e battle of

her relationship to the Succession, vii. the Mons Grampius, 13.
283–death of her son, viii. 62, 78—her Argenson, the Marquis of, treaty with
accession, 79-on the Union question, Charles Edward, viii. 473.
8i-speech on the Queensberry Plot, Argyle, progress of family under James
07-present at the debate on the Act of 7., iii. 60.
Security, 102, note-present at the de- Argyle, the Earl of, colleague with An-
bate on the Union, 192-the royal as gus, iii. 138-measures for pacifying
sent given to the Act, 197–prosecutions the Highlands under James V., 147
of Episcopalian clergymen under, 217 et seq.-disgraced, 149-efforts of the
-her death, 249.

English Court to gain him, 150.
Anne, Queen of France, her appeal to Argyle, the Earl of, his instructions
James IV., iii. 73.

regarding the Cathedral of Dunkeld,
Annesly's, the supper at, and band recom iii. 354, note-attempts to mediate
mending Bothwell as husband to the between the regent and the Reform-
queen, iv. 214.

ers, 356 - his predominance in the

west, iv. 47–letter in Scots from Queen
Mary to him, 59-Knox's interposition
between him and the countess, 62-
alleged conspiracy for seizure of the
queen, 121-restored to favour, 160
the divorce of the queen proposed to
him, 179—attends Mary to Seton after
Darnley's murder, 198–one of the coun-
cillors who direct Bothwell's trial, 208
-acts as justiciar at it, 210— named
one of the Council of Regency, 279-
amnesty granted to, 291 - subjected
to ecclesiastical discipline, 322—joins
Queen Mary after her escape, 367, 377,
note-commands at Langside, 373
hostile gathering under him, v. 2
proposed as regent after Lennox's
death, 43-his submission to the Gov.
ernment, 114-Parliamentary indem-
nity to, 117-quarrel with Morton re-
garding the Crown jewels, 159-affair
of Alister MacCallum, and feud with
Athole, ib. et seq.- heads the party
against Morton, 161-a leader against
the Ruthvens, 200-one of the jury on
Gowrie, 222-employed against Huntly,
293- his defeat, 294 reconciliation
between him and Huntly, 352-perse-
cution of the MacGregors by, vi. 24-
his power, 37-adhesion with his High-

landers to the Covenant, 205.
Argyle, Archibald, Earl of joins the Cov.

enanters, vi. 205, 230— force sent to
aid the Covenanters in Aberdeen, 239—.
accompanies the march to the Border,
261-proceedings against the Royalists
in the west, 322-his cruelties, 323,
note--indemnity to him, 324—in the
Parliament of 1641, 326created mar-
quis, 327—the feud between him and
Montrose, 333-his supposed views on
the throne, ib.-the alleged plot for his
murder, called the Incident, 334 et seq.
- movements against Montrose, 367
-his territories invaded, and his flight,
369—defeated at Inverlochy, 370—com
missioner to Westminster Assembly,
381-opposes the Engagement, 410–
defeated in attack on Stirling Castle,
413-heads a new committee of Estates,
ib.--conferences with Cromwell, 414
-his account of the death of Mon
trose, vii. 8, note - coronation of
Charles II. by, 35-treaty with Crom.
well, 48—his trial and execution, 149

et seq.
Argyle, the younger, project for his de-

struction, vii. 243-his position and
power, ib.-arrested and condemned,
but escapes to Holland, 244—the insur-
rection under him, and its suppression,
259 et seq.--his position regarding Mon-
mouth, 259-his arrest and execution,

Argyle, the Duke of, one of the Commis-

sioners to William III., vii. 294-au-

thorised by the Convention to raise
troops, 297-threatened proceedings
of the Estates against him, 335, 337-a
subscriber to the Darien scheme, viii.
30- Commissioner in 1705, 110-ex.
cluded from the Union Commission,
117-charge against Harley by, 245–
supports motion for dissolving the
Union, 248–Mar's instructions regard-
ing attack on, 261-commands against
the rebels, and his character, 271 -
measures in Scotland, 272-his position
at Stirling, 276-proclamation, 278—
measures for defence of Edinburgh, 287
-attempt on Leith, 289-movements
against Mar, 314-battle of Sheriffmuir,
316 et seq.-increasing strength of his
army, 323—movements against the in-
surgents, 324-approaches Perth, 325
-enters it, 327–fall of, and indigna-
tion it excites in Scotland, 345-re-
stored to office, 346-opposes the For-
feited Estates Commission, 350
position taken by him regarding the
Scots Judges during the investigation

into the Porteous Mob, 365, 366.
Argyle, the Countess of, present with the

queen during the murder of Rizzio, iv.
145, 146-on the night of Darnley's
murder, 188-subjected to ecclesiasti-

cal discipline, 322.
Argyle, the Countess of, Morton's efforts

to recover Crown jewels from her, v.

Argyleshire, the sculptured stones of, i.

