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murder of Rizzio, 147-named one of Bacon, Sir Nicholas, a member of the
the Council of Regency, 279-accom- commission on Queen Mary, iv. 431.
panies Murray to Lochleven, 286 — Bagimond's Roll, its origin and history,
meeting with Seton, Lethington, &c. ii. 38 et seq.
against Murray, v. 7—feud with Argyle, Bailey, Charics, a secret emissary of Les-
and Morton's intervention, 159-joins lie's, v. 105.
with Argyle against Morton, 161-be- Baillie, General, sent against Montrose,
comes Chancellor, 163-suspected poi vi. 371-his defeat at Alford, 372-and
soning of him, 165.

at Kilsyth, 373.
Athole, Lord, joins Glencairn for Charles Baillie, Rev. R., on the introduction of
II., vii. 68.

Laud's Liturgy, vi. 125, note-his ac-
Athole, the Marquis of, a candidate for count of the Bishop of Brechin and

the presidency of the Convention, vii. the Service-book, 157-of the Bishop
302 - implicated in the Montgomery of Galloway, 171-of the crimes charged
Plot, 348-his position during Claver against the bishops, 231 et seq.--of the
house's campaign, 373-feud of, with march to the Border, 259 et seq. 262-
the Frasers, 414-a subscriber to the and of the camp on Dunse Law, 264
Darien scheme, viii. 30-charged by - of the king's demeanour at the
Lovat with Jacobitism, 95, 96-pro conference, 267 — accompanies the
posed levy of the Highlanders under march into England, 301-account of
him against the Union, 162 - the the occupation, &c., of Newcastle, 307
charge of bribery against him, 180-de -on Strafford's arrest, 318-on the feel.
clines concurrence in the proposed ing against Episcopacy, &c., 319-his
rising of 1708, 199—in 1745, 440.

account of the “Incident," 336, note-
Athole, the 'Duke of, and the Glen Tilt commissioner to the Westminster As-
case, ii. 76.

sembly, 381-notices from him of it, ib.
Atholé men, the, at the rising in 1715, 382 et seq. 390, 391-on the metrical
viii. 257.

versions of the Psalms, 399 et seq. notes
Attacotti, the, named as a Scots race, one of the commissioners to Charles

i. 45—the Scots in Scotland so called, II., vii. 9-his testimony to Cromwell's

moderation, 31--his escape from the
Atwood, W., revival in 1705 of the supe decision on the causes of God's
riority claim, viii. 109.

wrath," 34-on the debates as to em-
Aubigné, the Lord of, afterwards Duke ploying Malignants, 35-on Strachan
of Lennox, his arrival in Scotland, v.

and the Western Whigs, 39-account
167. See Lennox

of Cromwell's dismissal of the Assem-
Auchendoun, the Laird of, defeats of the bly, 49 — on the difficulties regarding
Forbeses by him, v. 69

the petition against toleration, 69-his
Auchenshauch Declaration, the, viii. 237, letters, &c., 78.

Baillie, David, connected with the
Auchincloich, Roman remains near, i. Queensberry Blot, viii. 96, 97.
64, note.

Baillie, Rev. Úr, one of deputation to the
Auchterhouse, the Laird of, in 1715, viii. Court in 1711, viii. 223.

Baillie of Jerviswood, trial and execution
Auchy or Achaius, King of the Scots, i. of, vii. 247.

Baillie of Yerviswood, joins William of
Aude, daughter of Ketil Flatnef, voyages Orange, vii. 269-viii. 100—a leader of
of, i. 306.

the Squadrone, 111.
Auldbar, the Laird of, in 1715, viii. 259. Balcanquall, Rev. W., attack on Lennox
Auldearn, battle of, vi. 371.

by, v. 205-disturbance excited in Edin-
Aumale, the Duke of, accompanies Queen burgh by, 310-his conduct regarding
Mary to Scotland, iv, 18.

the Gowrie Conspiracy, 339—discussion
Ausonius, reference to the Druids by, i. with the king on it, 340-the author of

the 'Large Declaration' of Charles I.,
Authorities, early local, ii. 53 et seq.

vi. 278-denounced by the Assembly, ib.
Ayr, its charter, ii. 88–Brereton's sketch -excepted from indemnity of 1641, 329.
of, vii. 108.

