A Criação Administrativa do Concelho de Vila Verde

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The Municipality of Vila Verde (Minho, Portugal), created administratively by decree (October 24, 1855) during the Regeneration period as a result of the reforms advocated by the Vintismo Movement in the 1820's, and initiated by Mouzinho da Silveira in 1834, after the abdication of King Michael I, was the desperate attempt of central government to dismantle and replace old heavily entrenched family and local feuds, which had been the basis of popular insurgencies against Her Majesty's Queen Maria II Governments in the mid 1840's commonly known as Maria da Fonte and Patuleia. In this article we attempt to establish a commented and contextualized chronology of the administrative reforms that paved the way to the extinction of four vibrant municipalities (Aboim, Penela, Prado and Regalados) and the creation of an amalgamated 58 parishes with a brand new center.

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