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fierce clutch of one of those men, who, in deliverer, ' but the payment of the grateful the sudden and desperate spring which he thanks which you have already so abununsuccessfully made, fell headlong. Mag- dantly bestowed; and the permission to dalene maintained the advantage she had accompany you on your way, till human gained, and her willing pony flew as upon habitations shall make your journey safer.' wings. But she was pursued, and by

Thou layest me under new obligations,' wretches, whose threats and curses re- replied Magdalene, by this now kindness. sounding from behind, made her heart May God bless thee, a thousand times, for pant with terror. She galloped on, seeing the deliverance which thou hast this day no human being, and no human habitation given me!' before her; and when she dared to cast a "May He bless me, indeed,' rejoined her look behind, she saw her pursuers persist- deliverer; ‘and bless me by making me ing in the chase. Now the road took a again and again the deliverer of the wide turn to the west, and sweeping round oppressed. I wish I had a large field of an angle brought again the pony's head labour in this vocation. Maiden, thou hast towards the east; and now she beheld in this day had a sign of the evils under agony that the men had taken a direct cut which this poor country groans. Our across the two lines of road, and were

rulers have become oppressors to us. certain to reach a point before her in the They are men of violence themselves, and distance. She urged, however, her pony with violence have they filled the land, even more and more; the noble creature was to its most secluded corners. Spoilers and evidently straining every nerve, but the murderers, under the protection and eneffort was in vain. The villains were now couragement, and by the very commandin front; she therefore urged her pony ment, of the law, go abroad, and do their aside in a new direction, but here, alas ! deeds of robbery and blood. When our the character of the ground seriously magistrates, then, send out on their errands impaired the speed of the already fatigued thieves and bloody men, is it a wonder that beast, and Magdalene was about to give up such should spoil on their own account, in despair, when a cry of encouragement when opportunity offers? Is it a wonder, fell on her ear from a neighbouring hill, then, that even our mothers and sisters and she saw the glad sight of a man and

should not be able to travel along the dog running towards her. She audibly highway without danger and molestation ? blessed God for the mercy, and advancing Unhappy Scotland! The Almighty pity a few paces farther, fainted and fell to the thee, and raise up mighty men full of the earth. The man had no time to pause, for Spirit of God, to break the bands asunder the ruffians were advancing forward; he of thy oppressors ! therefore swept past, and confronted them; Our Father in heaven,' replied Magdaand by the help of his dog and his staff, lene, ' answer thy prayer! O that He gave compelled the rascals to filee. When he us heroic men, godly men; haters of returned to Magdalene, and had sprinkled oppression, men who will not only resist her face with water, she began to recover, the oppressor's rod, but who will scorn to and, after a short while, was able to load wield it against others; men, who will not him with her grateful thanks.

only demand liberty of lawful speech and With her nerves fearfully shaken, and action for themselves, but who will joyously her face deathfully pale, she once more hold out to others every liberty which is mounted her pony, and, accompanied by not dangerous to public good. But, alas ! her deliverer, rode slowly along. For so far as I can understand the present state some time she spoke not a word; nor did of the world, the oppressor lurks among her deliverer seek to disturb her thoughts, all parties, and many of those who are for he concluded that she might be silently oppressed to-day, would themselves become offering up her thanksgivings to God. At oppressors to-morrow, did the rod of power length she said,

come into their hand, and did they find Do not think me ungrateful, or unkind, their neighbour differ from them in opinion. by my silence. Thou hast done me a great Many, who righteously labour and bravely favour; truly I will remember it while I live, suffer for the redemption of party, would, and I wish I knew how I could repay thee.' alas ! if they possessed the power, become,

'I will have no payment,' said her for the advancement of party, the fiercest


and cruelest scourges of mankind. Woe thy kind labour of accompanying me. I unto us! for even the disciples of Jesus see my destination, and am less afraid of have not yet learned the folly and wicked- danger by the way, now that I have ness of crying for fire from heaven to escaped from these solitary hills. Ere, consume even ignorant Samaritans!' however, I say farewell, let me tell thee,

