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SEP 19 1960

Accu Colin


ABBOT, Archbishop of Canterbury, at the Aboyne, Lord, heads the Gordons after

deathbed of Queen Anne, v. 381-his his father's seizure, vi. 242, 244-forces
account of the execution of Sprot, 417 assigned him from those under Hamil.
et seq.-letter from Jaines VI. on the ton, 244-occupies Aberdeen, 249.
divine-right question, 430 — remon- Absolute power, claim of James II. to,
strates against the alienation of the vii. 267.
lands of Arbroath Abbey, 445.

Absolution, views of Calvin regarding it,
Abbots, titular, retained by

iv. 333.
Church, v. 74.

Achaius, King of the Scots, i. 293.
Aberbrothock or Arbroath Abbey, its do Achindavy fort, i. 34, note.

mains conveyed to the Hamilto V. Achir na Kyle, burgh at, i. 92.

Acre, capture of, by Earl David of Hun.
Abercorn, Saxon monastery at, i. 282. tingdon, ii. 128, note.
Abercorn Castle, captured by James II., Act of Classes" of 1649, the, vi. 414.
ii. 429.

Action of reduction," what, vi. 8o.
Aberdeen, bishopric of, founded by David Ada, sister of William the Lion, claim of

I., i. 442-early mention of, as a burgh, her descendants to the crown, ii. 127.
ii. 89-taken by Bruce, 256—General Adam, the elder, his works, viii. 542.
Assembly called by the High party at, Adamnan, see St Adamnan.
V. 433-General Assembly of 1616 at, Adamson, Archbishop of St Andrews, on
vi. 14—the stronghold of the Cavalier the bishops, v. 81-a member of the
party, 206-commission sent by the Parliament of 1582, 188-proceedings
Covenanters to, 233 - declaration by of the Presbyterian party against him,
the clergy against the Covenant, 234 209-sermon before the king on occa-
occupied by Montrose, 238—and again, sión of Queeu Mary's death, 261-his
247 - occupied by the Cavaliers, 249 fall, 297-his recantation, 298.
-and again by the Covenanters, 252 Admiralty, arrangements of the Union
- proceedings of Monro against tňe regarding, viii. 128.
Royalists, 321 — captured by Mon Adrian IV., subjugation of the Irish
trose, 365 — Gordon's picture of, vii. Church by, i. 242.
105 — resistance to the Episcopalian Advocates, secession of, in 1678, vii. 195
deprivation in, 1690, 441 - strength - Faculty of, Jacobite medal presented
of Episcopacy in, 461 – Episcopalian to, and its effect, viii. 243.
elergy in, after 1688, 464-manufacture Æneas Sylvius (Pius II.), anecdote of, ii.
of woollen stockings at, viii. 35 James 336, noto-account of coal in Scotland
VIII. proclaimed at, 263.

from, iii. 446—his account of the coun-
Aberdeen Breviary, the, i. 264, iii. 328, try, 447.
vi. 4.

Æsir, the, or Scandinavian gods, i. 228.
Aberdeen Doctors, their declaration Affinity, the forbidden degree of, ii. 346

against the Covenant, vi. 234 - the et seq., iii. 314 et seq.
king's approval of it, 235, note.

African Company (Darien scheme), the,
Aberdeen University, date of its founda Paterson's connection with it, viii. 19

tion, iii. 404 — modelled on that of - its formation, 21 - Act passed by
Paris, 404

the Scots Parliament, 22-powers con-
Abernethy, once the Pictish capital, ii. ferred on the Company, 23-tracts and

52-the round tower at, 104—the ab other works regarding it, ib., note-
bey of, lay appropriation of its endow. English and Scots directors, 23—first
ments, i. 399, note.

reception in England, 26-address of
Abjuration, Act of, 1662, the, vii. 158. Parliament against it, ib.--answer of
Abjuration oath, the, vii. 256-modifica the king, 27–proceedings of the Com.
tion of it, 1916, viií. 386.

mons against the English directors, ib.
Aboyne, the Marquis of, murdered at --withdrawal of the English share-
Frendraught, vi. 211 et seq.

holders, 28-motives of the English

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