Balcarras, Lord, seizure of, vii. 364.
Ayrshire, the Highland host in, vii. Balder, the Norse deity, i. 225-the myth

of his death, 226.
Aytoun, Sir Robert, his poems, vii. 81. Balfour, Sir James, fellow-prisoner with
Aytoun, William, the architect of Heriot's Knox in France, iii. 368—his after-
Hospital, vii. 104, note.

character, ib. - draws the bond for

Darnley's murder, iv. 182-denounced
Bacon, Lord, his speech in favour of the in the placards as one of the murderers,

Union project, v. 408--and on the case 196 -- the marriage-contract between
of the postnati, 413.

the queen and Bothwell drawn up by

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him, 226-deserts Bothwell, and gives Balmerinoch, Secretary of State, tried in
up Edinburgh Castle to the confede- connection with James VI.'s letter to
rates, 237–removed from command of the Pope, v. 353.
Edinburgh Castle, 200-Murray's diffi- Balmerinoch, Lord, restoration of his
culties regarding him in connection estates, v. 454-his trial in connection
with Darnley's murder, 358-arrested with the Supplication of 1633, vi. 94 et
by Murray, v. 7-present at the con seq.--condemned, but pardoned, 97.
ference between Knox and Lethington, Balmerinoch, Lord, commissioner to
55, 59, 61-aid from France to Kirk Westminster Assembly, vi. 381.
caldy intercepted by him, 118.

Balnamoon, the Laird of, ii. 428.
Balfour, James, his conduct regarding Balnamoon, defeat of the Earl of Craw-

the Gowrie Conspiracy, v. 339—discus furd at, ií. 428.
sion with the king, 340.

Balnaves, Henry, at the formal accusation
Balfour, Sir James, on King Charles's of the queen, iv. 440, note.

revocation, vi. 76-on the Commission Balthasar, Don, defeat of, by the Darien
of Grievances, ib.-on the Parliament colonists, viii. 57.
of 1633, 89-'account of Charles I.'s Bancroft, Archbishop, attack by Melville
coronation, 91-account of the pro- on him, v. 438.
ceedings against the Engagers by him, Banff, Lord, viii. 179, and note.
415, note his account of the massacre “Banished' lords," the, 1583, V. 214-

their proceedings, &c., in England, 216
Balfour, John, of Burley, vii. 209-one of -they are outlawed, 223-their surren-

Sharp's murderers, 210, 212 et seq.- der demanded, 224 — their return in
after the deed, 219-present at Drum arms, 236.
clog, 224.

Bank of England, Paterson's connection
Balfour, Robert, the owner of Kirk-of. with it, viii. 16-its establishment, 18
Field, iv. 184.

-Paterson a director, 19, note.
Balfour, Colonel, vii. 369 - proclaims Bank of Scotland, its foundation, viii. 67.
James VIII. in 1715, viii. 263,

Banking, Paterson's views on, viii. 17-
Baliol, Bernard de, i. 446at the battle system of Scotland, foundation of it, 67.
of the Standard, 437.

Bankruptcy, Act of the Scots Parliament
Baliol, John, charges of rebellion brought regarding it, 1695, viii. 68-history of

against Bruce, ii. 43, note-supported previous legislation on it, 69 et seg.
by the Bishop of St Andrews, 116– Bannatyne, notice of John Hamilton by
summoned to the meeting of barons at him, v. 37, note—his account of the
Norham, 117-accepts Edward's supe last conference between Knox and
riority, 124-ground of his claim to the Lethington, 62, note-his character of
crown, 128 et seq.-arbiters appointed