"It is truth! it is truth!' said her that I have thought, from thy conversadeliverer, with a flashing eye, and a reso- tion, that thou art not the shepherd thou lute stamp, which made the pony start seemest to be, by thy apparel, but perhaps aside. Thou hast well spoken, and it a preacher of the word, driven by persecurevives my heart to hear thy free and noble tion into the shade of the wilderness. If sentiments. They well become woman's I think aright, then, peradventure, thou heart and woman's lips !—nay, blush not, mayst some day require food, or shelter, for I meant not to flatter. I know men when pressed by thine enemies; and such, who like bats slumber under the eaves, or or any other kindness, which I can do to like sparrows chatter from the thatch of a persecuted servant of the Saviour, will their party hovels, and who, with narrow I gladly do to thee, even at the peril of and conceited minds, so admire the houses my life, in return for the kindness which made with hands, as to lose sight of the thou hast this day shown me. Wilt thou, magnificent temple of the glorious Gospel therefore, take this Bible, with my name of the blessed God, and of the room under and abodo written upon it? and shouldst its majestical roof for all who love the thou either come thyself to my dwelling, Lord Jesus Christ, to live amid the peace or send this book as a token, thou shalt and joy of Christian brotherhood; and for command my service in helping thee, as all who choose to come in from the world, far as God shall give me liberty and power. to eat of the bread of life, and live for ever. 'I am no preacher of the word,' replied I know men who make their own opinions the stranger; 'neither can I say that I the standard of truth, and who are as ready suffer persecution; but the time may come to persecute in promoting these opinions, when I shall suffer, and when I may need as to suffer in maintaining them; but with the hospitality of a Christian sister. I take such I act not further than in their thy Bible, therefore, and shall act as thou demands for the liberty which should be hast desired me; nor shall I regret, even if common to every man, and in their assaults persecution should hunt me to thy door, upon the common oppressor. I am the for thine is one of the faces which having disciple, and I would gladly be the soldier, once seen, I should wish to see again, and of free conscience; and would that the day thine is one of the voices which having of battle and victory were come, and that once heard, I should long to hear again. God's Gospel were delivered, alike from Farewell !' the oppression of its wicked foes and its ‘Farewell!' replied Magdalene, as she intolerant friends!'

gracefully bowed to her deliverer, and They had now reached the summit of urged her pony to pursue her journey. the hills, and a commanding prospect beamed before them. They halted and

The readers of the Journal will be supplied with

the remaining chapters of “ Magdalene Nisbet,' by gazed in admiring silence upon the beauti

ordering Nos. 6 and 7, price 2d. each; or complete ful scene, and after a while, Magdalene in a foolscap 8vo volume, price 29. cloth. inquired,

What mass of hill and building is that which I see in the distance ?

A WORD OF WARNING. 'It is Edinburgh, with its castle, and crags, and lion-like hill. May I ask, Is I BEBEECH you, by the salvation of your this thy first sight of that brave scene?' precious soul, and the mercies of God, to

• Yes; and even that sight rewards me make good and sure work of your salvation. well for the toil and danger of my journey.

O for the Lord's sake, look narrowly to It is beautiful and majestic !

the work! Read over your life with the May I further ask, Dost thou journey light of God's day-light and sun; for to that city ?'

salvation is not casten down at every man's “Yes; and now I entreat thee to receive door. It is good to look to your compass, my abundant gratitude, and to return from and all that you have need of, ere you take


shipping; for no wind can blow you back have no abiding interest; in fact, cannot again. Remember, when the race is be understood, unless when seen thus preended, and the play either won or lost, and paring the way for, and, in an outward you are in the outmost circle and border manner, symbolizing that spiritual people, of time, and shall put your foot within the which has, not Abraham, but God Himmarch of eternity, and all your good things self, for its Father and Founder. If this of this short night-dream shall seem to higher significance be borne in mind, a you like the ashes of a blaze of thorns, food of new light will be thrown upon and your poor soul shall be crying, many a seemingly useless observance, and Lodging, lodging, for God's sake!-then the cumbrous rites of the old Church will shall your soul be more glad of your become to us a mirror, in which may be Lord's favour than if you had the charters seen reflected the face of Jesus. of three worlds for all eternity. Let plea- We wish to turn the attention of our sures, gain, and the desires of this world, readers to a few general remarks upon the be put over into God's hands, as arrested symbolical meaning of the Tabernacle, in its and fenced goods that you cannot intromit various parts, and the way in which it shawith. Be humbled, and walk softly. dowed forth inner and spiritual truth. The Stoop, stoop; it is a low entry to go in at Jewish people were, as we have said, inheaven's gates. There is infinite justice tended to be an outward representation of in the party you have to do with; it is His that "holy nation and peculiar people,' nature not to acquit the guilty. The law wirich God was to gather to Himself out of of God will not want one farthing of the the tribes of men. The external Theocracy sinner; and every man must either pay in was the emblem of that internal, world-wide his own person, or in his cautioner, Christ. Theocracy which it was the purpose of Christ It is violence to corrupt nature for a man to realize upon earth. God was then espe. to be holy; to quit will, pleasures, worldly cially the Head, and even temporal Sovelove, earthly happiness, and an itching of reign, of the Jewish State. Every thing was heart after this overgilded world, and to be under His immediate cognizance and concontent that Christ trample upon all. My trol. All offices derived their origin and sigcounsel is, that you come out and leave the nificance from His appointment. To keep multitude, and let Christ have your com- this great fundamental idea prominently pany; let them take clay and this perishing before all, is the intention of many of the world who love it—Christ is a more worthy peculiar rites and ceremonies of Judaism. and noble portion. Blessed are they who The Tabernacle, and afterwards the Temple, get Him !

