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The Education (Scotland) Act, 1872. .. with Introduction, Explanatory Notes, and Index. By Alexander Craig

Sellar, Advocate, Secretary to the Lord Advocate of Scotland. Price 6s.

Another Edition, the Text only-price 6d. Essays on Social Subjects.

Originally published in the 'Saturday Review.' A New Edition. First

and Second Series. 2 vols., crown 8vo, 6s. each. "Two remarkable volumes of occasional papers, far above the average of such miscellanies. They are the production of a keen and kindly observer of men and manners, and they display a subtle analysis of character, as well as a breadth of observation, which are remarkable. With much of occasional force, these Essays have sufficient solidity to make a book; and while they recall the wit of Montaigne and the playfulness of Addison, they are animated by a better moral tone, and cover a larger range of experience."-Christian Remembrancer. Euchologion; or, Book of Prayers :

Being Forms of Worship issued by the Church Service Society. A New and Enlarged Edition, 6s. 6d. "We know of no book which could be recommended as likely to be of greater use to the clergyman, especially to the young and inexperienced, than this second edition of 'Euchologion.'"-Scotsman. The Crown and its Advisers;

Or, Queen, Ministers, Lords, and Commons. By Alexander Charles

Ewald, F.S.A. Crown 8vo, 5s. “We may congratulate Mr Ewald on the possession of a popular style and a clear method... His observations on everything connected with the usages of Parliament are sound, and calculated to be very useful to the class of persons he is addressing. . . . A commendable attempt to explain in simple and popular language the machinery of the English Government."Pall Mall Gazette.

“May be regarded in some respects as a Constitutional Manual."-Standard. Institutes of Metaphysic :

The Theory of Knowing and Being. By James F. Ferrier, A.B. Oxon.,
Professor of Moral Philosophy and Political Economy, St Andrews.

Second Edition. Crown 8vo, ios. 6d.
Lectures on the Early Greek Philosophy,

ANDREWS. Edited by Sir Alexander Grant and Professor Lushington.

2 vols. post 8vo, 245. "These lectures, in so far as they treat of Greek philosophy down to Plato, have been carefully elaborated, and are of much value-of higher value, indeed, than any writings on the same subject in the English language; and in point of clearness, depth, and resolute search after truth, and tenacious hold of it when found, we doubt if they are surpassed in any language. . . For our part, we do not know any philosophical writings so fascinating to a young student of philosophy as these early pages."-Scotsman.

Field-Map, Lothians Hunt;

with List of the Meets and Distances from General Post-Office, Edinburgh, and from the nearest Railway Stations. Bound in leather, 55.

History of Greece under Foreign Domination.

By George Finlay, LL.D., Athens. 7 vols. 8vo-viz. :
Greece under the Romans. B.C. 146 to A.D. 717. A Historical View of

the Condition of the Greek Nation from its Conquest by the Romans
until the Extinction of the Roman Power in the East. Second Edition,

16s. History of the Byzantine Empire. A.D. 716 to 1204; and of the Greek

Empire of Nicæa and Constantinople, A.D. 1204 to 1453. 2 vols.

£1,75. 6d. Mediæval Greece and Trebizond. The History of Greece, from its Con

quest by the Crusaders to its Conquest by the Turks, A.D. 1204 to 1566; and the History of the Empire of Trebizond, A.D. 1204 to 1461. 125. reece under Othoman and Venetian Domination. A.D. 1453 to 1821.

Ios. 6d. History of the Greek Revolution. 2 vols. 8vo, £ 1, 45. “His book is worthy to take its place among the remarkable works on Greek history which

ich form one of the chief glories of English scholarship. The history of Greece is but half told without it." -London Guardian.

“His work is therefore learned and profound. It throws a flood of light upon an important though obscure portion of Grecian history. . . . In the essential requisites of fidelity, accuracy, and learning, Mr Finlay bears a favourable comparison with any historical writer of our day."--North American Review.

Flowers from Fatherland in English Soil.

Translations from the German by John Pitcairn Trotter; A. Mercer Adams, M.D.; and George Coltman, M.A. Crown 8vo, 6s. "A volume of translations that may be heartily recommended for their rare excellence.”—London Quarterly Review.