Knox, 87.
between him and Bruce, 132-decision Bannock Water, the, ii. 263, 264, note.
in his favour, 145 et seq.-his pleadings, Bannockburn, circumstances which led
148, 151-final judgment for him, 154 to it, determined its site, &c., 262-the
-his investiture, 156—his coronation battle, 265 et seq.--completeness of the
at Scone, and yields homage as king to defeat, 268.
Edward, ib.—his reception as king, 157 ‘Banquet of Dun na N-Gedh,' the, notice
-renounces the treaty of Brigham, 159 of, i. 291, note.
-cited to appear in law cases before Baptism, directions of the Book of Com-
Edward, 160—his demeanour there, 161 mon Order regarding, iv. 338.
-treaty with France against England, Barbour's Bruce, character of, ii. 254, note
165-ground assumed by him, *166. -its date, &c. , iii. 413-notices of Ban-

renounces his vassalship, 170.
Baliol, Edward, ii. 298—his position as Barclay, John, his work on the Quakers,

regards the Scots crown, 310-invades vii. 271, noté-Captain, his pedigree, ii.
Scotland with the disinherited barons, 346, note.
315-victory at Duplin, ib.-besieged Barhill fort, i. 34, note.
in Perth, ib.-crowned at Scone, ib. Barlow, English resident in Scotland, iii.
yields superiority to England, 316, 319 158.
-proceedings of Parliament under him, Barlow, Dr, account of James VI. at the
319-abandons Scotland, 324-assisted Hampton Court conference by, v. 426,
by the English, 330-formal surrender

429, note.
of his crown tó Edward III., 334-his Barmkin hill, fort on, i. 85.
French estates forfeited, ib.

Barnard, Sir John, opposes the bill for
Ballads, the Scots, vii. 87 et seq.

the punishment of Edinburgh for the
Ballot, motion for the, in the Scots Par- Porteous Mob, viii. 366.
liament, viii. 113

Baron, Robert, vi. 234-writes in favour
Balmerinó, Lord, joins the Pretender, of the Service-book, 157-

viii. 460-trial and execution of, 497. Baronets of Nova Scotia, the, vi. 63.


Barclay, un from, ii. 368, motices of Bano

vii. 103

Baronial architecture, its state in Scot seq.-arrest and execution of Wishart
land to the Reformation, iii. 433 et seq. by him, 253 et seq.-the question as to
-its progress from the Reformation, the complicity of the latter in the plot

against him, 257 et seq.-his profligacy,
Barons, the, in the Parliament of 1640, iv. 20, 22_his wealth, 25—the plot for
vi. 283.

his assassination, iii. 258 et seq.-his
Barony, burghs of, ii 85.

death, 262.
Barron, James, iv. 119.

Beaton, Bishop, communications from,
Barrows or tumuli, attempt to classify, regarding marriage between Don Carlos
i. 110-contents of, 126, note,

and Queen Mary, iv. 97-letter from
Bartholomew, Roger, lawsuit appealed Mary to him after Darnley's murder,
to Edward I. by, ii. 158.

194-and from him, 206-sent by the
Barton, Captain, commands Perkin War. queen and Bothwell as emissary to the

beck's escort, iii. 50-his naval exploits governor of Edinburgh Castlé, 237–
and death, 70 et seq.

account of the queen's extraordinary
Barton, W., metrical Psalter by, vi. 400. conduct on the night of her being
Bascube, the Laird of, heads the insur brought back to Edinburgh, 250-
gent Covenanters, vii. 171.

mentioned in the queen's State, 266,
Basilikon Doron,' the, v. 387-attack note - Mary's letter to him on the
by the clergy on it, 315.

assassination of Murray, V. 19-appeal
Bass Rock, seized by the Jacobites, vii. by Lethington through him to France

414-its siege, 415 et seq-its surrender, for aid, 65.
417—fortress dismantled, 418.

Beaton's Mill, the scene of the death of
Bassendyne, Kirk censorship of works James III., iii. 34, note.
printed by him, iv. 321.

Beaufort, Jane, marriage of James I. to,
Basset, Ralph, governor of Edinburgh

ii. 397.
Castle, ii. 137.

Beauge, the battle of, ii. 398.
Basternæ, the, the Peukini identified Beaumont, Henry de, one of the disin-
with, i. 187, note.

herited barons, ii. 312-or Bellmont,
Bastiat, the marriage of, on the night of a member of Edward Baliol's Parlia-

Darnley's murder, iv. 189, 191 -de ment, 319-hostility to Baliol, 321.
nounced as one of Darnley's inurder. Beaumont, M. de, French ambassador to
ers, 196-leaves the country, 199.