was the palace of the Great King. It was the palpable manifestation of the great

truth, that God had come down to dwell THE TABERNACLE.

among men; that He took an especial interest in the sons of Jacob, and stood in a

peculiar relation of nearness to them. ONE great design of the Mosaic economy

Let them make me a sanctuary,' says was, to prepare a fitting soil for the recep- God, that I may dwell among them. The tion of those spiritual truths, with regard Israelites, no doubt, must have known alboth to God and man, that the Messiah ready that God was near to them of a was to reveal. The law was our school. truth. Had He not smitten the pride of master, or rather pedagogue, to bring us Egypt in the dust for their sakes? Had to Christ. By means of the history and He not divided the sea before them, and the ceremonial worship of the Jews, those engulfed their enemies in its mighty rudimental conceptions of the Divine waters ? Had He not, in the pillar of Being, which were absolutely necessary to cloud and fire, marched before them the understanding and appreciation of the through the pathless desert ? Had He great scheme of mercy, were made familiar not fed them day by day with mannato the mind. Type, and ceremony, and bread of heaven-angels' food ? Had He shadow, pointed to something to come, and not, in dread majesty, descended upon the could only have a meaning and explanation summit of Sinai; and had they not heard when viewed in reference to the future. the voice of the Most High coming forth The existence of the Israelitish nation can out of the thick cloud? Was not all this,


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it may be asked, sufficient to fanıiliarize to the people. Every thing in the most them with the thoughts of God's nearness holy place spoke of God's relation to man. and sovereignty? We answer, No. They Every thing in the holy place spoke of needed a standing witness; something man's relation to God. This fact is of use which would reach and fix their roving in the consideration of particular parts of imaginations; something which would the structure. It must be noticed, also, make its constant, though silent, appeal to that although the holy place was approthe senses; and therefore God, in compas- priated to the worshipper, yet it was only sion to their weakness, appointed His tent in reality occupied by the priests, who to be pitched in their midst, to be with were thus the representatives of man-in them in all their wanderings, and to be the a certain sense, the mediators between the centre and rallying-point of their religions Majesty of heaven and the suppliant of aspirations.

earth. The people assembled in the outer But, there is something more than this court, which was an unroofed enclosure. in the erection of the Tabernacle. It | The holy of holies, or peculiar sanctuary looked to the future as well as to the pre- of Divinity, was about fifteen feet square, sent. It prefigured as well as represented. and contained the ark of the covenant, a What, then, did it prefigure? We have box made of acacia wood, overlaid with seen, that the Tabernacle was the external gold, in which were deposited the two sign of God's reigning and dwelling among tables of the law, and upon which was men; is it not most natural to suppose, placed the mercy-seat, shadowed over by that it looked forward to that great incar- the outspread wings of the cherubim. The nation of God in Jesus Christ, which, as it tables of the law, or testimonies, as they is the fulfilment of prophecy, is also the are called, were emblems undoubtedly of grand explanation of type ? There seems the holiness of God's character. In seveto be a direct reference to this in the words | ral passages, they are spoken of as being of the Evangelist : "The Word was made for a witness against the rebellion of the flesh, and dwelt among us’-literally, Jews. They pointed out the relation of tabernacled among us; and only in this the Divine Being with regard to sin. The light can we interpret with clearness that Author of such a law must be a God who remarkable declaration of our Lord. Him- cannot look upon iniquity. The golden self: 'Destroy this temple, and in three lid above the ark, composed of solid, massy days I will raise it up.' The Tabernacle, gold, and named the kapporeth, or mercythen, pointed forward to that still closer seat, has here its true significance, when connection between God and man, earth viewed beside the law of the testimony. and heaven, that was to be effected by the This points to God's relations with the appearance of Christ, who was at once the sinner. There is inexorable justice enSon of God and the Son of man. Various graved by Heaven's own finger upon that writers of eminence have given different law, which demands obedience from all; in explanations of the prefigurative meaning the mercy-seat appears the compassion of of the Tabernacle. A general one has the Divine character, raying forth hope been, that of making the holy of holies re- upon the path of the wandering and the present Heaven, and the outer chamber the guilty. Of the forms of the cherubim, no material sky above, through which Jesus particular account is given. They were passed in order to sit at God's right hand, probably the same composite figures that the acknowledged Prince and Saviour. are found in Egyptian sculpture, or, more While we would not dogmatically reject recently, among the Ninevite remains. this interpretation, yet that which we have They seem to be emblematic of the collecbefore indicated does seem to harmonize tive animated creation, bending in wondermost with the figure itself, being but a de- ing gaze over the mysteries of God. The velopment of the idea already lodged in the love and matchless royal grace of Jehovah, Jewish mind, by the presence in their form a fitting theme for all holy intellimidst of a building dedicated to Jehovah. gences. A reference to the station and

