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Christmas, 1856.

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BBOT, Hull. 4 History of Alexander the Great.

The duty of New York (1848]. 12°
God's people to 5 HISTORY of King Charles the
pray for the First of England. N. Y. (1848). 12°
peace of Jeru- 6 HISTORY of King Charles the
salem .. A Ser-

Second of England. New York
mon on Psalm

[1849). 12°

cxxi. 6, 7] on 7 HiSTORY of Queen Elizabeth. occasion of the rebellion in Scotland. New York [1849). 120 Preached at Charlestown in New

8 History of Hannibal the CarEngland, Jan. 12, 1745-6. Boston,

thagenian. New York [1849]. 12° 1746. 8°

9 History of Julius Cæsar. New ABBOT, JOEL. Trial of lieut. J. York [1849). 12° Abbot by the General naval court mar- 10 History of Mary Queen of tial, on allegations made against him Scots. New York [1849). 120 by Capt. D. Porter, Navy Commis- 11 History of William the Consioner. Reported by F. W. Waldo queror. New York [1849]. 12° .... To which is added an appendix, 12 HISTORY of Darius the Great. containing sundry documents in rela- New York (1850). 12° tion to the management of affairs on 13 History of Xerxes the Great. the Boston Station. Boston, 1822. 8° New York (1850). 120

ABBOTT, Jacob. The little Phi- 14 History of Romulus. With losopher, for schools and families, etc. engravings. New York, 1852. 12° Boston, 1833. 12°

15 MARCO Paul's Voyages and 2 THE TEACHER; or, moral influ- Travels. Six Volumes. Vol. I. In New ences employed in the instruction and York. II. On the Erie Canal. III. government of the young; etc. Bos- In the Forests of Maine. IV. In Verton, 1833. 12°

mont. V. In Boston [wanting). VI. 3 A SUMMER in Scotland. With At the Springfield Armory [wanting]. engravings. New York, 1848. 12° New York, 1852. 12°



2560.d. Brit. Aene
London lc.o.

16 Young Christian Series. In four Jerusalem ; or an exhibition of the volumes, very greatly improved and claims of the world to the Gospel. enlarged. Vol. I. The Young Chris- New York, 1838. 12° tian [wanting). II. The Corner Stone, ABELL, Mrs. L. G. Woman in [wanting]. III. The Way to do good. her various relations; containing pracIV. Hoaryhead and M.Donner [want- tical rules for American females, etc. ing). New York, 1852. 80 New York, 1851. 12°

17 RODOLPHUS; A Franconian 2 The Skilful Housewife's Book : Story; by the author of the Rollo Books. or complete guide to domestic cookery. New York, 1852. 16°

... With valuable additions by an 18 Rollo on the Atlantic. London, English Housekeeper. Thirty-fifth [Boston printed], 1854. 8vo. thousand. New York, 1853.89

19 Rollo in Paris. London (Bos- ABERCROMBIE. John, M. D. ton printed], 1854. 12mo.

The Philosophy of the Moral Feelings. ABBOTT, Jacob and CHARLES From the last Edinburgh edition ; with EDWARD. The Mount Vernon Reader questions for the examination of Studesigned for middle classes. Boston, dents. New York, 1843. 12° 1839. 12°

2 INQUIRIES concerning the Intel2 The Mount Vernon Reader; a lectual Powers, and the investigation course of lessons designed for senior of Truth. From the last Edinburgh classes. Boston, 1840. 12°

edition. New York, 1846. 12° 3 The Mount Vernon Reader; ABERCROMBIE, R. M. Ecclea course of reading lessons, etc. Bos- siastical Mnemonica, or aid to the meton, 1843. 12°

mory in storing a correct knowledge 4 The Mount Vernon Arithmetic.

