Report of the Annual Meeting, Volume 40

J. Murray., 1871

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Report of the Committee appointed for the purpose of calling the atten
Sixth Report of the Committee for Exploring Kents Cavern Devon
Third Report of the Committee for the purpose of investigating the rate
Second Report of the Committee appointed to get cut and prepared
Second Report of the Committee consisting of C W Merriftlld
Report of the Committee on the Treatment and Utilization of Sewage
Report on Observations of Luminous Meteors 180970 By a Com
Report on Recent Progress in Elliptic and Hyperelliptic Functions
Prof T II Huxley on the relations of PenicUlium Torula and Bacterium 1
Committee for the purpose of promoting the extension improvement
Dr Catons Contribution to the Migration Theory
On a New Steampower Meter By Messrs Ashton and Storey
Report of the Rainfall Committee for the Year 186970 consisting
Dr Thomas De Meschin on the Impolicy on economic grounds of convert
Mr W Hope on the History of the Shell that won the Battle of Sedan
Report on tho Heat generated in the Blood in the process of Artcria
Mr William Carruthf rs on the Sporangia of Ferns from the Coalmea
Professor A Cayley on the Problem of the inandcircuniscribed Triangle 9
Mr William Spottiswoode on Musical Intervals 15
Dr W J Macquorn Rankines Investigation of the Mathematical Theory
The Rev R Main on Shootingstars 24
Mr Charles Chambers on Rainfallits Variation with Elevation of
Professor J Henry on the Rainfall of the United States 36
Whiteside Cook on certain Objections to the Dynamic Theory
W M Watts on two Spectra of Carbon existing at the same Temperature 44
Mr J Fknwick Allen on the Alloys of Copper Tin Zinc Lead and other
Mr W C MIntoshs Preliminary Report on certain Annelids dredged in
Mr Robert Swinhoe on the Natural History of Hainan 128
Mr Frederic T Mott on the Scientific Value of Physical Beauty 134
Professor John Cleland on the Physical Relations of Consciousness and
Mr E Ray Lankestee on the Action of somo Gases and Vapours on
Mr W Boyd Dawkins and Geobge Busk on the Discovery of Platycnemic
Professor P Martin Duncan on the Geological Changes which have Occurred
Mr J S Phene on a recent Examination of British Tumuli and Monuments
Sir Samuel Bakers Letter from the White Nile 166
Lord Milton on Railway Routes across North America and the Physical
Colonel H Yules Notes on Analogies of Manners between the IndoChinese
Mr R Dudley Baxter on National Debts 187
Mr Alfred Havtland on a Proposed Rearrangement of the Begistration
Mr J Parry on Baths and Washhouses 197
Mr Thomas A Welton on Immigration and Emigration as affecting
Mr Gustav Bischop jun on a New System of Testing the Quality of
Mr Richard Eaton on certain Economical Improvements in obtaining Motive
Mr William P Marshall on the MartiniHenry and WestleyRichards
Mr Robkbt Sabine Pneumatic Dispatch On Pneumatic Transmission
to Accidental Causes 134
Dr Leith Adams on Newly discovered Species of Elephants 00
Mr Albany Hancocks Note on the Larval State of Molyula with Descrip
Mr W H L Russell on Linear Differential Equations 10
Prof J Clerk Maxwell on Hills and Dales 17
Mr Charles Brookes Queries respecting Ether 30
Mr James Bryce on the Matrix of the Gold in the Scottish Goldfields 70

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