“This is a very elegant volume of poems. The translations are good in most cases, spirited often, and readable always. And it is as gratifying as it is astonishing to mark the ease and elegance with which some of Heine's perfect gems are placed in their English setting."--Illustrated London News.

The Campaign of Garibaldi in the Two Sicilies :

A Personal Narrative. By Charles Stuart Forbes, Commander, R.N.

Post 8vo, with Portraits, 125. "A volume which contains the best sketch hitherto published of the campaign which put an end to Bourbon rule in the Two Sicilies. It is accompanied with plans of the chief battles; and its honest unexaggerated record contrasts very favourably with the strained and showy account of the Garibaldians just published by Á. Dumas.”—Examiner.

Geological and Paleontological Map of the British

Islands, including Tables of the Fossils of the different Epochs, &c. &c., from the Sketches and Notes of Professor Edward Forbes. With Illustrative and Explanatory Letterpress. 215.

Earl's Dene. A Novel.

By R. E. Francillon. 3 vols. post 8vo, 31s. 6d.
A Dictionary of the Gaelic Language,

Comprising an ample Vocabulary of Gaelic Words, and Vocabularies of Latin and English Words, with their Translation into Gaelic, to which is prefixed a Compendium of Gaelic Grammar. Compiled and published under the Direction of the Highland Society of Scotland. 2 vols, quarto, cloth, £5, 5s.

The Noveis of John Galt.

Annals of the Parish.
The Provost.
Sir Andrew Wylie.
The Entail, or the Lairds of Grippy.

4 vols. fcap. 8vo, 2s. each. The Gardener:

A MAGAZINE OF HORTICULTURE AND FLORICULTURE. Edited by David Thomson, Author of 'A Practical Treatise on the Culture of the Pine-Apple,''The Handy Book of the Flower-Garden,' &c.; Assisted by a Staff of the best practical Writers. Published Monthly, 6d.

Publications of the General Assembly of the

Church of Scotland. 1.–Family Prayers.

Authorised by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. A

New Edition, crown 8vo, in large type. 45. 6d. ANOTHER EDITION, crown 8vo. 25. 2.- Prayers for Social and Family Worship.

For the Use of Soldiers, Sailors, Colonists, and Sojourners in India, and other persons, at home and abroad, who are deprived of he ordinary services of a Christian Ministry. Second Edition, crown 8vo, 4s. Cheap

Edition, is. 6d.
3.-The Scottish Hymnal.

HYMNS FOR PUBLIC WORSHIP, Published for Use in Churches by
Authority of the General Assembly.

1. Large type, cloth, red edges, Is. 6d. ; French morocco, 25. 6d.;

calf, 6s.
2. Bourgeois type, cloth, red edges, Is. ; French morocco, 2s.
3. Minion type, limp cloth, 6d. ; French morocco, Is. 6d.
4. School Edition, in paper cover, ed.

No. 1, bound with the Psalms and Paraphrases, cloth, 3s. ; French

morocco, 4s. 6d. ; calf, 7s. 6d. No. 2, bound with the Psalms and Paraphrases, cloth, 2s. ; French

morocco, 35. 4.--The Scottish Hymnal, with Music.

Selected by the Committees on Hymns and on Psalmody. The harmonies arranged by W. H. Monk, cloth, is. 6d. ; French morocco, 3s.

6d. The same in the Tonic Sol-fa Notation, is. 6d. and 3s. 6d. ANOTHER EDITION, with fixed Tune for each Hymn, cloth, 36. 6d.

and 4s. 6d. ; French morocco, 6s. 6d.

The Principles and Practice of the Law of Trusts

and Trustees in Scotland, with Notes and Illustrations from the Law of England. By Charles Forsyth, Esq., Advocate and Barrister-at-Law. 8vo, 185.

Idylls and Lyrics.

By William Forsyth, Author of 'Kelavane,' &c. Crown 8vo, 5s. This is a little volume of unpretending but genuine poetry."-Standard.

