Nature, Volume 9

Sir Norman Lockyer
Macmillan Journals Limited, 1874

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Página 250 - HAECKEL (Prof. Ernst) — THE HISTORY OF CREATION. Translation revised by Professor E. RAY LANKESTER, MA, FRS With Coloured Plates and Genealogical Trees of the various groups of both plants and animals. 2 vols. Second Edition. Post 8vo. cloth, price 32*.
Página 178 - Physics and Politics ; or, Thoughts on the Application of the Principles of "Natural Selection " and " Inheritance
Página 35 - FRS, vicepresident, in the chair. The Secretary read a report on the additions that had been made to the Society's menagerie during the months of June, July, August, and September.
Página 241 - Price 3s. 6d. plain, 4s. 6rf. coloured, gilt edges. " A happy mixture of fact and fiction. Altogether it is one of the best books of the kind we have met with."— Guardian.
Página 197 - ... in suspension more than three parts by weight of dry mineral matter, or one part by weight of dry organic matter in 100,000 parts by weight of the liquid.
Página 201 - BEETON'S SCIENCE, ART, AND LITERATURE : A Dictionary of Universal Information ; comprising a complete Summary of the Moral, Mathematical, Physical, and Natural Sciences ; a plain Description of the Arts ; an interesting Synopsis of Literary Knowledge, with the Pronunciation and Etymology of every leading term. The work has been with great care Revised, Enlarged, and newly Illustrated. *»* There is no volume extant comparable to this for the amount of information compressed into a small space.
Página 300 - The Treasury of Botany, or Popular Dictionary of the Vegetable Kingdom ; with which is incorporated a Glossary of Botanical Terms.
Página 152 - WHERE THERE'S A WILL THERE'S A WAY; or, Science in the Cottage ; being Memoirs of Naturalists in Humble Life.
Página 323 - It may be said that the fact makes a stronger impression on the boy through the medium of his sight, that he believes it the more confidently. I say that this ought not to be the case. If he does not believe the statements of his tutor — probably a clergyman of mature knowledge, recognised ability, and blameless character — his suspicion is irrational, and manifests a want of the power of appreciating evidence, a want fatal to his success in that branch of science which he is supposed to be cultivating.
Página 160 - An Introduction to Physical Measurements, with Appendices on Absolute Electrical Measurement. &c. By Dr. F. Kohlrausch. Translated from the Second German Edition by TH Waller, BA, B.Sc., and HR Procter, FCS (London : J. and A. Churchill, New Burlington Street, 1873.) MESSRS. TH WALLER and HR Procter have furnished us with a translation of the second edition of Dr. KoYrausch's "Physical Measurements," to which they have auded several useful Appendices and Tables.

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