Memorials of the Rebellion of 1569

J.B. Nichols, 1840 - 419 páginas

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Página 121 - The number of offenders,' he says, ' is so grete, that few innocent are left to trie the giltie : and iff the forfeted landes be bestowed on such as be straungers, and will not dwell in the cuntre, the peple shall be withoute heades, the cuntre desert, and no number of element, but of agrarian or social motives there is no satisfactory proof.
Página 29 - ... to come and resort unto us with all spede, with all such armour and furnyture as you, or any of you have. This fail you not herein, as you will answer the contrary at your perils.
Página 266 - And tooke the letter betwixt his hands, And lett the gentleman it see. And when the letter it was redd Affore that goodlye companye, I wis, if you the truthe wold know, There was many a weeping eye.
Página 67 - It seems very probable that the following lines, still current in the county, may have owed their origin to this invitation to skirmish, which Sir George thought prudent to decline : — " Coward, a coward, of Barney Castell, Dare not come out to fight the battell.
Página 257 - It was the time when England's Queen Twelve years had reigned, a Sovereign dread ; Nor yet the restless crown had been Disturbed upon her virgin head ; But now the inly-working North Was ripe to send its thousands forth, A potent vassalage, to fight In Percy's and in Neville's right...
Página 20 - Ladye (the Countess of Westmoreland) braste owte agaynste them with great curses, as well for their unhappye counselling, as nowe there cowerd flyghte. But all the evyll counsellors be not yett gone, for in trewth, Mr. Christopher Nevill * hath doyne more harme to that noble young Erie, hys nephewe, than can be thoughte, and doeth yet remayne aboute hym.
Página 73 - Raby is the largest castel of logginges in al the north cuntery, and is of a strong building, but not set other on hil or very strong ground.
Página 73 - ... great gate of iren with a tour, and 2 or 3 mo on the right hond. Then were al the chief toures of the 3 court, as in the hart of the castel. The haul and al the houses of offices be large and stately ; and in the haul I saw an incredible great beame of an hart. The great chambre was exceeding large, but now it is fals rofid and dividid into 2 or 3 partes.

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