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Autobiography of the Rev. Dr Alexander Carlyle,

Minister of Inveresk. Containing Memorials of the Men and Events of his Time. Edited by John Hill Burton. In 8vo. Third Edition, with

Portrait, 145. “ This book contains by far the most vivid picture of Scottish life and manners that has been given to the public since the days of Sir Walter Scott. In bestowing upon it this high praise, we make no exception, not even in favour of Lord Cockburn's Memorials-the book which resembles it most, and which ranks next to it in interest.”Edinburgh Review.

"A more delightful and graphic picture of the everyday life of our ancestors it has never been our good fortune to meet with.”—National Review.

A Treasury of the English and German Languages.

Compiled from the best Authors and Lexicographers in both Languages. Adapted to the Use of Schools, Students, Travellers, and Men of Business; and forming a Companion to all German-English Dictionaries. By Joseph Cauvin, LL.D. & Ph.D., of the University of Göttingen, &c. Crown 8vo,

7s. 6d., bound in cloth. "An excellent English-German Dictionary, which supplies a real want."— Saturday Review.

“The difficulty of translating English into German may be greatly alleviated by the use of this copious and excellent English-German Dictionary, which specifies the different senses of each English word, and gives suitable German equivalents. It also supplies an abundance of idiomatic phraseology, with many passages from Shakespeare and other authors aptly rendered in German. Compared with other dictionaries, it has decidedly the advantage."-Athenæum.

Captain Clutterbuck's Champagne.

A WEST INDIAN REMINISCENCE. Post 8vo, 125. "We can conscientiously commend 'Captain Clutterbuck's Champagne' to all who like a really original story with no nonsense in it.”—Press.

The Punjab and Delhi in 1857:

BEING A NARRATIVE OF THE MEASURES BY WHICH THE PUNJAB WAS SAVED AND DELHI RECOVERED DURING THE INDIAN MUTINY. By the Rev. J. Cave-Brown, Chaplain of the Punjab Movable Column. With Plans of the Chief Stations and of the different Engagements, and Portraits of Sir J. Lawrence, Bart., Sir H. Edwardes, Sir R. Montgomery, and

Brig.-Gen. J. Nicholson. 2 vols. post 8vo, 215. " This is a work which will well repay the trouble of perusal. Written by one who was himself present at many of the scenes he narrates, and who has had free access to the papers of Sir J. Lawrence, Sir R. Montgomery, and Sir H. Edwardes, it comes with all the weight of official authority, and all the vividness of personal narrative.”—Press.

Coquet-Dale Fishing Songs.

Now first collected by a North-Country Angler, with the Music of the Airs. 8vo, 5s.

Sporting Days.

By John Colquhoun, Author of 'The Moor and the Loch,' &c. Crown 8vo, 5s.

Rocks and Rivers; .

Or, Highland Wanderings over Crag and Correi, “Flood and Fell."
John Colquhonn, Author of 'Sporting Days.' 8vo, 6s. 6d.


Salmon-Casts and Stray Shots.

Being Fly-leaves from the Note-Book of John Colquhoun, Esq., Author of "The Moor and the Loch,' &c. Second Edition, fcap. 8vo, 5s. .

The Coming Race.

Ninth Edition, crown 8vo, 6s. "Language, literature, and the arts, all touched on with admirable verisimilitude, are impressed into the service of his thesis ; and often, in reading of the delights of this underground Utopia, have we sighed for the refreshing tranquillity of that lamp-lit land.”-Athenæum.

“Its kindly satire, its gentle moralisings, its healthy humour, and its extensive knowledge well applied, combine to separate it from the mass of ephemeral publications, and give evidence of literary skill very rarely to be met with in books written for the circulating libraries."-Examiner.

The book is well written, and ingeniously worked out."-Saturday Review.