159-spread of the Scots from Ireland
over, 205-attempt of Alexander II. to
subjugate, ii. 18—and of the Scots

kings, 30.
Aristocracy, their absorption of Church

property, vi. 78.
Aristocratic privilege, absence of, in Scot-

quis, hent ority to his


plot for his

Afland, iii. 398 et seq.e the Douglases at,

Arkinholm, defeat of the Douglases at,

ii. 429.
Arles, the Synod of, presence of British

bishops at, i. 42.
Armenians, the then proposed union

with thé African (Darien) Company,

viii. 38.
Arminius, the German leader, i. 301, 302.
Armstrong, Andrew, indicted for riot at

Holyrood, iv. 75–Dr, viii. 547.
Armstrongs, the, their power on the Bor-

ders, ii. 144-execution of their chiefs,
145 et seq.-its effect, 146—their alien-

ation from James V., 152.
Arran, the Earl of, fleet under him and

its failure, iii. 71-as regent, 137-dis-
placed by Angus, 138-appointed regent
on the death of James V., 189-his
character, ib.-his reception of offer of
the Princess Elizabeth for his son, 195
et seq.-his account to Sadler of the im.
prisonment, &c., of Beaton, 200-con-
firms the treaties with England, 206

joins the party of the cardinal, ib.
his general vacillation, 207–present at
deliberation on the English treaties, 220
- dismisses the English ambassador,
225-joined by the Assured lords, 227
- his son taken in St Andrews Castle
by the conspirators against Beaton, 263
-his facility as regards the proposed
marriage of Queen Mary to his son, 277
-deposed from the Regency, 281
created Duke of Chatelherault, 2834
negotiations for alliance with Eng
land, 349—abandons the Lords of the
Congregation, 358-the younger, his
escape from France, ib. — represents
Scotland in the treaty of Berwick, 367
-his position in relation to the Crown,
iv. 83 --- alleged attempt to seize the
queen, ib.-reconciliation with Both-
well, 84-plot. between them against
the queen, and his insanity, 85-ar-

raigned by the Parliament of 1569, v. 2.
Arran, the Earl of, his accession and

lunacy, v. 165.
Arran, Stewart, Earl of, his rise, v. 176

- his character, 177 - proceedings
against Morton, and fall of the latter,
ib. et seq.- imprisoned on the Raid of
Ruthven, 186--picture of him by the
conspirators, 187-subjected to eccle-
siastical discipline, 208-the true head
of the party against the Ruthvens,
212--defeats their renewed attempts,
214-appearance of Melville before him,
215--final struggle with Ruthven, and
fall of the latter, 218 et seq.-his supre-
macy at Court, ib.--his treachery to-
ward Gowrie, 219—one of the jury at
his trial, 222-conference with Lord
Hunsdon, 223 — his power and pre-
tensions, 227-account of him by Davi-
son, 228-plot against him, 229-ac-
cused of conspiracy on the Border, 230
- banished from Court, ib.-measures
against Maxwell, 235 — his fall and

flight, 236.
Arran, Earl of, see Boyd, Thomas.
Arran, the Earl of, proposal for the re-

call of James II., vii. 284-implicated

in the Montgomery Plot, 347.
Arran, the Countess of, her character,

&c., v. 228.
Arrow-heads, flint, beauty of their con-

struction, i. 128.
Arschot, the Duchess of, correspondence

of Queen Mary with, regarding her
marriage, iv. 96.
Art, works of, Roman, remains of, i. 55–

its state down to the Reformation, iii.
427 et seq.-progress in Scotland from
the Reformation, vii. 100-state of,

1688-1748, viii. 536.
Arth, a friar, sermon against excommuni-

cation by, iii. 322.
Arthur, Prince, married to Catherine of

Spain, and his death, iii. 54, 56.

Arthur, King, traditional connection of

sculptured stones with, i. 143.
Arthur's Oon or Oven, its history, &c., i.

53 et seq.-Seat, Arthurlee, &c., origin

of the names, 171.
Arthurian legends, the, i. 1694-age to
which they belong, 170 - connection

with Scotland, 172.
Articles of Grievances," tl e, of the

Scots Estates, vii. 292 et seq.
Arundel, Lord, a member of the com-

mission on Queen Mary, iv. 431.
Arundel, the Earl of, the conferences for

pacification of Berwick held in his tent,

vi. 267.
Arville, 'Nicholas d’, topography of Scot-

land by, iii. 176 and note.
“ Ascanius, or the Young Adventurer,'

viii. 501, note.
Asceticism, rigid, under St Columba, i.
Aser of the Norse mythology, their char-

acteristics, i. 228.
Asgard of the Norsemen, the, i, 225.
Assassination Plot, the, its influence on

Scotland, vii. 245.
Assembly of Divines, the, see West-

Assizes of England, their origin, i. 362.
“ Association" project, the, its history,

&c., v. 195 et seq.
Assurance, the oath of, and its effects,

vii. 453- its reception by different

parties, 454.
“ Assured 'lords," the, iii. 190 — their

doubtful conduct as regards supporting
King Henry, 2014and as to the French
alliance, ib. -- their doubtful conduct,
&c., 209-Sadler's reports about them,
211-their peculiar position, 212 et seq.
--they evade returning to England, 213
-treatment of their hostages by Henry,
215-their double-dealing, 226-join the
national party, 227-Henry's instruc-

tions regarding them, 228.
Assysthement, the law of, ii. 65.
Aston, Sir Roger, v. 383.
Athelstane, alleged acknowledgment of

his supremacy by Scotland, i. · 3334

defeat of the Scots by, 334.
Athole family, their double connection

with England and Scotland, ii. 312.
Athole, the Lord of, murdered by the

Byssets, ii. 16.
Athole, the Earl of, executed by Edward
I., ii. 245.

ole, the Earl of, a member of Edward
Baliol's Parliament, ii. 319-his defeat

and death, 323
Athole, the Earl of, the earldom of Strath-

earn transferred to, ii. 406--one of the
conspirators against James I., 407-

executed with his grandson, 413.
Athole, Lord, a member of the Romanist

party, iv. 11-at Queen Mary's mar-
riage, iv. 121-in Holyrood during the

is trial, 2227-his Pof him by Dance

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