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special mysticism in the minds themselves. It will be difficult to find two clearer intellects in literary history, so far as native qualities are concerned, than Fichte and Hegel.

The work of Schwegler exhibits the same mixture of discrimination and vagueness. So far as the author had to write the history of pantheistic schemes it could not be expected that he should be clear. No amount of analytic power can render that perspicacious which is intrinsically confused; and no degree of logical talent can render that self-consistent, which is hopelessly self-contradictory. But the habits of thinking induced by Hegelianism, show themselves in some degree, in his treatment of rational and truthful systems,—like those of Plato and Aristotle, for example. The bias of the writer also appears, in a slight and unconscious manner indeed, in an endeavor to connect the Greek theism with the German pantheism, as if it were homogeneous with it. This leads him sometimes to underestimate the strength of the arguments of Plato and Aristotle in defence of the first truths of theism, and to exaggerate the pantheistic elements, which undoubtedly exist in portions of their writings. For the best specimen of Schwegler's power as an analyst and historian of a philosophical system, we should cite his account of Des Cartes.

This manual, like all German manuals, requires considerable knowledge of philosophical systems, in order to be appreciated. The advanced student will find it succinct and closely written, and a valuable addition to his sources of information in the department of philosophy. The translation is faithful, and as elegant as is possible in such cases.


Auberlen, Prof. Dr. Carl. Aug., The Book of Daniel and the Revelation of St. John, considered in their mutual relations and explained, pp. 511.

Bagge, Rev. O., A Word Towards the Understanding of the Church Troubles of the Present Time, with Especial Reference to the Inaugural Discourse of Rev. Dr. Schwartz, at Gotha. pp. 10S.

Bisping, Prof. Dr. Aug. Explanation of the 2d Epistle to the Corinthians, and the Epistle to the Galatians.

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Dr. Karl Pertz has just published fragments of an old Roman historian, Granius Licianus. The manuscript in the British Museum, is a Palimpsest— having in it Sermons of Chrysostom, written in the 11th century, Latin Grammar of the 5th, and underneath both the text of Licianus. Licianus is supposed to have written after Sallust, and before Livy. His annals seem to have begun with the founding of Koine and ended with Cscsar's death. On account of the difficulty of deciphering the three times written manuscript, the "fragments" are very fragmentary, and the discovery is said to have more literary historical interest than historical importance. The title of Dr. Pertz's work is, Gaji Granii Liciani Annalium quae supersunt ex codico ter scripto Musei Britannico Londinensis nunc prmium edidit Karolus Aug. Fiid. Pertz., phil. Dr., Berlin. It is a book of some 50 pages, with a fac-simile of the Palimpsest.


"Essays on the Accordance of Christianity with the Nature of Man." By Edward Fry. These are ably written Essays, designed to establish the truth of the Scriptures, by showing their adaptation to the nature and wants of man. The author says: "Taking human nature on the one hand and Christianity on the other, I have endeavored, in some few particulars, to inquire how far these are consonant to one another." The question inquired into, is: "Whether that religion which professes to be a message from God to man about his moral condition, does speak of it or assume it as in fact it is; whether the remedies which profess to come from a divine physician, have anything to do with our state of disease."

"The Reformation and its Consequences," being a History of the Church from the thirteenth century to the present day. By Rev. J. E. Riddle; the Bishop of Hereford, and Rev. J. H. Rose, D. D. 1 vol.

"Christianity in the first Three Centuries." This is a series of Historical Lectures, delivered at Geneva, in the early part of 1857, by Dr. D'Aubigne, Dr. Bungener, Count Gasparin, and M. Viguet.

Mr. James Darling has commenced the second volume of his Cyclopaedia Bibliographica, embracing the Subjects. The first volume, already published, gives an alphabetical list of Authors, and the subjects on which they have written, with some account of their lives. The second volume, of which two parts are out, gives an alphabetical arrangement of Subjects, and refers to the authors who have written on them. Thus " a ready reference will be obtained to books, treatises, sermons and dissertations, on nearly all heads of divinity; the Books, Chapters and Verses of Scripture, and useful topics in literature, philosophy and history, on a more complete system than has yet been attempted in any language."