The tent of the congregation was divided posture of the cherubin is evidently coninto two apartments—the holy place, and tained in those words of Peter, which the holy of holies. The latter was the things the angels desire to look into. The portion strictly devoted to God, the former | Psalmist, also, in that noble sacred ode,

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the eighty-ninth Psalm, has his eye upon satisfactory, that good works were thus the ark, and the winged figures oversha- offered up in figure to Jehovah. This is dowing it, when ho sings, ' Judgment and the requisite pledge of fealty from loyal justice are the habitation of Thy throne ; subjects to the rightful and only Sovereign. mercy and truth go before Thy face.' God requires from His worshippers the

Turning now to the eastern chamber of very heart of love, which is life. the Tabernacle, which was considerably the In the outer court, to which the people larger of the two, the most conspicuous were restricted, there were placed the brazen object is the altar of incense. Morning altar of burnt-offering in the centre; and to and evening there curled upwards to the the south of this, the brazen laver for the sky the fragrant, heavy clouds of in- cleansing of the priests, prior to their cense. In the New Testament, we find this passing into the holy place, and engaging usage explained as the offering up of the in the public services of worship. On the beliover's prayers to God. In the Apoca- altar, the morning and evening sacrifices lypse, that wonderful book, whose explana- were offered up, and protection was afforded tion depends so much upon a previous to those criminals who held by its horns. acquaintance with, and an understanding of, There can be no hesitation in assigning a the typical system of the Old Testament, deep symbolical meaning to the various and which, in turn, casts light and a holy sacrifices which smoked upon that altar. meaning upon it, we find the prayers of the The writer of the Epistle to the Hebrews saints ascending before God with the smoke has discussed this whole subject. These of the incense. (Rev. v. .8, viii. 3, 4.) On daily sacrifices pointed to the one sacrifice one side, there was the lamp-stand, consist- which Christ, now in the end of the world, ing of one massy stem and six branches, has offered to bear the sins of many, and ever fed with fresh oil. This was dressed by which He hath perfected for ever them every morning, and lighted every evening, that are sanctified. Thus was the nature by the priest. What relation of man to of expiation for sins revealed, as containing God did this point out? Evidently, it in it an essentially vicarious element. The showed that wherever the Divine light has Jew could find no abruptness in the come, there will it become expansive. announcement of the Baptist, when he said Light will beget love, and love will increase . of Christ, ‘Behold the Lamb of God, who light. The number seven' is the perfect taketh away the sin of the world. If with number, and is also that used to denote a any measure of spiritual insight he had covenant; hence the propriety of the ap- penetrated into the design of those votive pellation, 'the seven spirits which are

and sacrificial rites, the transition was easy before His throne.' We think there is to the adoption of that fundamental doctrine pointed out in that remarkable expression, of Christianity, that, by the blood of Christ, not only the absolute perfection of the the conscience is purged from dead works, Divine Spirit, but also the covenant relation and a new way is opened up for the soul of between the Godhead and the Church. man to the heart and the home of God. He is 'the earnest of the promised inheri- As for the circular laver, Aaron and his tance. Lastly, there was here the table of sons were to wash their hands and feet in shew-bread, on which every week were

it. The feet of the high priest being placed twelve loaves, according to the uncovered, he required this ablution ere number of the tribes, and, as some think, a entering on his sacred duties. Does this libation of wine. This latter observance is not tell us, in impressive action, 'Be ye supposed to be found in an expression in clean that bear the vessels of the Lord.' Exod. xxv. 29, where bowls are mentioned | As a counterpart to this Old Testament 'to cover withal,' or, as properly rendered washing with water, stands the washing of in the margin, 'to pour out withal.' Con- the disciples' feet by their Lord and Master. siderable diversity of opinion has prevailed (John xiii. 1-11.) It is no doubt true, that with regard to the symbolic meaning of every believer is now invested with the this portion of the Tabernacle furniture. character of priesthood; that the sacerdotaBread and wine are offered up to God by lism of Revelation, as being but a preparathe people; what is the meaning of this tory stage for the fuller outcoming of the rite? Upon the whole, the view of Heng- religious consciousness, is now for ever stenberg seems the mostly likely and | abolished; and that, therefore, the act of

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