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My purpose in this work, addressed to persons of middle age and in the decline of life, is not to supersede the Physician in treating their maladies, —it is to call attention to those peculiarities of the constitution which distinguish age from youth and manhood, to point out those symptoms of deviation from the healthy standard which are usually disregarded, or considered unavoidable incidents of age, but which insensibly glide into fatal diseases if neglected.

A watchful care of themselves by elderly persons, and the adoption of proper measures of relief in the earliest stages of disorder, will, as I have shown, give ease and comfort in place of trouble and suffering, and in many cases ensure the prolongation of life.

The views advanced are the result of very long

continued observation, but I shall learn with pleasure any modification or addition derived from the experience of others.

I do not hesitate to express the assurance that what I have written, if read by persons for whom it is intended, will convey information and suggestions of great value, and if longevity is esteemed a blessing worthy of some trouble to secure, it will amply repay the time and thought devoted to the subject.

John Gardner, M.D.

29, Lansdown Crescent,
Notting Hill, W.

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