"The Earth and Man." By L. Alfred Maury. This is a translation from the French; it " proposes to trace the influence of external objects on the human family: to show how geography and geology have contributed to the formation and character of nations; how the world about them has colored the thoughts and dictated the usages of men; and how in the origin of society the various tongues and races of the human family have received their form and development."1

"Voices of the Rocks;" a reply to Hugh Miller's " Testimony."

"Omphalos: An Attempt to untie the Geological Knot." By Philip II] Gosse. "The author aims to overthrow the received conclusions of geologists as to the remote antiquity of the earth, by the enunciation of a great physical law, hitherto unrecognized — the law of Prochronism in Creation."

"Christian Errors, Infidel Arguments;" or, Seven Dialogues Suggested by the Burnett Treatises, the Evangelical Alliance Prize Essay, and other Apologetics.

A new edition of Dr. Henderson's Isaiah has been published.

Professor William Spaulding's Article on Logic, furnished for the Encyclopaedia Britannica, has been published in a volume by itself, and forms a very valuable work on Logical Science.

Murray has in preparation a handbook for Syria and the Holy Land. It is understood that this is to be prepared by Rev. Mr. Porter of Damascus. We may expect a reliable and valuable work.

The seventh volume of Alison's History of Europe, from the Fall of Napoleon to the Accession of Louis Napoleon, is in press.

"A New History of Modern Europe," in four volumes, from the taking of Constantinople by the Turks to the close of the war in the Crimea, by Thomas H. Dyer, is in press. Mr. Dyer's previous works, particularly his very able Article "Rome," in Smith's Dictionary of Geography, are evidences of high qualifications for the work.

George Dennis, author of " The Cities and Cemeteries of Etruria," is preparing a work on the " Ancient Sites and Modern Scenes of Sicily."

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Mr. Dennis's volumes on Etruria are a sufficient assurance of the thoroughness and value of his investigations in this new field.

We are to have a new version of Herodotus's History, edited with copious Notes and Appendixes, illustrating the History and Geography of Herodotus, from the most recent sources of information, embodying the chief results, Historical and Ethnographical, obtained in the progress of Cuneiform and Hieioglyphical discovery. By Rev. George Rawlinson, assisted by Col. Sir Henry Rawlinson, and Sir J. G. Wilkinson. 4 vols.

"The Tent and the K dm," by Rev. Robert Stewart, D. D., has been published. This is a journey to Sinai and Palestine, in one volume.

The first volume of the Ethics of Aristotle, illustrated by Essays and Notes, by Sir Alexander Grant, of Oriel College, has appeared. The first volume contains the Essays; the second, containing the Text and Notes, is to be published soon.

Messrs. Longman & Co. have in preparation " Ancient Pottery and Porcelain ;" Egyptian, Asiatic, Greek, Roman, Etruscan and Celtic, in two vols. By Samuel Birch, F. S. A.

"The Land of Promise." Notes of a Journey from Beersheba to Sidon, by Ho rot i us Bonnar, D. D., is in press.

Life and Times of Dante, by R. de Vericour, Prof, of Modern Languages in the Queen's University, Cork, is just published in one vol.

The following works also are announced:

Life of Luther, by Rev. Dr. Croly, with Illustrations.

Life of John Milton, in connection with the Political, .Ecclesiastical and Literary History of his Time, by David Masson, Prof, of English Literature in University College, London.

Life of James Montgomery, Political and Poetical, by J. W. King.

Curiosities of Natural History, by Frank Buckland, son of the late Dean Buckland.

Dr. Davidson : his Heresies, Contradictions and Plagiarisms. (Pamphlet.) By two Graduates.

"The World of Mind." By Isaac Taylor.

"The Student's Hume." Being the History of England based on Hume, and continued to the present time, incorporating the researches of recent Historians. 1 vol. Uniform with the Student's Gibbon.

Syriac Grammar, founded on that of Dr. Hoffmann. With Additions and Exercises. By B. Harris Cowper.

History of the Life and Times of Edmund Burke. By Thomas M.icknight.

Notices of Olshausen's Commentary, Agassiz's Natural History, Miss Beechcr's Bible and the People, and of some other works, are necessarily crowded out of the present Number.

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