Venus and Psyche,

WITH OTHER POEMs. By Richard Crawley. Fcap. 8vo, 5s. “Mr Crawley writes verses through which there runs an abundant vein of genuine poetry. ... Much, very much, of Mr Crawley's poetry is perfectly original—the creation of his own fancy-which is eminently near akin to the vision and the faculty divine, and is equally powerful in painting scenes of terror and tenderness. His minor poems are most of them beautiful, and some of them exquisite pieces of piercing satire."--Evening Standard.

The Genesis of the Church.

By the Right Rev. Henry Cotterill, D.D., Bishop of Edinburgh.

Demy 8vo, 16s. “The book is strikingly original, and this originality is one of its great charms—the views of an able and cultivated man whom long study has made fully master of his subject."-Scottish Guardian.

"In Dr Cotterill's volume a book of great ability has been presented to the world."-Edinburgh Courant

“His book breathes the spirit and is stamped with the character of the present age. It requires, and will amply repay, the most careful and attentive reading ; and it is likely to carry conviction to many a mind which has been merely repelled by the ordinary quoting of texts or appeals to Church History to prove the existence of the three Orders, and the necessity of the apostolica) succession."-Literary Churchman.

Chronicles of Carling ford.

Salem Chapel. 25. in boards, or 2s. 6d. in cloth.
The Rector, and the Doctor's Family Is. in boards, or is. 6d. in cloth.
The Perpetual Curate. 25. in boards, or 2s. 6d. in cloth.
Miss Marjoribanks. 2s. in boards, or 2s, 6d. in cloth.

Cornelius O'Dowd upon Men and Women,

AND OTHER THINGS IN GENERAL. 3 vols. crown 8vo, ios. 6d. each. “The flashes of the author's wit must not blind us to the ripeness of his wisdom, nor the general playfulness of his O'Dowderies allow us to forget the ample evidence that underneath them lurks one of the most earnest and observant spirits of the present time.”—Daily Review.

The Fatherhood of God:

Considered in its General and Special Aspects, and particularly in relation to the Atonement; with a Review of Recent Speculations on the Subject. By Thomas J. Crawford, D.D. Third Edition, revised and enlarged, with

a Reply to the Strictures of Dr Candlish. gs. “The plan of this work is comprehensive and yet definite. It embodies much original thought, and the author's habits of searching inquiry and careful arrangement stand him in good stead. Whatever difference of opinion there may be on sundry topics, it would be idle to question the great ability shown by the learned Professor. As the subjects treated of have been and are so much discussed, it will be satisfactory to many to receive a book which expounds so fully, and maintains so forcibly, and on a Scriptural basis, the views of one so well qualified to speak."- Journal of Sacred Literature.

The Doctrine of Holy Scripture respecting the

Atonement. By Thomas J. Crawford, D.D., Professor of Divinity in the

University of Edinburgh. 8vo, 12s. "This addition to the latest contributions to the elucidation of the doctrine

t must inevitably take a high rank among them. It collates and analyses the teachings, not only of the apostles, but of all Scriptural authors on the subject. The work is done in a critical, thorough, exhaustive manner, and gives us an exhaustive thesaurus of Scriptural doctrine on the subject."-Princeton Review

Sketches of the South and West;

Or, Ten Months' Residence in the United States. By Henry Deedes.
Fcap. 8vo, 55.

testethod of Risteditatievo. 43


On the Method of Rightly Conducting the Reason, and Seeking Truth in the Sciences, and his Meditations, and Selections from his Principles of Philosophy. In One vol. post 8vo, 4s. 6d.


Being a Sketch of the History, Government, and Officers of the Empire.

By Walter Dickson. 8vo, 155. “The entire work is not only pleasant and instructive reading, but one that ought to be read and re-read by all who wish to attain anything like a coherent idea of the real condition of Japan. Its value can hardly be overestimated."-London and China Express.

“Mr Dixon's work gives a general account of the History of Christianity in Japan more accurately than any preceding writer in the English language.

. . His work is the most valuable one that has yet appeared."- Quar. terly Review.

