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From his count and friencia

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141 This copy of Brooksis Medford was left to me in Milly's will. (Molly Buchenamos

dut Arlington Test's aut It is inscribed:

died in 30 ga lesen
"Rev.J.B.Tufts, from his aunt and

friend, H.T.Russell."
Rev.J.B.Tufts was my Father's elder brother,
Uncle Binford.
H.i.Russell was Harriet Tufts Russell,
sister of my Grandfather Joseph Tufts, and
wife of James Russell, Esq., of jest Cam-
bridge, - Aunt Harriet. I have her portrait
(in a sort of hat). Squire Russell gave to
the Town the land now called Russell Park.
His mansion still stands, obscured by shops,

Helen Tuifseille ) HTB 1937.

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