of ecclesiastical dates, etc. New York,

of ecc Part I. Elementary. Second Edition. 1848. 12° New York, 1846. 12°

ABERT, JOHN J. Report ... in ABBOTT, JOHN STEVENS Cabot. reference to the Canal to connect the The Young Astronomer; or, the facts Chesapeake and Ohio Canal with the developed by modern astronomy, col- City of Baltimore. [With a map.] lected for the use of schools, etc. New Washington, 1838. 8° York, 1846. 12°

ABERT, John J. and KEARNEY, 2 HISTORY of Madame Roland. Luis

James. Report of J. J. Abert and New York (1850). 12°

J. Kearney, upon an examination of 3 Kings and Queens; or, Life in

the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, from the Palace: consisting of historical

Washington City to the “ Point of sketches of Josephine and Maria

Rocks," made by order of the SecreLouisa, Louis Philippe, Ferdinand of

tary of war. Washington, 1831. 8° Austria, Nicholas, Isabella II., Leopold,

ABOLITION. Abolition a Sedition. and Victoria. New York, 1850. 12°

." By a northern man. Philadelphia, ABBOTT, WILLIAM, Dramatic 1839. 12mo. writer. Swedish Patriotism ; or, the ABRAHAM,The PATRIARCH. Hissignal fire ; a melodrama, in two acts, tory of the Patriarch Abraham. Phietc. [the dialogue in prose]. New ladelphia, 1828. 12mo. York, 1823. 12°

ACADEMICUS. A Friendly DeABEEL, David. Journal of a re- bate; or, a Dialogue between Acasidence in China, and the neighbour- demicus and Sawney [W. Douglass, ing countries, from 1829 to 1833. M.D.) and Mundungus, two eminent New York, 1834. 8vo.

Physicians, about some of their late 2 THE MISSIONARY Convention at performances. Boston, 1722. 8vo.

ACADEMIES; COLLEGES ; LIBRARIES; LEARNED SOCIETIES ; LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTIONS, etc. See ACADEMY of Medicine ; Philadelphia. ACADEMY of Natural Sciences; Phil. ALBANY Female Academy; Albany. ALBANY Institute ; Albany, New York.

See Society for the Promotion of

Agriculture, etc. AMERICAN Academy of Arts and

Sciences; Boston. AMERICAN Academy of the Arts ; New

York. AMERICAN and Foreign Bible Society;

New York, AMERICAN Antiquarian Society; Wor

cester, Massachusetts. AMERICAN Anti-Slavery Society. AMERICAN Art Union ; New York. AMERICAN Association for the Ad

vancement of Education. AMERICAN Association for the Ad

vancement of Science. AMERICAN Asylum at Hartford for

the Deaf and Dumb. AMERICAN Baptist Home Mission So

ciety; New York. AMERICAN Baptist Publication So

ciety; New York. AMERICAN Bible Society ; New York. AMERICAN Board of Commissioners

for Foreign Missions ; Boston. AMERICAN Colonization Society;

Washington. AMERICAN Education Society; Boston. AMERICAN Ethnological Society; New

York. AMERICAN Geographical and Statisti

cal Society ; New York. AMERICAN Institute ; New York. AMERICAN Institute of Instruction;

Boston. AMERICAN Literary, Scientific and

Military Academy; Norwich, Vt. AMERICAN Oriental Society; Boston. AMERICAN Peace Society; Boston. AMERICAN Philosophical Society; Phil. AMERICAN Seamen's Friend Society. AMERICAN Shipwreck Society. AMERICAN Society for Meliorating the

Condition of the Jews; New York.

