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moneys, books and papers and property in his hands, as such County Superintendent, then this obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

A B [Seal.]
CD [Seal.]
E F (Seal.]

And which bond shall be filed in the office of the County Clerk.

§ 4. The obligors in such bond shall be bound jointly and severally, and upon it an action or actions may be maintained by ihe board of trustees of the proper township, or any other corporate body interested, for the benefit of any township or fund injured by any breach of the conditions thereof.

$ 5. If a majority of the county board shall be satisfied at any time that the bond of said county superintendent is insufficient, it shall be the duty of such superintendent, upon notice being given to him by the clerk of such board, to execute a new bond, conditioned and approved as the first bond: Provider, that the execution of such new bond shall not affect the old bond or the liability of the securities thereon.

$ 6. It shall be the duty of the county board of the county to provide the said county superintendent with a suitable office, with necessary furniture and office supplies, as is done in the case of other county officers.

$ 7. The said county superintendent shall be liable to removal by the county board for any palpable violation of law or omission of duty. [Repealed by act approved June 15, 1893.

§ 8. When the office of county superintendent of schools shall become vacant by death, resignation, the removal of the incumbent by the county board or otherwise, the county board shall fill the vacancy by appointment, and the person so appointed shall hold his office until the next election of county officers, at which election the county board shall order the election of a successor: Provided, that if a vacancy shall not be filled by the county board within thirty days of the time the vacancy occurs by reason of a tie vote of said board upon the vote to fill the vacancy, or from any other cause, then it shall be the duty of the clerk to the county board to summons the county judge of the county in which the vacancy exists to meet with the county board at a time and place to be designated by the clerk, of which meeting the members of the county board shall have notice; and said county board and county judge, when so notified, shall meet at the time and place designated, of [at] which meeting the county judge shall preside, and in case of a tie vote he shall give the casting vote. Upon the appointment of a person to fill the vacancy of county superintendent of schools, the clerk of the county board shall notify the person so selected and appointed by the board of his selection and appointment, and he shall hold his office until the next election of county officers, at which election the county board shall order the election of a successor [As amended by an act approved April 22, 1899.

$ 9. In counties having not more than one hundred (100) schools, the county board may limit the time of the superintendent: Provided, that in counties not having more than fifty (50) schools, the limit of time shall not be made less than one hundred and fifty (150) days a year; in counties having from fifty-one (51) to seventy-five (75) schools, not less than two hundred (200) days a year; and in counties having from seventy-six (76) to one hundred (100) schools, not less than two hundred and fifty (250) days a year.

$ 10. The county superintendent may, with the approval of the county board, employ such assistant or assistants as he needs for the full discharge of bis duties. Such assistants shall be persons of good attainments, versed in the principles and methods of education, familiar with public school work, and competent to visit schools. Such assistants shall receive such compensation as may be fixed by the county board.

§ 11. County superintendents shall receive in full, for all services rendered by them, commissions as follows: Three per cent commission upon the amount of sales of school lands, or sales of land upon mortgage, or of sales of real estate taken for debt, including all services therewith. Two per cent commission upon all sums distributed, paid or loaned out by them for the support of schools. For all other duties required by law to be performed by them, four dollars ($4) a day for such number of days as shall be spent in the actual performance of their duties, not exceeding the number fixed by the county boards in counties in which the boards are given power to fix the number of days by section 9 of this article of this act, and one ($1) a day, for expenses for the number of days actually spent in school visitation.

$ 12. The county superintendents shall present under oath, or affirmation, their itemized bills for their per diem compensation and for the expenses allowed by this article of this act, when visiting schools, together with a report of all their acts as such county superintendent, or assistant, including a list of all the schools visited, with the dates of visitation, to the county board, at the annual meeting of such county board in September, and as near quarterly thereafter as such board may have regular or special meetings, and after the bills have been audited by the county board, the county clerk shall certify to such auditing upon the bills, and transmit them to the Auditor of Public Accounts, who shall, upon receipt of them, remit in payment thereof to each superintendent his warrant upon the State Treasurer for the amount certified to be due him. The said Auditor, in making his warrant to any county for the amount due it from the State school fund, shall deduct from it the several amounts for which warrants have been issued to the county superintendent of said county since the next preceding apportionment of the State school fund.

$ 13. It shall be the duty of each county superintendent of schools in this State

First-To sell township fund lands, issue certificates of purchase, report to the county board and State Auditor, and perform all other duties pertaining thereto, as required by article XIII of this act.

Second-To register applicants for admission to the State Normal . Universities and to the University of Illinois, and to assist in the examination of the same as directed by the State Board of Education or other proper authorities.

Third-To visit each school in the county at least once a year, and in the performance of this duty he shall spend at least half the time given to his office, and more, if practicable, in visiting ungraded schools.

Fourth-To note, when visiting schools, the methods of instruction, the branches taught, the text-books used, and the discipline, government and general condition of the schools.

Fifth-To give to teachers and school officers such directions in the science, art and methods of teaching and courses of study as he may deem expedient and necessary.

Sixth-To act as the official adviser and constant assistant of the school officers and teachers of his county; and in the performance of this duty he shall faithfully carry out the advice and instruction of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Seventh-To conduct as provided for in section 10 of article VII of this act, a teachers' institute, and to aid and encourage the formation of other teachers' meetings, and to assist in their management.