Queen Mary, joins her after her escape
Bastie, the Sieur de la, his murder, iii. from Lochleven, iv. 368—his return to
91 et seq.

France, 396.
Baston, a friar, his capture at Bannock Beck, Anthony, Bishop of Durham, ii.
burn, ii. 270.

117—his flight from Scotland, 185–
Bateman, Mr, tumuli examined by, i. capture of the Castle of Dirleton by,
126, note.

199 at the siege of Caerlaverock, 216.
Baths, Roman, supposed remains of, i. Bede, notice of st Ninian from, i. 42, 68

-on the early British Church, 180
Battle, the wager of, ii. 66, 67 et seq.

notice of the Pictish language by, 186
Beanston, the Laird of, iv. 237.

-on the Easter controversy, 268—on
Beaton, Chancellor, divorce of Queen St Aidan, 269 - his account of the
Margaret from Angus by, iii. 137.

Abbot Ceolfrid's letter to King Naitan,
Beaton, Bishop James, iii. 94—his views 273 -- notice of the Picts by, 284 -
and policy, 111 et seq. --Wolsey's at notices of Aidan from, 290—his testi-
tempts to secure his person, 113 et seq. mony to the Celtic civilisation, 296—
- temporarily imprisoned, 116– during his account of King Oswald and Aidan,
the negotiations for treaty with Eng ib.--the Chronicle of, its value to Scots
land, 135.

history, iii. 411.
Beaton, Archbishop of Glasgow, one of Bedford, 'Lord, English ambassador in

the commissioners to France on Queen France, interviews with Queen Mary
Mary's marriage, iii. 289.

there, iv. 13-instructions of Elizabeth
Beaton, David, afterwards Cardinal, iii. to him as regards the confederate

112-dissuades the king from visiting lords, 130-coghisant of the intended
Henry VIII., 163 — negotiates the murder of Rizzio, 142–his account of
second marriage of James V., 168 it, 145, 151, note-account of Both-
becomes Archbishop of St Andrews, well's predominance, 176-intimation
170his character, &c., ib.-attempt to him of the intended marriage to
to secure the person of Queen Mary on Bothwell, 207.
her father's death, 189-his imprison. Bedford, the Earl of, captured at the
ment and charge against him, 198—his Raid of the Redeswire, v. 153.
liberation, &c., 2004 is joined by the Bedford, Countess of, chief mourner at
Regent Arran, 206–objections urged the funeral of Queen Mary, v. 260.
by him to the English treaties, 220 et Bedrule, destroyed by the English, v. 24

i. 62.

om in the dischis seq. -

Belhaven, Lord, a subscriber to the in Scotland, iii. 337—the authorised

Darien scheme, viii. 29-a leader of version, its origin, &c., V. 430-this
Opposition, 64-his speech against the never formally adopted in Scotland,
Union, 150 et seq.-improvements in vi. 107–versions there used, ib.--the
agriculture by, 511.

canonical, as fixed by the Westminster
Bell, leader of the attack on Stirling Assembly, 401.

when the Regent Lennox is killed, v. Billeting Act, the, vii. 163 et seq.

Binning, Lord, see Hamilton, Sir Thomas.
Beli, H. G., his ‘Life of Queen Mary,' iv. Birrens, proofs of Roman occupancy at,

444, note.
Bellarmine, Cardinal, v. 353.

Bishop, Thomas, letter from, against
Bellenden on King David's Church en the intended marriage to Bothwell,
dowments, i. 442, note.

iv. 205.
Bellenden, Thomas, report from, on the Bishops, position, &c., of, in the time of

views of James Ù. regarding the St Columba, i. 251—their great num-
Church, ii. 170.

ber, &c., in the Irish Church, 252-
Bellenden, Archdeacon, on the internal traditional list of early, 391-first trust-
state of the Church, ii. 326, note.

worthy notice of, in the Scots Church,
Bellenden, Justice-Clerk, present at the 396-their position in the Columbite

Council which directs Bothwell's trial, Church, 403-titular, retained by the
iv. 208.