A Family Tour round the Coasts of Spain and

Portugal DURING THE WINTER OF 1860-61. By Lady Dunbar of North

field. Post 8vo, 5s. The Divine Footsteps in Human History.

8vo, ios. 6d,

Seats and Saddles, Bits and Bitting,

Francis Dwyer. A New and Enlarged Edition. Crown 8vo, with En-

gravings, 7s. 6d. Of Major Dwyer's book we can speak with much approbation. To those who are fond of the science of horsemanship, and who will give themselves time for some study of it, we know no work that comprehends so much good matter in so small a space."- Baily's Monthly Magazine.


By the Rev. John Eagles, A.M., Oxon. Originally published in 'Black

wood's Magazine.' Post 8vo, ios. 6d. CONTENTS:- Church Music, and other Parochials.-Medical attendance, and

other Parochials.-A few Hours at Hampton Court.-Grandfathers and Grandchildren.-Sitting for a Portrait.-Are there not Great Boasters among us ?— Temperance and Teetotal Societies. --Thackeray's Lectures : Swift.The Crystal Palace.—Civilisation : the Census.—The Beggar's Legacy.

The Sketcher. . By the Rev. John Eagles, A.M. Originally published in ‘Blackwood's - Magazine.' 8vo, ios. 6d.

"This volume, called by the appropriate name of The Sketcher,' is one that ought to be found in the studio of every English landscape-painter.

. More instructive and suggestive readings for voung artists, especially landscape-painters, can scarcely be found."— The Globe.


By the Rev. John Eagles, A.M. Crown 8vo, 5s.

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Works of George Eliot Library Edition.

Adam Bede. 2 vols., fcap. 8vo, 125.
The Mill on the Floss. 2 vols., fcap. 8vo, 125.
Scenes of Clerical Life. 2 vols., fcap. 8vo, 125.
Silas Marner. Fcap. 8vo, 6s.

Felix Holt. 2 vols., fcap. 8vo, 125.
Works of George Eliot. Cheap Edition.

Adam Bede. 35. 6d.
The Mill on the Floss. 35. 6d.
Scenes of Clerical Life. 35.
Silas Marner. 25. 6d.
Felix Holt. 35. 6d.

Adam Bede. 25. 6d.
Middlemarch: A Study of English Provincial

Life. By George Eliot. In Eight Books, 5s. each.
1. Miss BROOKE.

5. The Dead HAND.


7. Two TEMPTATIONS. 4. THREE LOVE PROBLEMS. 3. SUNSET AND SUNRISE. A New Edition. 4 vols. fcap. 8vo, 21s. The Spanish Gypsy.

By George Eliot. Fourth Edition, crown 8vo, 7s. 6d. "It is emphatically a great poem, great in conception, great in execution." --Blackwood's Magazine.

“She is a great writer, and in the Spanish Gypsy' she has achieved a great work."- Times.

"It is impossible, indeed, to speak too highly of the intellectual conception at the basis of the poem, and the finish and power with which it is worked out and adorned.”—Spectator. Wise, Witty, and Tender Sayings,

In Prose and Verse. Selected from the Works of George Eliot. By Alexander Main. Handsomely printed on Toned Paper, bound in gilt

cloth, 5s. "But undoubtedly George Eliot is the only woman of our time whose writ. ings would be remembered for their humour alone, or whose sayings, just now collected into a volume by themselves, are at all likely, like Shakespeare's sayings, to pass into the substance of the language."-Spectator.

"This little volume, which is everything that could be desired in the way of get-up, brings George Eliot's weightier thoughts and reflections, which lie scattered throughout her books, conveniently near; and busy readers may easily repair the results of inevitable haste by frequently devoting to it a spare half-hour. It is a book to have beside one, to be often taken up and laid aside again; for every page supplies food for meditation, and something, too, that is well calculated to be helpful in the conduct of life."—Nonconformist. A Memoir of John Elder,

Engineer and Shipbuilder. By W. J. Macquorn Rankine, with Portrait. Crown 8vo. 2s. 6d.

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