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Página xi - Thou art the garden of the world, the home Of all Art yields, and Nature can decree ; Even in thy desert, what is like to thee ? Thy very weeds are beautiful, thy waste More rich than other climes' fertility ; Thy wreck a glory, and thy ruin graced With an immaculate charm which cannot be defaced.
Página 444 - These characteristics occur more or less in different buildings, some in one and some in another. But all together, and all in their highest possible relative degrees, they exist, as far as I know, only in one building in the world, the Campanile of Giotto at Florence.
Página 127 - The artist represents the peaceful little band round the sacred table as thunder-struck by the Master's words, One of yon shall betray me. They have been pronounced; the whole company is in dismay, while he himself bows his head with downcast eyes. His whole attitude, the motion of his arms and hands, all seem to repeat with heavenly resignation, and his silence to confirm, the mournful words — 'It cannot be otherwise. One of you shall betray me!1 Comp. also p. liv. omnibus from the Piazza del...
Página 78 - Pompeio a par di costui degno, se ben vinse e cacciò tutti i corsari; però che quelli al più possente regno che fosse mai, non poteano esser pari: ma questo Doria, sol col proprio ingegno e proprie forze, purgherà quei mari...
Página 137 - V., of Napoleon in 1805, and of Emp. Ferdinand I. in 1838. It consists of a broad hoop of gold adorned with precious stones, round the interior of which is a thin strip of iron, said to have been made from a nail of the true Cross brought by the empress Helena from Palestine. In...
Página 458 - Let the student mark also how admirably the idea of a heavenly choir is rendered; how intent the choristers on their canticles, the players on their melody, how quiet, yet how full of purpose, how characteristic and expressive are the faces ; how appropriate the grave intentness and tender sentiment of some angels ; how correct the action and movements of others ••, how grave yet how ardent are the saints, how admirably balanced the groups ( C.
Página 274 - I believe, be felt at last, by all who examine it carefully, to be the most beautiful palace in the whole extent of the Grand Canal. It has been restored often, once in the Gothic, once in the Renaissance times, — some writers say, even rebuilt ; but, if so, rebuilt in its old form. The Gothic additions...
Página 284 - I do not believe, for instance, that there is a more glorious work of sculpture existing in the world...
Página 473 - Ah ! glad am I to sleep in stone, while woe And dire disgrace rage unreprove"d near — A happy chance to neither see nor hear. So wake me not ! When passing, whisper low.

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