Church, as first organised, v. 74-their
Bellenden, Adam, Bishop of Dunblane, position in it, 76 form for their elec-

his difficulties, &c., v. 459 et seq.-let tion, ib.-resolutions of General As-
ter from Laud to, vi. 101, note.

sembly regarding them, 77—their posi.
Bellenden, Sir John, at the coronation tion in the Kirk to 1574, 146—charges
of James VI., iv. 285.

against them in the Assembly, 147–
Bemulie, the Roman fort of, i. 34, 35. motive of these, 148-discussions as to
Benochie, the Maiden Stone at, i. 144. their lawfulness, &c., ib. et seq.-hos-
Bergen, woman claiming to be Margaret tile attitude of the Assembly toward

of Scotland executed at, ii. 113-land them, 2014 proceedings against them,
ing of Bothwell at, iv. 464.

209-Act enforcing submission to the,
Berkeley, David de, murder of, ii. 326. 232 — its general acceptance by tho
Berry, William, the intaglios of, viii. 540. clergy, 233-restoration of them in
Berwick, the Duke of, the intended com Scotland, v. 441-measures for their
mander of invading force, vii. 351.

due consecration, 443—their pecuniary
Berwick, Arthurian legend regarding, i. difficulties, 445 et seq.-their subser-

171-Castle, surrendered to the Eng vience to Laud, vi. 10. et seq.--their
lish, 448—its early importance, ii. 53 position in connection with Laud's
—burgher laws in, 68–one of the four measures, 157-their removal from the
burghs, 90-changes it has undergone, Council demanded by the Supplicants,
94-early bridge at, 95-siege and cap 176—their withdrawal, 177-their trial
ture of, by Edward I., 168 et seq.--re by the Assembly of 1638, 231 et seq.
captured by the Scots, 194-recaptured --they retire to England, 233–in the
by Bruce, 278--besieged by the Eng Convention Parliament, vii. 421-diffi.
lish, 279 et seq.-siege and capture of, culties of the Scots Episcopal Church
by Edward III., 317 et seq.-its subse- in providing, viii. 419.
quent history, 318—besieged by the Bisset, Baldred, envoy to the Papal
Scots, 335--surrendered by Henry VI. Court, ii. 208.
to Scotland, iii. 2-recaptured by the Black, Rev. David, V. 300-attack on
English, 29-treaty of, between Eliza Queen Elizabeth in the pulpit, and his
beth and the Lords of the Congrega trial for it, 309 et seq.
tion, 366 et seq.--reception of James “Black Agnes" of Dunbar, ii. 324.
VI. in, v. 359—the pacification of, be- Black Aida or Aidus, the story of, i. 251.
tween Charles I. and the Covenanters, Black or Holy Rood, its seizure by
vi. 267 et seq.—this closes the contest Edward I., ii. 175 - its restoration,
in the north, 253.

305—again taken at Neville's Cross,
Berwickshire ravished by the English,

iii. 153

Black Castle, flight of Mary from Both-
Béthencourt, arrival of, as ambassador well Castle to, iv. 235.
from France, iii. 348.

“Black Watch," the embodying of, viii.
Bevois, M. de, French ambassador to 375 — their mutiny and flight from
Scotland, iii. 155.

London, 376 et seq.
Beza, his .Vindiciæ contra Tyrannos,' v. Blackadder, Archbishop of Glasgow, per-
334, note.

secution of the Lollards by 13.
Bianci, the Italian poisoner, v. 168.

Blackadder, Captain, his account of the
Bible, the authorised, in the vernacular abduction of Queen Mary, iv, 216–

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Colonel, at the siege of Dunkeld, vii. Bondsmen or thralls, ancient laws regard-

390, note-services of, in 1715, viii. 273. ing, ii. 72 et seq.-burgh regulations re-
Blackfriars' Monastery, Perth, murder of garding, 92 note.

James I. in the, ii. 407–destroyed by Bone, ancient ornaments of, i. 123.
the Reformers, iii. 351— Edinburgh, Book of Canons and Ordination abolished
attack by mob on it, 250.

by Assembly of 1638, vi. 230 - and
Blackness, commencement of the wall of again by that of 1639, 272.
Antonine near, i. 34.