“Good poetry is not so common a commodity nowadays that it should be passed over without special mark. When found, it should be brought to light that it may be admired. It is for this reason that special attention is here called to a little volume of 'Idylls and Lyrics,' by Mr William Forsyth. ... Mr Forsyth is a poet. There is genuine music in almost every line he writes. He sees what most men fail to see; he hears what most men fail to hear; and he writes with a felicity of style that few men can equal. In all this volume there is scarcel

which does not teem with beauties-all the more beautiful that while they want not in vigour and in fineness of perception, they are simple and clear to every reader."-Scotsman.

Introductory Addresses

Delivered at the Opening of the University of Glasgow, Session 1870-71. With a Prefatory Notice of the new Buildings by Professor Allan Thomson, M.D.; and Photograph of the University. Small 4to, 4s. 6d.; small Paper Edition without Photograph, 2s. 6d.

The Subaltern.

By G. R. Gleig, M.A., Chaplain - General of Her Majesty's Forces. Originally published in ‘Blackwood's Magazine.' Library Edition.

Revised and Corrected, with a New Preface. Crown 8vo, 7s. 6d. “Originally published in Blackwood's Magazine' in 1825, it was at once received with favour, and the present generation of readers will no doubt endorse the verdict of their fathers, and find pleasure in reading Mr Gleig's faithful and picturesque account of his boyish campaign. The volume, though as interesting as any novel, is in all respects the actual record of its author's own experience, and it is in fact the day-to-day journal of a young officer who embarked at Dover with his battalion in 1813. joined Lord Wellington's army a few days before the storming of San Sebastian, just as the French, under Soult, were being driven back through the Pyrenees on to their own soil, and had his share of the fighting on the Bidassoa. . . . We must not omit to notice the new preface which gives an additional interest to the present issue of 'The Subaltern,' and which recounts the present-day aspect of the tract of country where were fought the last battles of the Peninsular War. There is something touching in the old clergyman thus going over the ground he trod sixty years ago as a young soldier, full of military ardour, and recognising the cities and the soil on which were acted the glorious and unforgotten scenes in which he bore a hero's part.”The Times.

On the Influence exerted by the Mind over the


Goethe's Faust.

Translated into English Verse by Theodore Martin Second Edition,

post 8vo, 6s. Cheap Edition, fcap., 35. 6d. "The best translation of 'Faust' in verse we have yet had in England." Spectator.

“Mr Theodore Martin's translation is unquestionably the best in the lan. guage, and will give to English readers a fair idea of the greatest of modern poems.”—Press.

Poems and Ballads of Goethe.

Translated by Professor Ayton and Theodore Martin. Second Edition,

fcap. 8vo, 6s. “There is no doubt that these are the best translations of Goethe's marvellously-cut gems which have yet been published.”—The Times.

A Walk across Africa ;

Or, Domestic Scenes from my Nile Journal. By James Augustus Grant, Captain H.M. Bengal Army, Fellow and Gold Medallist of the Royal

Geographical Society. 8vo, with Map, 155. “Captain Grant's frank, manly, unadorned narrative." Daily News.

“Captain Grant's book will be doubly interesting to those who have read Captain Speke's. He gives, as his special contribution to the story of their three years' walk across Africa, descriptions of birds, beasts, trees, and plants, and all that concerns them, and of domestic scenes throughout the various regions. The book is written in a pleasant, quiet, gentlemanly style, and is characterised by a modest tone. ... The whole work is delightful reading."Globe.

Memoirs and Adventures of Sir William Kirkaldy

of Grange, Governor of the Castle of Edinburgh for Mary Queen of Scots.

By James Grant. Post 8vo, ios. 6d. “It is seldom, indeed, that we find history so written, in a style at once vigorous, perspicuous, and picturesque. The author's heart is thoroughly with his subject."-Blackwood's Magazine.

Memoirs and Adventures of Sir John Hepburn,

Marshal of France under Louis XIII., &c. By James Grant. Post 8vo, 8s.

Memorials of the Castle of Edinburgh.

By James Grant. A New Edition. In crown 8vo, with 12 Engravings,

35. 6d. Of the different books of this nature that have fallen in our way, we do not remember one that has equalled Mr Grant's 'Memorials of the Castle of Edin. burgh.'"-Spectator.

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