Laws of the State of New York, Volume 1

State of New York., 1879
Includes private and local laws.

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Página 635 - State, by the Legislature, as nearly as may be, according to the number of their respective inhabitants, excluding aliens, and shall be chosen by single districts.
Página 52 - ... the ballot shall be a paper ticket, which shall contain, written or printed, or partly written and partly printed, the names of the persons for whom the elector intends to vote, and shall designate the office to which each person so named is intended by him to be chosen...
Página 616 - In addition to the exemptions, allowed by the last section, necessary household furniture, working tools and team, professional instruments, furniture and library, not exceeding in value two hundred and fifty dollars, together with the necessary food for the team, for ninety days, are exempt from levy, and sale by virtue of an execution, when owned by a person, being a householder, or having a family for which he provides...
Página 616 - ... that during the possession of such property by the appellant, he will not commit, or suffer to be committed, any waste thereon...
Página 638 - The superior court of the city of New York, the court of common pleas for the city and county of New York, the superior court of Buffalo, and the city court of Brooklyn, are continued with the powers and jurisdiction they now severally have, and such further civil and criminal jurisdiction as may be conferred by law.
Página 638 - ... to the Legislature to be chosen at the next general election of Senators...
Página 312 - ... state that there is due to him thereon from the adverse party a specified sum, which he claims to recover or set off.
Página 635 - The members of either house shall also receive the sum of one dollar for every ten miles they shall travel in going to and returning from their place of meeting, once in each session, on the most usual route.
Página 384 - ... thereof in the office of the Secretary of State, a certificate in writing, in which shall be stated the corporate name of the...
Página 309 - ... presumptive evidence that the sale and all proceedings prior thereto, from and including the assessment of the...

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