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Printed for y. and P. Knapton, S. Birt, T. Longman and
T. Shewell, H. Lintett, C. Hitch, J. Birndley, J. and R. Ton-

fon and S. Draper, R. Wellington, E. New, and B. Dod.


LR RATA Page: 23. do 4. for hollow'd read hallow'd. p. 32. 1. 23. for beams read beam. pi 53. l. 21. for steal read steel. p. 178. 1. 29. for overs ture read coverture. p. 227. 1. 176 for lost redd loss.

p. 231. l. 6. for thee read them. p. 311. 1. 8. for less little read little less. px 344. 1. 33. for draw read drew. 374. 1. 2. for too read to.

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Dramatis Perfonæ.

KING Henry VI.

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of the York Faation,

, of ,
Duke of York, pretending to the Crown.
Duke of Buckingham,
Duke of Somerset, of the King's Party.
Duke of Suffolk,
Earl of Salisbury,
Earl of Warwick,
Lord Clifford, of the King's Party.
Lord Say.
Lord Scales, Governor of the Tower.
Sir Humphry Stafford.
Young Stafford, his Brother.
Alexander Iden, a Kentish Gentleman.
Young Clifford, Son to the Lord Clifford.
Edward Plantagenet

, } Sons to the Duke of York.
Richard Plantagenet, S
Vaux, A Sea Captain, and Walter Whitmore-Pirates.
A Herald,
Hume and Southwel, two Priests. 1.
Bolingbrook, an Aftrologer.
A Spirit, attending on Jordan the Witch.
Thomas Horner, an Armourer,
Peter, his Man.
Clerk of Chatham.
Mayor of St. Albans.
Simpcox, an Impostor.
Jack Cade, Bevis, Michael, John Holland, Dick the Butcher,

Smith the Weaver, and several others, Rebels.

Margaret, Queen to King Henry VI. secretly in Love with the

Duke of Suffolk.
Dame Eleanor, Wife to the Duke of Gloucester.
Mother Jordan, a Witch employed by the Dutchess of Gloucester.
Wife to Simpcox.

Petitioners, Aldermen, a Beadle, Sheriff and Officers, Citizens,

with Faulconers, Guards, Messengers, and other Attendants.

The SCENE is laid very dispersedly in several

Parts of England.

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Flourish of Trumpets: then, Hautboys. Enter King

Henry, Duke Humphry, Salisbury, Warwick, and
Beauford on the one fide : The Queen, Suffolk, York,
Somerset, and Buckingham on the other.

S by your high imperial Majesty
I had in charge at my depart from France,
As procurator for your Excellence,
To marry Princess Marg'ret for your

Grace ;

So in the famous ancient city, Tours,
In presence of the Kings of France and Sicil,

1 The second part, &c.] This and the third part were first written under the title of the Contention of York and Lancaster, printed in 1600, but since vastly improved by the Author.

Mr Popes 2 As by your high, &c.] Vide Halls Chronicle, fol. 66. Year

Mr. Pope. B2


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