Book of Common Order, the, its origin
Blackwell, Prof., one of deputation to and history, iv. 331-its character, 332

the Court in 1711, viii. 223, and note. -differences between it and the Eng.
Blackwood, Adam, his rejection of the lish Liturgy, 333-directions for the

casket letters as forgeries, iv. 407, note. ministration of the Lord's Supper, 335
Bladus, traditional Bishop of the Isles, et seq.-marriage, 338-baptism, ib. -

variations in different editions, 339—
Blaeu, Scotland as represented in his the various editions of it, 341, 342-
Atlas, i. 17, note.

directions regarding the burial of the
Blair, The Grave, by, viii. 547.

dead, 346 et seq.--translation of it into
Blair, the Laird 'of, captured by Claver Gaelic, 348 et seq. — its general use,
house, vii. 368.

vi. 115-enlarged version of it, 1618,
Blair, búrial of Claverhouse at, vii. 382. 116.
Blair Castle, its importance, and efforts Book of Common Prayer, the English, at

of Mackay to secure it, vii. 371-and of first used in the Scots Kirk, iv. 330
Claverhouse, 373—captured by Mackay, differences between it and the Scots
390-held by the Royalists in 1745, Book of Common Order, 332.
viii. 486.

Book of Discipline, dissensions between
Blaithmac, Abbot of Iona, martyrdom the clergy and laity regarding it, iv. 34
of, i. 276.

et seq.-rejected by the State, v. 146-
Blakeney, General, in 1745, viii. 480.. the Second, 202 et seq.-it rejected by
Blakhal, Gilbert, vi. 207, note.

Parliament, 204.
Blantyre, Lord, authorised by the Con. “Book of Ordination," Laud's, vi. 105,
vention to raise troops, vii. 297.

note, 230, 272.
Bleking, remarkable Runic stone at, i. Boot, the torture of the, vii. 175.
140, note.

Borcovicus, supposed modern name of, i.
Blind'Harry's Wallace, date, &c.,of, iii. 413. 20, note.
“Blue Ribbon" of the Covenanters, the, Border laws, repeal of, after the acces-
vi. 248, and note.

sion ofJames VI. to the English throne,
Boadicea, questions as to the received V. 409.
histories of, i. 12.

Border peels, remains of, iii. 434.
“ Board of Trustees," the, viii. 514.

Borderers, the, proceedings of James V.
Bochetel, French envoy to the Emperor against, iii. 142 et seq.-their alienation
of Germany, iv. 97.

from James V., 152-their conduct at
Body-guard, want of one on the accession the battle of Ancrum, 237-traffickings
of Queen Mary, iv. 23.

of Henry VIII. with them, ib. et seq.
Boece Hector, use made by him of the -excommunication or cursing of, 320

Agricola of Tacitus, i. 11 et seq.-his et seq.-expedition of Murray against
account of Galgacus, Caractacus, &c., them, iv. 46 - measures of Murray
12--and of the Grampians, 16, note against them, v. 8-shelter the fugitive
on the Roman remains in Scotland, leaders of the northern rebellion, and
51, note-on Arthur's Oon, 53—on the invade England, 22-excepted from
sculptured stones, 155-his account of truce of 1572, 73.
the battle of Luncarty, 339, note-and Borders, position of affairs on the, iii. 221
of the murder of Kenneth III., ib., -Bothwell created warden, iv. 163–
note-on the capture of Aberdeen, ii. vigorous measures of Murray on, 356
256, note-first Principal of King's troubles on the, 1575, V. 153-negotia-
College, Aberdeen, iii. 404-character. tions with England regarding them, 154
istics of his History, 414.

-troubles on, 1584, 229-and on Queen
Bohun, Sir Henry de, killed at Bannock Mary's execution, 262 — disorders on,
burn, ii. 266.

and their repression, vi. 18.
Boiamúnd de Vicci or Bagimond, rating Bore Stone, the, at Bannockburn, ii. 264,
of Church lands by, ii. 38.

Bolingbroke, his accession to office, viii. Borough or burgh, origin of name, ii.

223 - secretly implicated with the 86.
Jacobites, 243-his policy on the charge Boroughs, a member of the Westminster
against Harley, 245.

Assembly, vi. 388.
Bolton Castle, removal of Queen Mary to, Borthwick, commander of artillery at
iv. 393—and from it, v. 248.

Flodden, iii. 77.

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