AMERICAN Society for Educating Pious

Youth for the Gospel Ministry ; afterwards AMERICAN Education

Society; which see. AMERICAN Statistical Association; Bos

ton. AMERICAN Temperance Society;

Boston. AMERICAN Tract Society; Boston. AMHERST College; Amherst, Massa

chusetts. ANDOVER Theological Seminary; An

dover, Massachusetts. Association of American Geologists

and Naturalists. Astor Library; New York. AUBURN Theological Seminary. Baptist Board of Foreign Missions. BOARD of Agriculture of the State of

New York; Albany. Boston Academy of Music. Boston Baptist Association. Boston Society of Natural History. Bowditch Library ; Boston. Bowdoin College ; Brunswick, Maine. Bristol Collegiate Institute ; Bristol,

Pennsylvania. Brown University; Providence. BURLINGTON College; Burlington,

New Jersey. BURLINGTON College. See UNIVER

Sity of Vermont. CATALOGUES of Libraries. CHARLESTON Library Society :

Charleston, South Carolina. CHESTER County Cabinet of Natural

Sciences; West Chester, Pennsyl

vania. Christian Alliance ; New York. CINCINNATI Astronomical Society. COLONIZATION Society of the City of

New York. CONNECTICUT Academy of Arts and

Sciences; New Haven. DARTMOUTH College; Hanover, New

Hampshire. DICKINSON College; Carlisle, Penn

sylvania. DORCHESTER Antiquarian and Histori

cal Society. Essex South District Medical So

ciety; Salem, Massachusetts.

East India Marine Society ; Salem. Miami University; Oxford, Ohio. FEMALE Missionary Society of the Michigan State Agricultural Society.

Western District; Utica, New York. MIDDLEBURY College; Middlebury, FOREIGN Evangelical Society; New Vermont. York.

National Academy of Design; New FRANKLIN College ; Athens, Georgia. York. FRANKLIN Institute ; Philadelphia. National Eclectic Medical AssociaGeneva College; Geneva, New York. tion ; Rochester, New York. GEOLOGICAL Society of Pennsylvania; National Institution for the PromoPhiladelphia.

tion of Science ; Washington. GEORGETOWN College; Georgetown, NATIONAL Observatory; Washington. District of Columbia.

NEWARK College ; Newark, Delaware. Georgia Female College ; Macon. New ENGLAND Anti-Slavery Society ; Hamilton College ; Clinton, N.York. Boston: afterwards MASSACHUHamilton Literary and Theological SETTS Anti-Slavery Society. Institution.

New ENGLAND Institution for the HARVARD University; Cambridge. Education of the Blind; Boston: HISTORICAL Society of Pennsylvania ; afterwards PERKINS Institution. Philadelphia.

NEW ENGLAND Historic Genealogical HISTORICAL and Philosophical Society Society; Boston. of Ohio ; Cincinnati.

NEW HAMPSHIRE Historical Society; HORTICULTURAL Society of Pennsyl- Concord, New Hampshire. vania ; Philadelphia.

NEW JERSEY College; Princeton, New JEFFERSON College; Canonsburg, Jersey. Pennsylvania.

NEW JERSEY Historical Society; NewLITERARY and Philosophical Society; ark, New Jersey. New York.

New York State Library ; Albany. LYCEUM of Natural History; New New York Ecclesiological Society ; York.

New York. Maclurian Lyceum ; Philadelphia. New YORK Historical Society; New MAINE Historical Society; Portland. York. MANHATTEN College ; New York. New YORK Society Library; New York. MARYLAND Academy of the Fine Arts; New York State Agricultural Society; Baltimore.

Albany. MARYLAND Historical Society ; Balti- NORTHERN Baptist Education Society; more.

Boston. MASSACHUSETTS Anti-Slavery Society. PENNSYLVANIA Society for promoting

See New England Anti-Slavery the Culture of Mulberry and the Society.

raising of Silk Worms; PhiladelMASSACHUSETTS Historical Society; phia. Boston.

PERIODICAL Publications. MASSACHUSETTS Medical Society; PERKINS Institution and MassachuBoston.

setts Asylum for the Blind. See MASSACHUSETTS Society for Promoting New ENGLAND Institution, etc. Agriculture,

Phi Beta Kappa Society (6. B. K.) Medical Society ; New Haven. PhiladELPHIA SOCIETY for promoting MEDICAL Society ; New York.

