The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Volume 8

Issued under the auspices of the Thomas Jefferson memorial association of the United States, 1903

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Página 376 - I acknowledge and avow; and this was not merely a speculative difference. His system flowed from principles adverse to liberty, and was calculated to undermine and demolish the Republic, by creating an influence of his department over the members of the Legislature.
Página 206 - If there be one principle more deeply rooted than any other in the mind of every American, it is, that we should have nothing to do with conquest.
Página 382 - I never did by myself, or any other, or indirectly, say a syllable, nor attempt any kind of influence. I can further protest, in the same awful presence, that I never did, by myself, or any other, directly or indirectly, write, dictate or procure any one sentence or sentiment to be inserted in his, or any other gazette, to which my name was not affixed, or that of my office.
Página 65 - There was a bill brought into the legislature for the establishment of some regulations in the consular off1ces ; but it is postponed to the next session . That bill proposed some particular fees for particular services. They were, however, so small, as to be no object. As there will be little or no legal emolument annexed to the office of consul, it is, of course, not expected that it shall render any expense incumbent on him. I have the honor to be, with great esteem, Sir, your most obedient, and...
Página 382 - I will not suffer my retirement to be clouded by the slanders of a man, whose history, from the moment at which history can stoop to notice him, is a tissue of machinations against the liberty of the country which has not only received and given him bread, but heaped its honors on his head.
Página 361 - ... the simplest rule will be that the vessel being American shall be evidence that the seamen on board are such.
Página 130 - I have the honor to be, with great esteem, Sir, your most obedient, and most humble servant, TO WILLIAM SHORT.

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