Eighth-To labor in every practicable way to elevate the standard of teaching, and improve the condition of the common schools of his county.

Ninth-To examine, at least once each year, all books, accounts and vouchers of every township treasurer in his county, and if he finds any irregularities in them he shall at once report the same in writing to the board of trustees, whose duty it shall be to take, immediately, such action as the case demands.

Tenth - To examine all notes, bonds, mortgages, and other evidences of indebtedness which the township treasurer holds officially, and if he finds that if the papers are not in proper form, or that the securities are insufficient, he shall go state in writing to the board of trustees.

Eleventh-To give notice of the election of trustees in cases such as those provided for in section 15, article III of this act.

Twelfth--To file and safely keep the poll books and returns of any election required to be returned to the county superintendent by any provision of this act.

Thirteenth--To investigate and determine all matters pertaining to the change in the boundaries of school districts which may come to him by appeal from the decision of the school trustees, and to notify the township treasurer, from whom the papers relating to the matter were received, of his decision of the matter.



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Fourteenth-To give notice of the election of school directors in cases such as are provided for in section 9 of article V of this act.

Fifteenth-To hold meetings, at least quarterly, for the examination of teachers, as provided for in section 7 of article VII of this act.

Sirteenth-To grant certificates of qualification to such persons as may be qualified to receive them, as provided for in section 3 of article VII of this act; and to keep a record of all teachers to whom such certificates have been granted, as provided for by section 4 of article VII of this act; and to keep a record of all teachers employed in teaching in his county.

Seventeenth-To keep a just and true account of all moneys received and all moneys paid out on account of the "institute fund," and make report thereof to the county board, as provided for in section 9 of article VII of this act.

Eighteenth-To present to the county board of the county, at the first regular meeting thereof, annually, the report required by sec. tion 3 of article XI of this act.

Nineteenth-To notify presidents of boards of trustees and clerks of school districts, on or before September 30, annually, of the amount of money paid by him to the township treasurer, and the date of such payments.

Twentieth-To receive and file, on or before the 15th day of July preceding each regular session of the General Assembly, and at such other times as may be required by the State or county superintendent, a statement from the board of trustees of each township, giving such statistics and information as may be called for.

$ 14. The said county superintendent shall have power

First-To require the board of trustees of each township in his county to make, at any time he may desire, the report provided for in section 28 of article III of this act.

Second-To recommend to the State Superintendent the remission of the penalty provided for a failure by the trustees of schools to make the reports provided for by law.

Third-To renew teachers' certificates at their expiration by his indorsement thereon.

Fourth-To revoke the certificate of any teacher for immorality, incompetency, or other cause.

Fifth-To direct in what manner township treasurers shall keep their books and accounts.

Sixth-To bring suit against the county collector for a failure to pay State Auditor's warrant, as provided for in section 5 of article XII of this act.

Seventh-To remove any school director from office for a willful failure to perform the duties of his office.

Eighth To lease and sell real estate in casos provided for in section 26 of article XIII of this act, in the manner therein specified.

$ 15. The said county superintendent shall provide three well bound books, which shall be paid for from the county treasury. These books shall be known and designated by the letters A, B, C, for the following purposes: In book "A" he shall record at length all petitions presented to him for the sale of common school lands, and the plats and certificates of valuation made by or under the direction of the trustees of schools, and the affidavits in relation to the same.

In book "B" he shall keep an account of all sales of common school lands, which account shall contain the date of sale, name of purchaser, description of land sold and the sum sold for. In book “C” he shall keep a regular account of all moneys received for lands sold or otherwise, and loaned or paid out; the persons from whom received, and on what account, and showing whether it is principal or interest; the person to whom loaned, the time for which the loan was made, the rate of interest, the name of the securities, when personal security is taken, or if real estate is taken as security, a description of the real estate; and if paid out, to whom, when, and on what account, and the amount paid out; the list of sales and the account of each township fund to be kept separate.

§ 16. The county superintendent shall report, in writing, to the county board, at their regular meeting in September of each year, giving first, the balance on hand at the time of the last report and a statement in detail of all receipts since that date, and the sources from which they were derived; second, the amount paid for expenses; third, the amount of his commissions; fourth, the amount distributed to each of the township treasurers in his county; fifth, any balance on hand. He shall also present for inspection at the same time his books and vouchers for all expenditures, and all notes or other evidences of indebtedness which he holds officially, with the securities of the same; and he shall give in writing a statement of the condition of the county fund, of the institute fund, and of any township funds of which he may have the custody.

$ 17. On or before the 15th day of August before each regular session of the General Assembly of this State, or annually, if so required by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, the county superintendent shall communicate to said State Superintendent all such information and statistics upon the subject of schools in his said county as the said State Superintendent is bound to embody in his report to the Governor, and such other information as the State Superintendent shall require.

§ 18. In all cases where the township board of trustees of any township shall fail to prepare and forward, or cause to be prepared and forwarded to the county superintendent, the information and statistics required of them in this act, it shall be the duty of the said county superintendent to employ a competent person to take the enumeration and furnish such statistical statement, as far as practicable, to the superintendent; and such person so employed shall have free access to the books and papers of said township to enable him to make such statement; and the township treasurer, or other officer or person in whose custody such books and papers may be, shall

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