Agriculture. See Society for proMERCANTILE Library Association; moting Agriculture, Philadelphia. Baltimore.

PHILADELPHIA Medical Society. MERCANTILE Library Association; PRINCETON College. See New JERBoston.

SEY College. MERCANTILE Library Association; PRISON Discipline Society; Boston.

New York.

PROTESTANT Episcopal Historical So

ciety ; New York. PROVIDENCE Athenæum; Providence,

Rhode Island. Psı Upsilon Society Rhode Island Historical Society; Pro

vidence, Rhode Island. RUTGERS College ; New Brunswick,

New Jersey. SALEM Athenæum ; Salem. SEVENTY-Sıx Society; Philadelphia. SMITHSONIAN Institution; Washington. Society for Promoting Agriculture ;

Philadelphia. Society for the Promotion of Agricul

ture, Arts and Manufacture : New York: afterwards. Society for the promotion of useful Arts; and sub

sequently, ALBANY INSTITUTE. SOUTH CAROLINA. Agricultural So

ciety of South Carolina. TRANSYLVANIA University; Lexington,

Kentucky. UNION College; Schenectady, New

York. UNITED States Military Academy;

West Point, New York. UNIVERSITY of Alabama ; Tuscaloosa. UNIVERSITY of Maryland; Baltimore. UNIVERSITY of Nashville ; Nashville,

Tennessee. UNIVERSITY of North Carolina; Chapel

Hill, North Carolina. UNIVERSITY of Pennsylvania ; Phil. UNIVERSITY of the City of New York. UNIVERSITY of the State of New York. UNIVERSITY of Vermont; Burlington. VIRGINIA Historical and Philosophical

Society ; Richmond, Virginia. WASHINGTON College; Washington,

Pennsylvania. WASHINGTON College; Hartford. WASHINGTON College; Chestertown,

Maryland. WATERVILLE College; Waterville,

Maine. WESLEYAN University; Middletown,

Connecticut. WESTERN Literary Institution ; Cin

cinnati, Ohio. WESTERN Reserve College ; Hudson,


WILLIAMS College; Williamstown,

Massachusetts. WISCONSIN State Agricultural Society. Yale College ; New Haven, Conn. Young Men's Institute ; Hartford.

ACADEMY OF MEDICINE. Proofs of the origin of the Yellow Fever, in Philadelphia and Kensington, in . . 1797, from domestic exhalation, etc. In two letters, etc. Philadelphia, 1798. 8vo.

ACADEMY OF NATURAL SCIENCES, PHILADELPHIA. Journal, Vol. 1-6 and 7, part 1. Philadelphia, 18171834. 8vo.

2 PROCEEDINGS. Vol. 4. Philadelphia, 1848-1850. 8vo...

3 REPORT of the Transactions of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia during the years 1827 and 1828. Submitted by S. G. Morton. Philadelphia, 1829. 8°

ACTON; or, the Circle of Life. A collection of thoughts and observations, designed to delineate life, man, and the world. New York, 1849. 12°

ADAM, ALEXANDER. Adam's Latin Grammar: with numerous additions and improvements .... by C. D. Cleveland. Philadelphia, 1836. 12°

ADAM, William, of Boston. The Law and Custom of Slavery in British India. In a series of letters to T. F. Buxton, Esq. Boston, 1840. 12°

ADAMS, A.C. Waiting upon God, the Way to secure our Country's Welfare. X Sermon on Isa. xxx. 15]. Portland, 1845. 8vo.

ADAMS, ABIGAIL. Journal and correspondence of Miss Adams (afterwards Mrs. Smith] daughter of John Adams, second President of the United States. Written in France and England, in 1785. Edited by her daughter (C. A. de Windt). 2 vol. New York, 1841-2. 12°

ADAMS, CHARLES BAKER. First (Second and Third) Annual Report

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